^^| Cromwell Memes Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

Thanks for watching!


  1. just think take the Tiger 1s long 88 and put it on the T29
    T29 gets even more over powered :D

  2. Da Memes! De be Dank!

  3. Memes everywhere :)

  4. And once again that Pleb that was supposed to help Sn00ze died without
    doing anything… jeez this “The_Aimless”-Guy sucks…

  5. world of tanks play cromwel have fun ……. play russian kick ass
    ………….the rest of the tanks are a jokeand remember to pay WG so u
    can have RNG to ur side

  6. A Circon does not simply press 2 and press 1 again after he doesnt need
    apcr anymore. Pressing 2 once per game is plenty for a Circon

  7. Well nice game.

  8. Parkour/Challenges

    So many memes!

  9. Goldspam.
    Best ‘balanced’ thing WG ever implemented. Throws at least 50% of the
    supposed balance mechanics out the window.
    Not that WG gives a fuck as it’s wonderful disguised pay for power.

  10. Those 30 gold rounds made my wallet cry

  11. I would have been here early, I did check my notifications

  12. “First class. Hehe…” :D

  13. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    ”first class” XD

  14. Going live in roughly 2 hours http://www.twitch.tv/circon World of Tanks, probably
    checking out a certain new premium :)

  15. Thomas Connelly-moss

    1st class all the way’

  16. 1st class you crafty bastard Circon ;)

  17. Cromwell and chill

  18. Borgil Sandagdavaa

    4th can i has cake ?

  19. Richard Gustafsson


  20. 2nd hahahahaha

  21. Uploaded 35 seconds ago, damn

  22. I cant handle the memes

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