CS-52 LIS – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – CS-52 LIS. first premium Polish medium has arrived in and here’s all you need to know!



  1. It looks like a smaller 113

  2. Funny how this thing is flat out better in pretty much every way compared to its techtree counterpart, the CS-53, which is absolute garbage…

  3. what alpha right? – UDES laughs at the corner. Thats the nice alpha I had some shots that dealt almost 470 dmg. BTW this is how tanks should look like not balanced defenders with tier 9 armor at tier8

  4. Lol I was the Patton in the second game. Just saw my name and was like “Wait a second” 😀

  5. Did you know about WG trying to nerf the Leopard and the PTA which has the lowest win rate which no one asked for that nerf and only few of the players can make them work in while puffing the obj140 which is one of the top 5tier 10 tanks and can work on any map unlike other tanks seriously WG is going too far only making Russian tanks good while others tanks making them into trash

  6. I think vents, rammer and that new thing for traverse speed and stability would be a good option

  7. Manipulative MM, manipulative alfa, manipulative aim!

  8. I never roll over in tier 6

  9. What does Lis mean in polish???!!!! QB why would you ask that question and never answer??!!! QBBbbbyyyyyyyy whyyyyy
    Now I’ll never know

  10. Have so many premiums. I don’t play 90 percent of them. I’ll pass.

  11. 320dmg amazing bla bla use the M4A1 Rev! 390 alpha 😉

  12. Gerard Del Sol Maso

    great games in your tier,
    I will all come out in tier x

  13. Rudy is another tier6 polish med tank. Not only the Pudel.

  14. I stopped playing a while ago (EBR scandal) but if this is the T-34-4 made right, I’m happy

  15. I don’t usually write comments…but have to say. Your commentary in this video was superb. Really liked it.

  16. Would be nice to watch live game play instead of you cherry picking your best. Consider the source I guess! he he he

  17. My opinion is 7.25/10

    Rate of fire is maybe 8.5 seconds with all measures.
    Low horse power.
    Just 7° of gun depresion.

  18. To be completely honest, I think this marathon is worth it. I love my soviet mediums and it wohld be nice to have a polish crew trainer. But more importantly I want to test myself to see if I have the skill at tier 10 to make it through this free to play. So yes, I will go for the grind to the CS-52.

  19. Cameron's Reptile Life

    This might be my first medium tank that I actually use

  20. Does PC tanks have the chimera and halloween version inferno chimera? I dont think i have seen a QB video on it. The Inferno is insanely powerful on console.

  21. its dpm is too high for its alpha at tier 8. other than that it looks good.

  22. GJ with the video QB! – I do wish they had added the new gas turbine mechanic on it, it would had been a perfect opportunity.

  23. “It just works”…damn I’ll never trust these words after Todd Howard used them.

  24. So its again just way better than the techtree tank, gg wg.

  25. 10:48 *cries in Obj. 416*

  26. Dreaming Motorbiker

    Quickybaby: Has CS-52

    Me: Still doesn’t even have a tier 6 🙁

  27. 11:35 Yep… Demonetized!

  28. The Bavarian Barbarian

    QB: You gotta be dumb to use the premium consumable over the fire extinguisher
    Also QB: *Uses premium consumable*

  29. What about T-34-3?

  30. I dont think its even going to be possible to get this tank as im a free to play boi

  31. This tank is just another example of power creep

  32. What I really don’t like about this tank is how it has Pzkfwg VII syndrome. It has that annoying fighting compartment weakens on the side which means sidescraping is kinda risky

  33. Yes, tank review with Equipment 90% of the community cannot use, really fair

  34. Hi QuickyBaby, it’s everyone!

  35. QB, were you not alarmed by that it was not a new Russian Premium Tank? (Maybe they run out of idea’s)

  36. Still feel like this is what the CS-53 should’ve been

  37. Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽😁

  38. Why is it always that quick baby features tanks when he is I top tier match making :/ so boring. Literally every tier 8 prem could do that in a tier 7 mm

  39. “Utterly dominating” a 2-shot, stunned Progetto? Sure. Are you trying to sell this tank?

  40. Lis means used toilet paper

  41. That P43 ter was also quite lucky … with 80mm armour at that angle .. was probably below 30% pen chance ..

  42. I was really hoping I wasn’t going to like this tank. The next 10 days is going to be a grind.

  43. What does the fox say? 0:36

  44. Just another premium tank that is better almost in every aspect than the tank line bs from wg’s p2w mind set. Lets buff a tank to have some of the best gun handling on a medium high alpha gun while still having better than most in dpm while having bouncy armor, oh to top it off lets give it more horse power too!

  45. Freal Solidus Auxil

    dont angle too much guys if you look at the side armor there is a weak spot

    and its quite large

  46. I see Nick Wilde when I look at the lis. Thx Wargaming for the Zootopia trailer…

  47. So you’re saying that tier for tier the one premium tank is the best of the whole line up.

  48. Same tank like rest of premiums but just a little better in every way….Gj wg… Gj

  49. This looks like a cheaper, higher alpha T-44-100.

    Actually more promising than I expected.

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