CS-52 – First Look – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – CS-52. The first T8 Polish premium medium tank is currently being supertested – here’s all we know about the CS-52!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB, there is also THE “RUDY”

  2. Can you do a review on the OBJ.257 tier 9 ?

  3. this is to T-44-100 what T27 is to Progetto

  4. which is the better tank?

    the russian one

  5. Lol, of course it a premium tank.

    Random but I too m.a.k.e World of Tanks vids

  6. I am polish and i am so proud that they add more polish tanks

  7. Leave the tank as it is WG players should buy prem tanks to make credits and train crews not to have new OP toy

  8. Liancortes Bustrom

    What’s the poodle

  9. Liancortes Bustrom

    Never heard of it

  10. XxSataN KARMAxX

    prems at tier 8 with high standard pen with the exception of lorraine are all Heavies of TDs so meds just have to deal

  11. Is that a T-44?

  12. To me it looks balanced, which I feel is important.

  13. Krysáček bruh

    Tier 10 seems op to me

  14. 8:46
    QB : talking about stats of a new prem
    Me: Does it say “peed” beside his head?

  15. So, is there even a point in playing American, British, and German mediums anymore?

  16. Load the Skill rounds

    At this point I’ll pass on this, tank looks cool but the lansen and the t-44-100 are just better right now.

  17. It feels like when you voice your opinion about the power potential or balance of new premiums against the older OP ones, your statements lose weight and it is much more easily misinterpreted that you feel the vehicles need to be buffed. Of course compared to other OP premiums the CS-52 will be underwhelming, but it appears compared to tech tree tanks it looks right in line. As you stated, it is probably better that tech tree tanks should be equal or more powerful than premiums, so it would have been more appropriate to compare this tank to the tech tree tanks most like it, and give your evaluation that way. The majority feeling of this video, completely IMHO, was disappointment that the tank was not as excellent as you were hoping, rather than enthusiasm for a balanced addition to the premium roster.
    We can be more encouraging to WG when they release premium tanks that are balanced and not OP. Ex, in this video, I would have loved to see you more enthusiastic and happy that regardless of how powerful you were hoping the tank to be, you’re more pleased by the tank being balanced than meeting your expectations based on OP-vehicle-performance-comparison.
    Just a thought on how there can better communicate with WG about bringing balance back to WG. Thanks for your effort with this content as always, much appreciated!

  18. Good. Not another op premium tank. Seems well balanced

  19. Hey QB! You forgot to make the Tortoise unstoppable in your livestream!

  20. that gun depression is a deal breaker

  21. I absolutely hated it, but because I don’t like when someone is telling me what to do, I will give this video a like. 😛

  22. The Chinese tier 8 tech tree tank is looking like an absolute joke compared to this thing. And that’s not to say the CS-52 looks overpowered; the T-34-2 is just insanely weak and that needs to be addressed

  23. what is weird is that this tank doesn’t the special mobility mechanic of the t10…


    Why didn’t they name it CSGO?

  25. If u can’t bring yourself to play the pudel… Noone remembers the rudy…

  26. *QB complaining about OP new premium vehicles
    *New balanced premium tank coming out: QB: underwhelming

  27. I remember back im the day when s.pershing had 175mm of penn

  28. I This tank is underpowered and not worth it

  29. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    This thing is pretty meh ngl, to make it viable I’d up the rof a touch and up the gun depression to at least 7 if not 8 since it’s Polish. Otherwise it’s slower than the T-44, worse gun depression, worse armor (potentially), and less HP. Why bother with it if it’s mediocre

  30. It is trash, period. Not ‘good’ because good is non existent now in WG’s book. They have created a situation of where a weak premium is simply straight out garbage with all of the OP atrocities they made.

    What will this trash tank do? Bourrasque and Lorraine 40T can clip pew pew and run, rinse and repeat. Progetto M35 46 can tap tap it and then full clip this tank to death.

    What pen? 208? Good? Beside Bourrasque, T-44-100, T-54 and another 190mm pen gun, this is utterly garbage. Even the not awesome FV4202 have like what, 226? Let alone Lorraine 40T

    Armor? What armor? With that depression what kind of position you can secure? Better off going hulldown with Centurion tanks alike.

    So tell me, what this tank has to offer for the money? Mediocre premiums are thing in the past, they are not going to compete with the current bosses at tier 8.

  31. אליה יצחק כהן

    at the end WG will release the other one as a premium just to laugh at us

  32. If the tank were to go into the game with its current stats, why buy it? Unless you want it for a crew trainer other tier 8 mediums look to be better for making credits or just for performing well in matches. To me it just looks too slow and inflexible for the amount of armor and gun performance that it has on paper. Since this is still preliminary stats I am wondering if they are going to try it out with a version of the “Drive Mode” that they are considering for the tier X because in my mind that would take what is right now an underwhelming vehicle and make it interesting to play as well as giving us a chance to use a version of the Drive Mode that they are planning for the tier X. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that these preliminary stats don’t look OP because we don’t need more of that in game I just think that as it is being shown to us there is not a compelling reason to buy the tank and at the end of the day WG is a business that is looking to keep their lights on.

  33. it is a medium tank quicky, no need for 230 gun pen. if u are facing armor, flank it

  34. Maarten Nijhuis

    QB, your comment on whether or not 208mm of penetration is enough for a tier 8 medium tank since all other tanks are gaining more and more armor. I believe YES, it is. The games in WoT in 2020 are extremely short and high paced. Add to that that games are often won 15>0. Not allowing medium tanks to butter the front of heavy tanks or well armored TDs makes their role more they way it should be, flanking opponents or counter pushing and relocating. Not allowing medium tanks to ALSO have great penetration makes it so that there is a place in the game for heavys or well armored TD’s. It will mean that experienced players in medium tanks cannot simply wreck everything in their way. A heavy will be able to hold a chokepoint again. At least I believe this is the way to longer games and more equal games, so i see ‘mediocre pen’ on a medium tank as a good thing.

  35. I would say it needs either a slight mobility or gun depression buff.
    Nothing more, nothing less

  36. If you look at the blueprints of the 2 tiers 8s one has an auto loader. Please more auto loaders my fav.

  37. I think this is a good thing that we are not having one more OP vehicle. It has higher alpha than T44-100 and better armor than Lancen. Happy to see this.

  38. Salisbury Family

    I think that the hull armour could’ve been 90-100mm and maybe 390m view range would’ve suited the vehicle.

  39. CS is name for CzechoSlovakia tanks, right? 🙂

  40. Great to see a new premium without overall excellent performance. Give the player a challenge to become good with it! It definately will give the tank character.
    Not much gun depression: Is it right to give Polish tanks more depression than the Russian counterparts if they have the same low profile? Doesn’t seem so. And hey, at least you have the same turret armour as an E50m and the same alpha damage as a T62A…
    Penetration: Does anyone remember the tier 8 tech tree Panther with 145 mm pen? Make 208 the new standard! Give the King Tiger its armour bounciness back :), and WG, stop upgrading old guns to new meta if you can also downgrade new guns to historically accurate meta.

  41. Tier 8 “U” probably

  42. Dorrn it dude I ate burger

    they should have made it a mission marathon and then introduce teh polish meds

  43. The cs 52 is perfectly balanced doesn’t need changes

  44. Premium vehicles: T95E2 – 181mm penetration on 90mm gun. Type59 – 185mm penetration. KV-5, WZ111, 112 – 186mm penetration for a heavy tank.

  45. Damn your hairstyle has changed 😀

  46. CS-52 = T-34-3. I hope that most people who think this vehicle is balanced will buy it. It will be my pleasure to lead them out of error in battle.

  47. Looks just about right. I think all premium tanks should be worse if not waaaay worse than the tech tree tanks. Same goes for clan rewards tanks and any crew trainers tanks etc

  48. Love the video dad

  49. Sounds like what a premium tank should be – good but not over powered. Maybe WarGaming is finally stepping away from power creep. Certainly hope so.

  50. What? This tank is so OP, why does WG always release new OP vehicles for all factions except russia? Oh wait, both statements should be opposite.

    Low key I’m happy they release a premium that is fairly balanced…

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