Crew Rework – 75 Levels, New Skills, 1 Commander | World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework – 2021

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Yesterday I talked about very big planned for the artillery in 2021, completely reworking how to artillery should work in World of Tanks. Today however, I am going to cover another big topic which seems to be quite ready already… The Crew 2.0 or the crew rework. It was many very interesting points, but is it better than the current system? Let me know!

What do you think?


  1. Soooo… Quite a big stuff about the new Crew system revealed during the interview. Would you prefer this new system or the current one or maybe you have your own idea?
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    • ITS SIMPLE. You all know those “new” XP books for crew. Yeh, you get the idea. Prepare to spend even more 🤑 💰 for extra crew skills. Good LUCK buying your “skill” again.

    • I hope WG let’s me convert my three crews in one new Commander!?!

    • I was expecting MUCH worse, but I still don’t like it. Mostly because of how you need to get to certain levels before unlocking certain skills. I’d rather have all skills available at the start so you can pick how you want to train them. Also, I’ve got a lot of crews and individual members (from when the next tank needed fewer) in the barracks, not in a tank and WG had better make CERTAIN that they don’t dissappear because they don’t have a commander.

      Regardless, this isn’t needed at all, the only way that this would actually improve the game experience overall is for new players; and actually making the tutorial work better would solve that. WoT is a complicated game, and this is an attempt to dumb it down for the sake of it. Having the same crew over different tanks would be nice, but each tank requires different skills and playstyles so are going to need different crews anyway.

      If this does go live, I probably won’t leave; it’s not quite bad enough, but this and the HE shell changes together might.

      4/10, almost bearable.

    • I think the new system will make the game feel fresh and have new crew skills. If I remember on wot console you have one commander for the crew but it wasn’t anything like this system and was very similar to the crew system now.

    • Blackhorse Engineer

      I know this is a game, WG advertises ” a realistic online tank game” unless they suddenly changed it, My only concern is what happens to my crew members 8 spent 5.5 years grinding out versus this change?

  2. I have put gold in crew and it suck if all that where lost. So i find what you say makes me think its a quit good idee

  3. lol, don’t say “this sucks, going to uninstall the game!” ehm one problem Dez, i already uninstalled this game.. it became more Pay 2 Win and is a total UNBALLANCED MESS on top of the most GRIND FEST in gaming.
    and this after 40k battles, i’v finally had ehnuff of this BS game.

  4. Why they are touching the things, that ain’t broken?

  5. I think this new change will be quite positive, sure there will be some teething issues like with equipment 2.0 but I still think that change was positive too. Plus this will make building crews for tanks with very few crew members easier.

  6. I wish Wargaming would quit trying to “improve” the game with trinkets like new premium vehicles, and useless ways to complicate the game with things like these crew perks.

    They really need to fix their incredibly broken matchmaker, and their broken RNG. You either lose in a blowout, or win in a blowout. And as far as RNG, there is absolutely no way tank guns were as inaccurate as they are in the game. Come on Wargaming, fix this crap!

    Server: North American
    Username: Quicklime

  7. Well crew shiet… time to say good bye wg

  8. i don’t like it. why…WHY!!!! i don’t see the point… get old maps into rotation instead. we don’t need all these changes, and no one have asked for them either…

  9. This change will be quite an improvement to the game. Being able to have your crew that you have moved up the line to tier 10 now able to train on two lower tier tanks that were fun will be amazing. The biggest benefit I see is getting rid of the mismatched crew layouts which have prevented even using the same nation crews in certain premium tanks.

  10. Пламен Радев

    When is the sanbox or they havent said enything for now ?

  11. One good thing is sometimes the radio operator skill moves from commander to the loader when you move tanks, so that wouldn’t happen any more. On the bad side at the moment you can train many skills at the same time, would you have to wait for one to Finnish before starting another

  12. the way you say “borsig” just haunts me

    it is borSIG, not borSHIG

  13. Why are they doing this ? Did anyone complained ? The only thing that they should change is to give 6th sense to every crew. For the rest, it was fine…

  14. Why take something that’s been working ok for so many years and completely change it around? It’s only bound to cause a stir and lose more players…They had another bright idea a few years ago to get rid of preferential matchmaking, this is just as big as that…. Tweak the issues gently, don’t re-design the game…

  15. One crew for 3 tanks is nice.
    New crew skills could also be nice. Honestly loaders for example didn’t have the best of skills and commander had loads of useful skills.
    Normalizing number of crew members is very nice. It removes so much unnecessary problems.
    I’m ok with change IF no progress is lost. Have played too long to lose that much progress.

  16. Αλεξανδρος Διαμαντης


  17. Console had since day one only the commender who had al the perks to train the big differance is that you can still choose your skills in the order you want and your commander has 17rank levels

  18. I’m disappointed by this crew rework, I have several crews with lots of perks and suddendly they became useless. In my opinion they should remove the one man crew and replace it with the usual crew setup. I know it can be frustrating to have tanks in the same tech tree line with diffrent setups, but I like a lot the classic and more historical way. Moreover, if there’re no more loaders, gunners, radio operators and pilots, what about critical hits to the crew? The large medical kit it’s useless, beacuse the small one is enough to heal the commander.
    Beside the one man crew, I like a lot new perks and I think they gives variety to game, but I’m not sure about the Six Sense as “zero perk”.
    In the end, I’m for the 3rd way: old crew setup but with new skills. The different crews in the same tech tree it could be solved by adding or lowering the amount of people in the tank, keeping the essentials. In a way this game never was an historically accurate, so changing the number of people in the tank won’t be a huge problem.

  19. it does help, it shows that this game has turned into a pile of SHIT!

  20. I don’t like this I want to stick to old system

  21. Softly: *don’t*

  22. What about crew skins will they removed with the new crew 2.0 and what about crew you got from events and prime will they just get converted into exp or will they just be another commander added

  23. When you said about commander “It’s limited to 3 tanks”.. I was thinking what if we can use it ONLY for 3 tanks, like tier 7, 8 and 9 and we can’t move it on tier 10 tanks.. What will happen when you reach the limit, will be able to pay for it or will be locked.

  24. What would be the compensation? I used a lot of gold from those boxes for crews so i will be PISSED if i dont get it back also will i get all of my crew memebers back in the garage?

  25. If you have more crews soldiers in Baracks,will be deleted all and remain only who are in tanks? Or all will be converted? nannunbgd(EU). I prefer new,if comanders remaign on actual commander lvl. I have 8 years,so more of them have 4 specialisations

  26. It’s a new ideea. It must be good . I-am hyped

  27. Is wargamming trying the armored wellfair approach to the skill tree?

  28. My question what happens with the rest of the crews? Do you suddenly get hundreds of tank commanders? I have so many crew members what happens to my barracks crews?

  29. This is the worst idea in the long history of bad ideas from Wargaming. Again shows wonderfully that the developers have no idea about their game and no respect for their consumers. But please, if you want player numbers like WOWS, you can get player numbers like WOWS

  30. This is a very bad way to go with the crew, this jus adds yet more ways for those who already dominate due to CW tanks, constant platoons, unlimited money, unlimited time etc. etc. to be even better.
    More skills overall across the board and from the looks of it you can get everything and have multiple boosts to those skills with instructors.
    They should diversifying things, a true skill tree so that it adds difference to set up sand play styles – for example a light tank can be an assassin with insane rate of fire, mobility etc. OR it can have crazy view range and camo as a pure scout but NOT both, you can go for both but you’l be ‘ok’ at both and never amazing at either.

  31. So useles hope they dont do that

  32. okay so i watched the vid, this idea is even worst shit that I thought earlier.

  33. I hope that they will level each % of level. Now we have 0% to 1% with around 10 exp. 90-91% with 10 000 exp… This is soo annoying.

  34. What about special crew members? For example from battle pass or from twitch prime or Chuck Norris from Christmas? What about crew skins, I personally love to adjust crew look in garage, wtf is wg doing again…

  35. I think the older way is simpler. It’s starting to get complicated. They’re proposing one commander for up to three tanks. Also, adding perks or skills where you have to figure out which setup is best for each tank. The old way was BIA, 6th sense, camo and repairs. This is simple and easily understood. It looks like they’re going more and more to the mobile version and away from pc. I say keep it the same. I don’t want to spend more time figuring out configurations than we already do.

  36. It’s about time they do this. The crew system have always been a mess. One tank have more members than another, witch is inconvenient and unfair if you use gold to retrain them for a new tank (more members = more gold) Also for training purpose it can be annoying when the tanks don’t have the same crew layout. And on top of that the crew members themselves can have different roles/skills based on which tank they’re in. It’s a mess!

    If WG does it right I’m all for it.

  37. Hmm. I think it’s good. I like it. 👍

  38. For new players a change like this is fine, but for old time players that have spend 1000’s of hours and spent real money to train crews; they will be pissed. Guess this is like the Cable company always give bonus stuff to new customers and screw the existing ones.


  40. Ok. What about the MM rework?

  41. Why change something that was good in the first place?
    Wg is proves yet again they are clueless devs with this change.
    Instead of fixing the MM or maps or hell even gold ammo they change crews.
    If this end up in game, I am done with wot for good.

  42. also if all crew members are converted i will have 200+ crew members/ commanders

  43. Why they dont reset all,give all exp who have on crews and tanks,sure with thank mony value,remaign in garage premium,and we,with that exp and mony,research with that general exp and mony,full tech lines. And equipments tl remaign on garage. That to be something who whas on Armored warfare

  44. This was easier than moving the North spawn location on Mines by 20 meters closer to hill?

  45. Wow if change like that. It is like so unreal. One crew control a tank. Guess we can go into more anime or more fake tanks as it is no longer real.


    I don’t like this, one commander is unrealistic. It makes sense for warships since there are so many crew members. But a tank’s characteristics depends on the skill of their crew a lot more so I feel like it would be a detriment to remove the other members.

  47. if their gonna do this they better turn the Christmas crews into individual commanders. Think people will feel like they’ve been ripped off if they aren’t.

  48. i think it is safe to say we will see how does everyone like it on supertest


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