^^| Crusader 3rd Mark Highlights

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Enjoy! 🙂
Thanks for watching!


  1. Which VOD date was this from? Also might I ask you Circon to add the VOD
    dates in the description in the future so that we can possibly watch them
    while they’re still around.

  2. to bad the video quality of twitch imported content is so bad :(

  3. The Crusader three marking was indeed hilarious as f*** :D. That game 4:10
    where Sn00ze made like 3k+ in the T-34 , rasha comrade, DA :)

  4. I remember seeing that Excelsior vs T14 shit live. Fucking hell. xD

  5. I still mourn my T82.

  6. Shell velocity of 182m/s. For comparison the derp gun on the M4 sherman has

  7. I love these compilations! Good work, circon.

  8. Miska Leppänen

    can you 3rd mark lttb if youre not done that

  9. Best one so far – Great stuff.

  10. Quickyfarty Gaming

    This felt so much like old Circon vids and streams :D

  11. i do not know if you have “bad games” . Is there a tank you can not play
    good/ hate?

  12. Top Kek, absolutely top.

  13. I_am_not_stupid _

    halarious bro, pls do more of these

  14. When arty misses you, there should be the Circon laugh.

  15. This is the funniert WoT video I have ever seen, holy cow, gotta play that
    shitty tank!

  16. Anatoly Productions

    get 3 marks on an m3lee

  17. is this thing an arty…………………..

  18. Eric “EriComic” Sjöström

    The memes man…

  19. Circon, please add links to the videos you show at the end of your video.

  20. This thing has one of the funniest guns ever. I used to say that the
    commander is opening the hatch and throwing HE baseballs, ha.

  21. I have 3 marks too on the crusader!! Tons of fun this tank,… and has
    special mm for a light,… only sees tier 7

  22. I love these circon plz do more :)

  23. 3.7 inch howitzer. Best gun in-game. Doesn’t matter on which tank!

  24. Jonathan Musser

    Those rainbow shells with the derp gun.

  25. +SirCircon could you make a playlist on you’r channel with all the “three
    marks” videos because they are awesome but In a bit of time its gonna be
    hard for us to find them back, so pls make playlist of it! +your laugh is
    still legendary!

  26. The Crusader is the most hilarious tank in the game for me…using the
    6-pounder I’ve been called a hacker because an M6 just sat there broadside
    on to me even when he had become unspotted, and I once out-DPM’d a
    Jagdpanther (granted he was a complete and total noob and missed like three
    shots), and as for the derp gun…well, Circon shows that…personally I
    didn’t play with the derp gun at all because I had already unlocked the
    6-pdr through the Valentine, but I might give it another go…


  28. these are your best videos keep up good work mate, love editing.

  29. I like the highlights videos!

  30. why do this to yourself lol?

  31. ThePainTrain4234

    First video I’ve ever seen that has 0 dislikes right now. Nice video.

  32. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Your laugh is amazing!

  33. That was awesome :D. I love how you’re active on YT and the content you are
    putting out. Glorious memes, especially the Himmelsdorf hill snipes :D.

  34. I’m so glad I caught this on stream.

  35. did the t14 and exelsior rig missions or wut?

  36. Balc0ra's Gaming

    This is one of the easiest 3 MOE grinds ever next to the ELC. But I did
    mine ages ago. Not sure if it’s “harder” now as It seems to be a more
    popular tank of late vs a year ago. Tho that said. The tank is still silly
    fun at times.

  37. That laugh… it just makes my day :D

  38. 182 Shell Velocity on the derp gun. Seems legit.

  39. Hahaha love the laughter! ???

  40. This guy
    3rd mark of Excellency like a boss
    Who would do like him ?
    Unlock every tank 3rd mark
    Holy Jesus

  41. More pls XD

  42. that cackle!

  43. yeyyy :/:/ :D:D

  44. Nice memes m8 – another guy wtih 3 marks on the Crusader

  45. 2:31 – me, on: why I make these

  46. Next Tank Churchill gun carrier pls

  47. Is it possible that you fire the second shot before the first one arrives
    ?! .D

  48. Been really enjoying those since I can’t catch the streams anymore, thanks
    Circon :D

  49. Matija Debeljak

    Circon is basically playing world of warships when playing that tank…

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