Crew Trick + All New Crew 2.0 Skills Explained | World of Tanks New Crew Rework Sandbox Testing 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Skills and Talents with Crew 2.0 Rework, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing, Future Plans and News.

00:00 – Intodruction
01:00 – Conversion Explained
01:50 – Conversion Trick
04:30 – Trick Example
08:00 – What Levels Mean?
08:30 – Tactical Training
17:07 – Gunnery Training
24:55 – Techinal Training
28:23 – Driver Training
32:25 – Operational Training
38:00 – Adding New Skills as an Example
40:00 – Conclusion

► Official artile about Crew 2.0:

The time has arrived, today I am going to out the long-awaited crew 2.0, a complete rework to the crew system. There are going to be a lot of them, explaining all kind of different topics, which need deeper analyzing, such as all the new skills!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Only new Crew action!


  1. 🔴 IMPORTANT UPDATE: You ARE able to change the qualification of a member on SB server as well, guide by a fellow viewer: | I did test it out and it is actually CHEAPER as well than on the live server currently. 🔴
    So this was my attempt making a bit shorter video… Welp, I tried! 😀 Anyway, I added video chapters for better organization for you, beautiful people!
    00:00 – Intodruction
    01:00 – Conversion Explained
    01:50 – Conversion Trick
    04:30 – Trick Example
    07:00 – ALL CREW SKILLS
    08:00 – What Levels Mean?
    08:30 – Tactical Training
    17:07 – Gunnery Training
    24:55 – Techinal Training
    28:23 – Driver Training
    32:25 – Operational Training
    38:00 – Adding New Skills as an Example
    40:00 – Conclusion

    • Yes Dez, if you use GOLD, you darn well CAN make crews in low tier tanks and put them in whatever same nation tank you want.. on the sandbox.
      And, if i might suggest, Don’t fanboi this change.. i spent 7 hours going through all this in the box. Its a money grab,
      A few good things, but that’s it (e.g. sixth sense, 100% crews).. but most of its as just over thought and a lot of scam.
      Example.. my FULLY skilled crews…do NOT get enough skill points to replace what they actually have live. ( i need 92 points to match the perks and skills that i have live, by % increase value in game skills and perks over a 100% crew, but i only received 75points.) example.. the BIA equivalent in the new skills, a 5 increase in crew ability’s.. takes ten points to match with the new skills.. ect, ect.. once worked through.. i come up less skilled than the live game, by a TON> A 5 skilled crew, by percent value of added benefit over a stock 100% crew, only coverts to 60 new skill points.. but it requires 82 to get the equivilent benefit from the new skills and perks.
      Money grab, nothing more nothing less !!! Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of hours of play you throw out the window, if you want to train your crew to play in 3 tanks… unless ya pay real money !!!
      We are NOT amused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Every change Wargaming make to this game is aimed at increasing the revenue they make from it. The game was the most fun in the first three or four years when it was still a small company making its way. Now it has ballooned they have no choice but to continually squeeze the player base to fund their bloated ambitions. The more developers they hire the worse the gaming experience gets.

    • so you can’t have as much different skills when this hits.
      Now I can have BiA, all viewrange skills, driver skills, gunner skills and camo and repairs on top with 5 perks.
      When this hits life server, my crews are all less good. (enemy too but I’m fealing cheated….)

    • From what I see… WG should allow us to fully train crew to whatever we want to start with, because THEY changed the crew system, not us. We should be able to retrain our crews to 100% to the new system for free for a limited period of time.
      Forcing us to pay credits or gold to use our crews effectively, due to a change THEY did, is a fucking scam.

    • No one’s brought up the fact that seal clubbing would be more prominent with the new crew system, since people can use maxed leveled crews for t1-t3

    • if they take all XP from every crew member, then it should not matter to change the qualification, just assign it to the new vehicle, it saves on gold
      meaning, no need to make your driver as a commander for the different tank…

      edit, with the max number of 75 points, you now really have to decide which skills to take…

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  3. Old players got kicked in balls again of course

  4. Wow , Complicated lol lol Why cant they just add new skills like they did with Equipment 2.0 and call it a day. MAYBE Add the feature of same crew Working in different tanks and call it a day. Great video sir , thanks

  5. This is just making an already complex system even more complex….and even less free-to-play friendly (cost, time invested)…so I’d almost assume we’ll end up with even more faster and more unbalanced battles..

    Also, still a lot of useless skills….who would really choose ‘firefighting’ if that’s at the moment already a skill that’s chosen if you have nothing else useful to train? It is IMHO even less attractive with this “improved” system

  6. I cannot understand one thing. I am currently playing my tanks with only special crew members. I don’t have a single tank with normal crew. What will the conversion be for my tanks. I won’t have any crew members?

    • Jimmy Grainger Bloodmaker

      they will take some of your crew members. some they may just nerf, its gonna be a crazy time and wots bout to lose a lot of loyal player.

  7. A kid game become rocket science.

  8. 6:25 So what you mean is that I can turn my for example 6-person max crew to 3 max commanders using that method with vehicle, from the same country, that only have 2 crew members?

  9. So can someone who tried this on sandbox explain what happens if our best crews have special commanders (from events or from twitch care packages for example)? Do we lose the commander? And also what happens if we have full female crews from special events?

  10. So I really liked the changes they did to the equipment system. But that is an evolution of their previous equipment system and it is not fundamentally different, it just gives more options.

    This Crew rework is a completely different system to the old and by that alone it will alienate a lot of players from the game. And it also means that WG really doesn’t know yet how to balance it. Right now some of the skills are pretty much useless compared to others given you only get a very limited amount of skill points. And it comes with the problem that it doesn’t really translate from the old system.
    Also I get the impression that there are way too many skills that improve gun performance, locked behind weird in-match-events (like doing half your hp in damage) that for a good player are almost certain to happen every game. Now that is just an additional BIA with an if-clause. Just how many of these BIA-type-skills can you stack on top of another? Does this really bring more variaty? Or does it just make battles even faster and increase the chance to snowball in the first 2 minutes of the game?
    As for competetive play (SH,CW,Tournaments,even gun marking) people want to have as much gun performance as possible so I simply expect them to stack all the BIA-type-skills on all damage oriented tank types (so everything except some lights).

    As much as I appreciate free Sixth Sense for everybody it really is not an argument for the new system as they could easily do that with the old system as well (give free 6th sense and unbind all commander skills, or give the players something like the equipment demounting tokens but for crew members).

    And I also don’t like that they got rid of the crews in the garage. A tank is a vehicle manned by more than one guy so seeing the different crews with their individual identities in the garage (even if some of them are a bit weird with two radio operators or gunners) gives a sense of immersion and understanding for how the vehicle was crewed and operated in reality.
    And then there are the special crews like the Sabaton-Bandmembers crewing their Centurion. The four guys together on their tank, just how it should be. That is great! But what happens to them with Crew 2.0? What happens to all the christmas crews and all the other special crewmembers?

    This rework just doesn’t breathe “World of Tanks” to me. So easy to screw up in so many areas and cause an absolute shitstorm. It might work out if they tweak and balance it long enough (which means they have to use much more resources and money on it) and I am not convinced that in the end it will be worth it.

    An evolution of the current system might just do the trick, just like they did with the equipment.

  11. Can’t put thumbs down on replies humm ?? Only positive are accepted same as WOT … Dez you explain well and you take you time not all people want 2 minute explanations and not understand the why or the how completely…Thank you Dez..

  12. Previously a 100% camo crew would grand 67% camouflage bonus. Or 2/3rd I suppose.
    Now we get 80% or 4/5th.
    E 25, udes and ikv 72 even more dangerous than before with well over 70% camo whilr stationary holy shit

  13. damn it the EBR in the game is already broken as hell. WTF wargaming. SMDH

  14. Next rework will be Tank 2.0

  15. 28:58 It could maybe be useful for ELC EVEN 90 since it has so bad mobility for a LT. But other than that, I don’t know.

  16. I can’t wait to see Min/Max videos with the new crew and new equipment like maximum accuracy Grille 15

  17. What the rapid fire special perk affects:
    Any autoloader
    Any autoreloaders
    Tier 8s and below
    Group tactics affect:
    Competitive playing with Wolfpacking
    Aggressive players

  18. I was really looking forward for this change. I don’t know if it was really needed, but when first heard about it it was promising. I really like it that you always get sixth sense, ones you get used to it it’s really difficult to play without. I was also very happy with the fact that you could use 1 commander for 3 tanks. The only thing that i was scared about was the conversion of some of my crews (the very few good crews that i have) to be to little. Also a good thing about this was that new skills would maybe refresh the crew built and make it more diverse.

    How wrong was i to think WG could actually make it’s game better. The crew built will not be more diverse, there will be some skills you just have to take. And because you take 20 points in one category, you will have to take 10 extra points in that category to get the talent (otherwise you are stupid) So the built everybody will go for will be in the tactical training: view range is so important, coherence, rationing (just to get to 30 and to unable the talent). The conversion of the crew is to low. The only good crews i got become bad crews due to the conversion. Why do you have to reach level 60 with he commander before he can go into 3 tanks???? It should be from the beginning. If you don’t want to loss you progression you also have to pay to be able to put the commander into 2 other tanks, WG seriously???? Should be for free!!!!!!!!! Where are my female voicelines?? I love the phrase that the american female commanders use when you kill a enemy tank : Gotcha (but whispered). I think i will quite WoT if these changes go live. It just makes the game more P2W

  19. It’s a purely a financial exercise to extract as much money out of the game. I for one can no longer be arsed with wargaming and their practices.

  20. so unicornns get a reainboe too its gonna be a shitshow

  21. The aim of simplifying crew skills is a fine one, but WarGaming has demonstrated many times that this is likely to be a way to make players spend more gold and credits 🙁

  22. I found a flaw… you can waste 10 crew points on Vulnerability Expert in tanks that fire only HE (like arty) or HE howitzer tanks. They should really change that for those respective vehicles. But anyway… why make these changes? Just keep the old method but make all crew skill research a lot cheaper. Solves the problems

    EDIT: and why not just give everyone 6th sense? That’s how Blitz always worked and was perfect for noobs and great players alike

  23. i think they nerfed vents. if you look at the coherence skill and calculate the percentage buff of the reload speed, you see that the buff is only like 1,8% to the reload time. before the crew 2.0 stuff the buff was actually 2,2%. Vents work exactly like the coherence skill. so all the vehicle handling is not that crazy. @DezGamez

  24. I joined the sandbox and I can’t change the skills. I don’t see this screen. Does anyone know why?

  25. Sahm Lockhart has done calculation on his YT , if you have 5 skills on tanks its like having 81 skill crew (max is 75) in crew 2.0, BUT you only get 60 point conversation? WTF!! nice Nerf

  26. You want to improve the game, get rid of clown karts, bring back attainable tank rewards, and stop holding people hostage during events. This looks way too involved fir the casual player.

  27. So it looks like a 7 skill crew will convert to a loss in xp if it’s a 75 points maximum?

  28. coherence only works until a crew member get injured though. so ther way it reads is you get it until then and its gone?

  29. Why all this complication for a racing car game where all battles are one sided and over in minutes. Just don’t make any sense. If this game was more tactical and battles lasted a long time, then it might.

  30. At 6:06, a little confused and curious about what cost 750 gold. I’m sure you will make a video about the gold costs in this new system. As always, great breakdown Dez. Thanks!

  31. Since special crew members are becoming instructors what happens if you have a tank with all female crew members on it now? Do they all get condensed into one new crew or do they all get moved off that tank and now it has no commander?

  32. Looks many of the basement snowflakes here do not understand the definition of the word SANDBOX 🙂

  33. Crew 2.0 – the full rundown – then afterwards an advert for War Thunder. Says all you need to know 😉

  34. the transferring system is a joke!!!
    3×100%+95% skills crews are now 55 points???
    all my 0 skill BIA crews – what i bought for € are gone – you get instructors which are often useless, because you have to gamble to get the skill you want.
    useful crews (0 perk bia plus 2.5 – 3 skills) become useless

    i hope this crew 2.0 does not go live

  35. Old Guard works with ALL crew and internal modules not just the ones hit. If ANY of them get damaged/destroyed/killed then all modules and crew gain a 5% reduced chance to be hit, stacking up to 15%. So combined with some of the other skills it can become very hard for you to lose modules to both tanks and arty.

  36. Intuition skill feels kinda good. I maxed it on FV4005 II (18 points) and I have about 1.5 second reload time when I switch shells. Now its worth to take normal HE shots to finish low Hp enemies without spending 8k credits on 200 dmg HESH shot.

  37. I tried the sandbox myself, and I found it extremely unfair…. I have many crews with BIA as zero perk, and they are all gone.. they are now treated as normal ordinary crews after the conversion….. for example: my highest crews: my ST-II crews, with 5 crews, all of them have 4 x 100 skills/perks with BIA as zero perk, their 5th skill/perks are currently at 87%, they are supposed to have at least 60 points after conversion, but in reality I only received as much as 48 points……. WTF!!!! All 7 years works have wasted and gone!!!!!

  38. 20:40 its for red/orange players 😀 bc. RNG hates them

  39. I don’t get it. There will only be one person in my tanks instead of 2, 3, 4 5 or 6 people? And I need to know what all of these different skills are good for? I’m so confused. This is supposed to be fun, seems to be more like work having to learn so much to play a game. Ugh

  40. This channel is dying……

  41. dont know whats so much complicated with old system of crew… you can read everywhere whats important for some tanks and which skill to put… i m gonna test this now on sandbox but i ll give negative feedback cause of simple reason… the random games will be more faster then now, and must say randoms are pretty fast if you compare how was before

  42. Iam playing PC game 22years old WOT wreck it now crew dumped play once a day only…

  43. weary fucking good all my best comanders vill bee turned to instructors BIG NOOO to update

  44. Dear Dez,
    I understand you are not involved with World of tanks but they do listen to your fan base. I’ve been playing since beginning with over 340 tanks . As a collector and one of WOT’s best customer. Please Do NOT make crew changes. I have lost thousands of dollars due to equipment changes. Crew changes I will lose even more money. Stop crew changes please World of tanks or sadly some collectors and testers will be leaving. Thank you and God bless.

  45. Sooo, reading the comments here with people who are convinced this is a complete nerf and people convinced this is a buff for everyone… maybe it is balanced after all 😀

  46. Thanks for the video my dude!
    When I saw all the changes I didn’t even bother reading any of it since I knew you’d be putting out a video for sure 🙂

  47. 1:38 That conversion sucks. When you trained you crew, the XP you grinded was also divided by the amount of members on your tank. So if I remember it correctly, then with crew 2.0 my crew XP grind will be less than when I first grinded or am I see it wrong?

  48. It’s going to be crazy once this is introduced. I hardly have any issues with crew. There are other things they could’ve done before this. WG is just plain crazy.

  49. So technical training line can be replaced by that module which increases repair speed, improves module durability etc.. Weird.

  50. So if I choose one skill I need to wait to get 100% on this skill like in previous time. Or it is working at once?

  51. Let’s be honest here – underneath any good ideas in this ‘rework’ is the cold hard intention to squeeze more money out of the playerbase – either via sales of Gold or via increased uptake in Premium Accounts to earn more Gold.

    The thing about it that really annoys me is the way it totally devalues reward crews. That they could do this to Santa tells you all you need to know. It is a nerf for anyone who has played the game for a long time. Which is me.

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