CROSS THE POND – PT-76 CHALLENGE – (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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CROSS THE POND – PT-76 CHALLENGE – (War Thunder Tanks )


  1. qwq

  2. Feeshy LongJohnVonStreudal


  3. For Stalin!

  4. Snipe a tank at 1.5 KM whit the su100Y

  5. 7th!!!!!

  6. Get a kill with the Schrage Musik while flying upside down, either on a
    plane or tank

  7. *Try to snipe someone against the Poland lake with the rbt 420mm rockets in
    an RB match.*
    *Difficult, but possible and that would be some crazy sh!t to see*

  8. Keep up the good work phly!

  9. How could you think this blue could’ve worked xD

  10. Battle-bot Stug challenge! Use a Stug to flip enemy tanks with terrain and
    feast on their soft underbelly with high explosive rounds

  11. Here’s a challenge for you Mr. Phly – shoot down a Swordfish with an RBT
    rocket :3 great video as always sir

  12. Land the Ki10 on a runway of PT76s. GO!

  13. play as tiger tank and He 51 on realistic


  15. lots of vodka

  16. try to kill a tank with the gaz 4M… just do it

  17. something easier in an il28 take out 3 hostile FIGHTERS and a BOMBERr is
    not a figher

  18. Christopher Hurford

    Take out any plane (your choice) in realistic battles, take off, fly across
    the map and then finally land on the enemy runway. Simple enough but can u
    do it?

  19. put a coin between the W and 2/3 button which will make the W button to be
    pressed the whole time, now take the M18 and don’t die

  20. Try to crush a tank with your tank by driving off a cliff and smashing It.
    (Tier one is best for it)

  21. use maus and use only 75mm

  22. land the pe8 on the field in Poland and get a kill using the defensive
    armament on a tank. :P

  23. you think war thunder should have mobile artillery that you can play as

  24. Go to arcade and take out a Gladiator against Mig 15s and make it out alive

  25. Land a b17 on a carrier and take off with it

  26. Russian hell would consist of cucumber vodka

  27. Fight in the Me-262 C series (the one with the rocket engines) and you can
    climb to combat altitude with regular engines,but when you go into combat
    mode, turn off your regular engines and your only allowed to use your
    rocket engine/rocket engines depending on the model you use.

  28. Russian hell? capitalism, democracy, minimal sovereignty and no tanks…

  29. Lets have a backwards game, and British to add some flavour, but you can
    only drive in reverse using any tank apart from the Sp 17 valentine but
    also only fly the 57mm Mosquito upside down 🙂 good luck :D

  30. George “Thundergeorge” Karayiannis

    Can you torpedo one of these in the water?And if so please try it.

  31. i have a question. why is orangedoom so butthurt? I was watching his stream
    today and all I heard was him complaining about Baronvongames and
    Phlydaily. He said that Baron and Phly will end like Entak or some shit.
    anybody knows why?

  32. I am not a boy. :C

  33. Rare Vk 4501 P gets a kill at 11:06 (in the killfeed) (It’s not actually a
    Tiger 1 (P) but a tank that barely anyone has.)

  34. Russian hell: no women to rape

  35. Russian Hell. All the women would be German Brunhilda types and very fat.
    There would be NO Vodka. All the men would be shirtless clones of Vladimir

  36. Try to use KV-2 as a long range sniper.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  37. Land a Catalina on Poland river and get a kill with the

  38. and Phly stop map spamming

  39. I think Russian hell is hot and with no Vodka! :)

  40. Russian hell = Living in Russia

  41. Rbt5’s vs pr76’s on Poland. Rbt’s cant use guns and Pt’s have to stay in
    the water


  43. phly please can you in war thunder, land, take off, and fight with an
    albatross (a us sea plane) , ( in two locations, in a island format, and a
    carrier format, with the carrier next to the carrier, and on the flat top)
    use a ww2 fighter seaplane, the ones that were used during the attack on
    pearl horbor. this be your challenge for this week

  44. Russian hell – infinite drowning by vodka

  45. you land next to the carrier, and on the flat top (a flat top is another
    word for a carrier), (i am going to land on the us flat top in birds of

  46. Kill a plane with the panzerwerfer in rb or sim

  47. Score Hans some victories! Bf109 e-4 and panzer 4 good luck

  48. Become an ace tanker in the M2A2

  49. next challenge use the t 10 m and the bb1 with the 2x 250

  50. Shoot a plane down with the RBT rockets in RB!

  51. challenge: get ten kills with any tier 6tank only using high explosive

  52. This toby lad has an amazing mind

  53. to make this clear: tiger 1 was designed as a breakthrough tank. it just
    simply was too expensive for that role. tiger 2 was the sniper

  54. x2 robin hood shots in one video

  55. kill a tank (player’s) with po2

  56. phly do the wirraway with 2x250lbs and 2x500lbs and the ac thunderbolt
    demostrate the greatnest of australia

  57. You should get 3-4 kills with one rocket from the RBT-5 in a high tier game
    that would be awesome!

  58. Panzerwefer vs bombers (3RD ATTEMPT)

  59. use the Schräge Musik cannons on the ki-45 tei toryu to kills planes and
    what not.
    Also Russian hell would probably be playing games with good connections and
    team mates willing to help you. :)

  60. A2-bomb a air target!

  61. Gotta watch for blue tanks in the river now!

  62. i wonder if they add ¨the sherman that could float

  63. Russian hell consist of water not vodka trust me I’ve been there

  64. phly, try to piggyback baron (in a bt5) across Poland lake, whilst driving
    the PT76

  65. Russian hell is Finland.

  66. When I first saw the clip of the 76 from behind, I thought you had a
    vintage looking Batman cape across the vehicle, lol.

  67. “overdrive!” sounds like a dysfunctional steamboat

  68. RBT-5 and PO-2 POWERHOUSE!

  69. Try to survive for a whole game in the T32 , with its new, lovely and
    totally fair 7.3BR

  70. Attempt 9. 9! Make 2 bridges of PT76’s on Eastern Europe or Poland, and try
    to get 2 Locusts on each one to kill each one. VOTE FOR ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  71. they nerfed it?
    it used to go 12 kmh on water now 8

  72. 1972nd veiw

  73. Russian hell would not have vodka or stronk tank

  74. Russian hell: every thing but votka

  75. Is it possible to make a bridge across the river with enough of them?

  76. SM.79(all except SM.78B) kill enemy with your front gun .Good luck and
    hopefull have fun

  77. Just keep swimming just keep swimming

  78. Russian hell has no alcohol and there is no motherland

  79. Russian hell wouldn’t consist of anything specific. it would just be a
    world without vodka

  80. Hey Phly! Do you think you can make a raft from Pt-s?(get 2 or 3 of them
    then get a tank on top)

  81. 22:06 you shot down a plane with a kv2 there is no impossible for you now

  82. Phly u should play axis and allies with baron and sick

  83. RBT-5 and IL-28 get 2 Rocket kills and a Tail gunner kill on a ground

  84. get a maus or a T-10 as you want and get score of a 1500 by people leting
    hit you

  85. Russian hell would be a world with no vidka

  86. RB: live a hole game with a RTB-5 in best tier 5 stage no other tanks or

  87. Vodka*

  88. Fly the Mighty Duck or the cannoned PBJ in RB and land in any map then kill
    a tank with it’s 75mm cannon while on the ground.

    If you fly the Duckling you should wait for enemy tanks to come in front of
    you then increase the throttle so you can point your gun low enough to hit
    the enemy tanks.

    It doesn’t matter if you crash after you kill one tank. Your challenge wil
    be completed.

  89. Use the m 22 and b29

  90. Use any tank, go to a river/lake, enter it and become a tank ace without
    leaving the water(you have to be in water the entire time)

  91. cornellius cornwall

    blow up a bomber with a bomb, BOTH MIDAIR!!!

  92. Shoot down a plane in sim battles with RBT-5 rockets.

  93. Russian hell would be full of capitalists

  94. Land a plane and cap a zone in RB.

  95. Fly between columns in Brandenburg Gate on map Berlin with Dora or I16 :D

  96. Phly pls play the t92 and the B29 pls pls pls pls pls

  97. lol

  98. What do you think of OrangeDoom Criticiseing your type of content and

  99. Shoot down an aircraft with an RBT rocket while playing realistic.

  100. Russian Hell: Ronald Reagan and Freedom

  101. I Don't Understand Math

    please Phly try to kill a Tiger I with Locust its possible just stick to
    its side and shot and if its too easy try to kill a Tiger II with Locust
    just stick to its side and shot

  102. Phly check out my Schräge Musik Do 217 kill montage on my channel :^)

    I thought it was going to be a challenge and ended up being a clubbing

  103. that matchmaking just isn’t real

  104. Now it’s time for the real test, kill a plane with a RBT rocket in
    simulator battles, with u couldn’t found a simu battle to play with the
    RBT, play realistic.

  105. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    Try to Kill a Tank but you have to drive on top of them like.. jump on them
    to kill them! If you get that i will eat my hat!

  106. take plane your pick even floatplanes and fly underneath the bridges in the
    eastern europe map or what it was called

  107. Soviet hell is capitalist market full of capitalist pigs

  108. Destruir 2 vehiculos terrestres con un solo disparo, no se si sera

  109. russian hell?
    thats gotta be someone at gaijin checking their sekrit dokumints and
    accidently telling the community about the real bias-stats…
    oh, and the CEOs tenk-34 breaks down

  110. Po-2 – among the Jets.

  111. Kill a jet with a po2 if it is too easy Try to LAND a MiG17 in a Carrier
    the challenge can be completed in a custom battle or in a Real battle plez
    do it

  112. Russian hell would consist of hot and humid weather, anarchism (pure
    communism) and absolutely no vodka or potatos

  113. Try to shoot down a plane in realistic battle with the RBT 5

  114. drown three tanks with a tiger p

  115. 24:20 our break if Phil Collins, lol

  116. Fly any b-17 and land in any map in tank rb and cap the base.

  117. Russian hell 1. No Vodka 2. No Vodka3. No Vodka4. No Dash Cams

  118. +BaronvonGamez your Pt 76 looks kinda like Aquamann 😀 the thing on the
    Back is his cape

  119. phlydaily hello trust me this one is hard but not impossible…. try to
    kill a jet in a high tier jet game yes you will need a squad mate to play
    in a jet this is possible as I have done it after about 100 trys good luck


  120. Entrematoto Croácio

    is it possible to disguise a panther in the Russian team to confuse with a

  121. jet kill with biplane

  122. Take out SU-100Y (box tank) and drive across the entire map without
    stopping once even to take a shot, time doesn’t wait for Soviet Russia!

  123. Russian hell hmmm…O! ?
    XS Project – Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser (Бочка,басс,колбасер)
    War Thunder
    O wait thats more of heaven ugh idk
    srry if offended and Russians…Don’t kill me in WoT plzz

  124. micronesia actually belongs to the USA, its in the pacific and contains
    about 2000 really small islands

  125. Try cross the entire map of mozdok in a gaz aaa

  126. Hunter+Caernarvon fly/drive pls PHLY!!!!!!

  127. Drive a PLANE across a map, preferably a bomber or large attacker (Normandy
    seems good)

  128. “CAN’T STOP, HALP” challenge for you Phly. Get m18, make it automatically
    go full speed. Get at least 3 kills and don’t die. Remember – you can’t
    stop, even if you’re detracted. Have fun)

  129. Rusian hell is just Russia

  130. Ok phly you’ve taken the pt 76 across lakes let’s try and land a sea plane
    on the lake in Poland

  131. Play a premium tank br 5 and up without parts

  132. phly! I got my first *real* tank!
    the Panther D! are you proud of me? are you???! :D

  133. Shoot Down a plane with a tiny tim in realistic or sim battles

  134. destroy a plane by landing gear

  135. Did anyone see that flying streetlamp at 9:10? Fucking majestic.

  136. Get an Ace with Yak-15p

  137. russion hell has no vodka

  138. Kill an enemy fighter with the schräge Musik

  139. using the fury get most kills in single match

  140. Get a rocket tank of your choice, and get a squad mate to guide your
    rockets on enemy tanks n the map So basically be rocket artillery. For
    example, you take a shot at a enemy tank far out in the map. Your squad
    mate gives you the correction and you fire again and hopefully get closer
    to hitting.

  141. Shoot down planes with a RBT 5!!

  142. idk if hes done this, but in a tank match land a floatplane on a river /

  143. Phly, shoot down any plane. Using only rockets… On a timer of your
    choice. Attempt #2

  144. use an tank with rockets and try to shoot down a plane in realistic

  145. shoot down a plane using rockets from a calliope

  146. O_K_Y_JI_U_C_T yoba

    In a tank RB kill a jet fighter using SU-122 with only HEAT ammo :333333333

  147. Here my challenge : kill a maus using the WT smallest bombs 10 kilo bombs
    in realistic or simulator battle :)

  148. Russian hell is the city of Minsk

  149. Kill a MAUS using the T34-100

  150. Prove the superiority of the russian engineering by destroying a jet with
    the Po-2 !

  151. Land a PBY-5 in the lake on Poland

  152. In a Tier 5 tank battle, get a tank kill with a Po-2.

  153. i think russian hell would consist of lots of fascists; lots and lots of

  154. Nick Hecht (OneChanceShot)

    Kill a Tiger H1 in a M22 Locust

  155. Try kill a IS-4M with a panzerwefer

  156. In soviet Russia, hell burns in you!

  157. Swim in the castle

  158. try to land in a forest and dont die

  159. Russian Hell=Modern Day Russia.

  160. lol i just got pt 76 and try swimming on eastern uephene

  161. “Bremse klemmt” Challenge! You have to drive with a Pz 4 without ever
    stoping. Not for aiming, nor for taking cover.

  162. I think russian hell would be just normal Russia but with no vodka.

  163. HARD CHALLENGE! fly out the p-47D-28 and put the guns to 50m convergence.
    you can even try to get kills but don’t count on it

  164. Mindaugas Beliauskas

    Can you carry any aa on this thing ? like a boat

  165. get an ace with ONLY artillary, good luck phly

  166. So far all the challenges have been in ground forces, so, here’s my fourth
    Try to kill a plane with the Shrage Musik, sorry for butchering that
    German, in Simulator. It’s hard enough in arcade or realistic, so
    simulator… If you have the patience, you might be able to do it. Have fun!

  167. Russian hell is a place with no vodka

  168. Russian Hell – Russia

  169. CHALLENGE kill a tank whit a tb

  170. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Phly, this is probably attempt #5 or so, but try one of these;
    -Get a air kill with a Panzerwerfer 42
    -have Baron/Slick drive a M22 Locust and ride on top of your PT 76 while
    -take a biplane into a T5 RB and survive the whole thing. Idk what biplane,
    could be the T2 I-153 for all I care, just do it. THANKS!!! PS: keep up the
    good work on the vids!!!

  171. kill a destroyer with the pt-76

  172. Tank torpedo a plane :D

  173. attempt 2 ples take out the muican t92 and p-80 shooting star with ground
    targets you can change them affte 1 uses

  174. It’s called gulag

  175. The plane that wants to be a tank. Using the ME-Narwhal drive on the ground
    in tank RB and get a kill with that cannon the narwhal has.

  176. What the fuck did I just watch for 27 minutes?

  177. Phly try to carry a tank across the river with a raft of pt-76s

  178. Phly, here is your next mission, take a T-50 (with APCR) and kill a Tiger
    with it… Good Luck young Sir.

  179. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Cmon Phly pick the challenges of your others fans!

  180. phly please fly the f2h, please!

  181. Gentleman's Gaming. A proper channel

    what screen recorder do you use?

  182. PT-76 vs PBY-5/5a with torpedoes in Poland lake as a big custom battle

  183. Get a kill in the gaz aaa, it can be plane or tank. If This not difficult
    enough, try to cross the entire map in it without dying

  184. Ok so try JU87G1 vs Jet????

  185. Russian hell = no vodka

  186. Get a kill with a mosquito in a top tier match

  187. Ok, Get 5 water kills in the PT-76 in one game

  188. Kill an enemy tank with the explosion from J ing out! I don’t eben know if
    it does damage!

  189. Play a match in War Thunder super drunk 😛 (with camera)

  190. Russian Hell = Germany Tanks Tier 3 – 5 beat Russia in RB (plus no vodka)

  191. Ok that was Awesome! Can you do the IS-3 Challange? Get 5 kills in one
    match and you have to angle your front armor every time you engage. Good
    Luck if you pick my chalange! MUAHAHAHA!!!

  192. Plane kill, with the 5000kg bomb. While flying.

  193. Alright Phly I got some challenge for you. Realistic Battle. Map is Berlin
    or Advance to the Rhine. Tank…Maus or ze E-100 with camouflage. Pick a
    great great great!! ONE SPOT and you must at least get 8 or 10 kills in ONE
    SPOT!! Don’t move. You may move once a battle then that’s it. You can move
    once if you think the spot is stupid. Thank you. It’s going to be a Life or
    death for Rommel.

  194. Russian hell would be a place where Russian game developers were held
    accountable for the Russian bias in their games.

  195. alejo ruiz camauër

    Get a pbj in tank battles,chase an enemy plane,and kill him by bouncing a
    75mm shot off of the groung

  196. Here’s a good Challenge, try to have a good game. Good luck, you’ll need
    it. (lol, jk, nice video)

  197. Land an aircraft on an enemy carrier/landing strip and land an intact
    plane. (meaning able to take back off) gl.

  198. that flying lamp post at 9:15 though …

  199. as silly as it sounds, i hope they add the light t-38

  200. Russian hell no vodka

  201. u should kill a tank from long range with out going to sniper mode

  202. Take the little Ki-200 Shusui get a ace with it and land it without
    exploding the wings

  203. Try to fly a plane with 50m convergence in realistic….

  204. use RTB – 5 and shoot a plane with one of the big rockets in a realestic

  205. Try killing something with a ricochet off another tank

  206. Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

    Get an air-to-air kill in RB or SB…with the 298mm Tiny Tims.

  207. try #2: kill jet with po-2

  208. Get a multi kill with the rbt 5 big ass rocket things. Bang bang

  209. Here’s my challenge. Try playing as the Germans in ground forces.

  210. Russian hell= joesph Stalin with vodka over the side and laughing at u
    stronk nubs and kv-2 at the sides and pe-8 flying over ur head useing the
    5000kg bomb that Russian hell

  211. You thought the kv2 was hard… Well this is my challenge if you choose to
    accept…. Shoot down a FIGHTER, not BOMBER or ATTACKER, a FIGHTER plane
    with the almighty Maus in SIM battles. Make the fatherland proud.
    I just want to know, we’re all counting on you.

  212. You thought killing a plane with a KV-2 was hard? HA! Kill a plane with the
    RBT-5’s rocket bombs!!

  213. I challenge you to cross the beach one end to the other of Normandy in t-95
    and get at least 3 kills before you get to the end ;)

  214. An idea for a custome battle: Spawn in a pe-8 and chase down an entire team
    of tanks or spaa or both, and have them run away from their inevitable
    demise at the hand of 5000 pound bomb

  215. Yay cool music intro!!!

  216. Charming Wellington Bombadier

    Shoot down a plane with RBT-5 torpedo

  217. Also my brain through this video: ?

  218. “what’s half a quarter? a nickel?” is my new favorite phly quote

  219. Russian Hell: No vodka, only gulag

  220. russain hell= empty white room with no vodka or cs go

  221. You should have an all water battle in the apple garden lake.

  222. Phly should use this tank with infinite ammo and auto fire then go into a
    ocean to see how fast he can go using the turret.

  223. Phly for you next challenge try killing a Mig 15 in the Sea Fury #superprop

  224. only pt-76

  225. Phly, you should try the game ”command and conquer generals” It’s really
    fun ;)

  226. Plhy you’re making me lose sleep

  227. I know for sure it would at least have the crappiest and I mean s***t vodka

  228. you should take a maus and have the others be a tiger 1-2

  229. dont forget about combined arms!!!

  230. Try this challenge. Get a tank kill with the Flak panzer 1 in tank RB.


  232. in Russian hell there always out if vodka

  233. kill any plane with an rbt 5

  234. Well Phly you should do a costombattle pt76vs me262c2b

  235. Kill yourself in a jet, with your own rbt 5

  236. Try to shoot down down some airplanes in the T-26-4!

  237. Get a Kill in tank realistic battle with 75mm Duck (Hs 129 B-3) while
    flying up-side-down

  238. +PhlyDaily one of the better
    camos I’ve found for the PT-76, not quite what you were looking for but
    better than just straight olive drab.

  239. Land an arado c on a carrier

  240. Take the T-70 or the T-80 and go to the town in Tunisia. You have to be
    sneaky in RB and somehow get 6 kills. I did it and got 5. You have to
    defeat me.

  241. Phly I challenge you to land a B-29 on an Aircraft Carrier

  242. In Russian hell u will be torture by Putin ,his bear and his bottle of

  243. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    Do not kill urself challenge.

    Spawn in a bomber, drop bombs in your aircraft carrier. Leave your bomber
    and spawn in the carrier. Take off from the carrier before the bomb reaches

    *to make it easier, you can use delayed bombs. But you can use those that
    detonate on contact.

    Good luck, your gonna need it

  244. Get a double kill, one shot two kills.

  245. Russian hell would consist of living in the country of Russia. I’d rather
    shoot myself in the face than live in that fucking garbage.

  246. Russian hell no vodka

  247. Attempt 2: Carry a 4M GAZ AAA across the Eastern Europe in the PT76 without

  248. o yes and now that you are making all these fucking videos of PT-76 going
    through the middle of the river everyone and their dog will be looking at
    you while your going 7-8kph lol

  249. Russian hell = no vodka

  250. Russian hell = no vodka

  251. Bars in front of a vodka minibar…

  252. phly get a pilot kill with a p 26 on a f 86 custom battle realalistic

  253. Russian hell=no vodka

  254. Russian hell=no vodka

  255. Try to shoot a plane down by bouncing the bullets of the ground, good luck!

  256. shoot down a plane with the RBT 5

  257. AirProduction -Airbajan

    Get in a water land aircraft and swim through a maps without getting kill !

  258. get more ground kills with the pbj than any other tank on your team

  259. Land a PBY on either Poland lake or Eastern Europe river

  260. holy shit the BR crunch is real. a KV2 in a 6.0 match. ouch

  261. Russian Hell: Only beverage available is water, no Vodka *laughs dastardly*

  262. Baron did this

  263. I have a challenge. Kill 10 fighters in a bomber. Good luck!

  264. CJ McLeod (Cheezeman201)

    I wish that they had more maps like these. The open maps suck for anyone
    other than tank destroyers and Russian tanks.

  265. phly for a challenge try to fly into an enemy shell or friendly shell
    doesnt matter just fly into a tank shell

  266. Play hide n seek

  267. Lobster Entertainment

    get at least 2 kills while driving backwards in any light tank. has to be
    tank kills.

  268. Even though this is a challenge video can you use the T92 or the american
    tier 5 light, its open top with a 76 and its light so that probably
    challenging enough

  269. Try to shoot down a plane with the Rocket BT-5.

    In Sim Battle, Good luck…

  270. attempt #2 ina day 😀
    Custom battle idea! COPS’N ROBBERS CAR CHASE :DDDDDDD
    -half drive on T17E2, hlaf drive on GAZ 72k
    -play along the river in Eastern Eroupe since that’s a road
    -T17E2 chase behind GAZ 72k
    -both shot each-other
    -Team Death Match!

  271. 18:25 hey look its me

  272. My challenge is do this challenge… AND WIN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  273. Phly deserves thousands of likes on this video. This is amazing.

  274. Here is a really hard challenge, but possible, I already did it by
    accident. Fly under the 3 holed bridge in Eastern Europe.


  276. Kill an IS4M with a the tank of your choice that’s gun is no bigger than
    37mm. It’s only possible from the front, so be aware. Good luck.

  277. Biplane vs Jet challenge

  278. I would love two see two teams of pt-76s doing a naval battle in the river.

  279. No vodka

  280. Russian hell would probably be life without vodka

  281. Challenge: Shoot down a plane with the RBT-5.

  282. Russian hell = everyone is drinking tea, English hell = everyone is
    drinking vodka

  283. Kill a T95 with only rockets

  284. Does Phly reply to comments?

  285. M22 with a 6.7 tank in your lineup

  286. What you can paint your vehicles? 😮 :o!!!

  287. Russian hell is where the american and british are op and russia is
    peashooters in war thunder

  288. am i the only one that wants him to take the pt76 and get it on the water
    then have baron or somebody ramp their m22 locust onto it and have phlt and
    him try to cross the lake and river

  289. RUSSIAN HELL = king tigers killing kv-2 RUSSIAN HEAVEN = Stalin driving kv2
    over the German maus !!

  290. Shoot down a plane in sim battles, while on the water in a PT-76. DO IT!

  291. I want you to play the hellcat

  292. Ok, so here’s a good one. Try and carry another tank across a river with
    the pt-76 – that would be epic. Good luck!

  293. Fly the B7A2, find someone landing on their carrier, then kill them with
    bombs while they are on the carrier

  294. Russian Hell would consist of balanced Russian WW2 vehicles and fridges
    full of nothing but empty vodka bottles.

  295. Shoot a tank with eyes close lol XD

  296. hey phly, play air Rb with no hud

  297. I love all your videos Phly! Keep up the good work :)

  298. In a tank battle, get a floatplane, land it, and kill a tank while in the
    water somehow

  299. No vodka in r. hell

  300. Phly, get in a bomber, get out of the plane in front of your spawn, get
    into an AA tank and try to shoot down your plane.

  301. Russian hell would be stalins heaven

  302. Who here thinks Shledon is a fgt

  303. Whenever someone MG/track me at the start of a game I just “J” out. They
    get a fine and hopefully someone else he hits also “J” so he get’s banned.

  304. That camo let THE community rol with steath

  305. Russian hell: Basically a “dry” shop with a window sign displaying no
    vodka, and maybe a store beside it selling AK-47s but it doesn’t have any
    ammo for it.
    -just finished writing this and realized how stereotypical it is but

  306. Im gonna go kill some facists and when I come back I better see hell of a
    lot of likes and a reply from Phly or people are going to the gulag.

  307. Drop a torpedo on another plane in simulator

  308. Ok fly I hope this beats Toby wood: try to crash into another plane after
    you eject out from yours

  309. Kv-1 17 kills without getting down /wounded crewman and no damage part
    in RB

  310. Russian hell is a world with no vodka. I-I’im kidding.

  311. in tank realistic battles, kill any ground vehicle (Not AI) with your

  312. Camo looks like the batmobile o3o


  314. Russian hell? Easy… No Vodka. Or prohibition. [xD]

  315. hmmm. Russian Hell… Raatteentie

  316. Russian hell is a nice name for the gulag

  317. Russian hell…. Probably run by US politicians to be honest

  318. try the same thing but with a hydro plane

  319. try to ramming any tier tank and kill them pls! in arcade battle!

  320. Challenge: don’t let Toby wood make the next one and kill a jet in a po2 /
    swordfish or if that’s to hard a Stuka (no gunpods of any sort)

  321. Russian hell mhh no vodka no KV-2s and MIG17

  322. in tank RB kill a tier 5 tank with a turret of a bomber

  323. Tier 3… Use american plane, fly below 2000m and kil 2 or more russian
    planes… ples :)

  324. kill pt 76 with a torpedo while in a wellingtom mk1
    attempt number 4… i think

  325. take out a pe9 and kill an airborn plane with bombs

  326. Omfg Phly how rich are you spending your ammo at poland that cost 1600
    silver lions each shot.


  327. plhy the ultimate challange. kill a plane while your on the ground whit
    your plane. can only be a fighter. and to make it inpossebru you only can
    use up to br 2.0 planes, HAVE FUN I WOULD SAY!

  328. Do the M-22 locust and the mighty B-17

  329. do the T-60 and the super sonic mig 17

  330. Try kill two tank with KV-2 HE (arcade or sim).

  331. Ok Phly, now really hard one. Eastern Europe, I-185 or I-153 and flights
    under all bridges on the map. I wish you luck.

  332. Russian hell, Gulag with no vodka, or potato.

  333. (Atempt 3) Phly kill a enemy by exploding your ammo rack

  334. Fly a American sabre and kill an entire enemy team of b-29 good luck??

  335. russian hell: only swedish vodka

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