CS-63 – NEW T10 POLISH MEDIUM – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – CS-63. A T10 medium is currently being tested for a whole new branch! Here’s all we know so far about the CS-63!


is a online game published by and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hi everyone! Wargaming have clarified that currently you’ll have to be stopped to switch modes, a lot like with the Swedish tank destroyers! Although everything is subject to change!

    • Delicious Cookie

      To bad WG didn’t hand you over all information. In their video that just went live, they mention you need to come to a complete stop and then it is like switching in Swedish td’s.

    • My worry is much like that new Soviet heavy, it will be a vehicle that can rush to position and perhaps hold it for long enough for support to arrive.

    • QB watch video about this tanks they say there that you must be stationary when switching drive modes, it take 2 seconds.

    • hey WG have a video on YT WOT of those tanks that gives more info for example u need to be stacionary to switch and costs 2 seconds like udes 03 i recomend u to see the video

    • John Paulo Castelo

      Hey QB, would it be better if they decrease the viewrange during drive mode? That would be fair i think?

  2. u zi fan 23 pitt

    ur hair is amazing

  3. Certainty of Procrastination

    What? Wargaming releasing balanced and UNIQUE vehicles? This cannot be!

  4. Now I got some use to the polish Rudy with its BIA crew!

  5. maybe someone here can help. I can’t get the tanks working on manjaro linux (thru lutris). i downloaded and installed, but went I press ‘PLAY’ only black screen or crash…

  6. Way too many paper and ‘what if’ tanks in this game now….. also some 3D tank models are completely out of proportions and utterly ugly looking. I loved this game but way too much fantasy in it now…… Just too much for me.

  7. A new kurva tanks niiiice

  8. Czech lights anyone?

  9. New tank, sweet ?

    Now WG, pls fix arty, MM and EBR’s :3

  10. I have worked up tot he tier 9 polish heavy tank and so far i hate it hope this one is better.

  11. looks german… Ahahaha you said it as I was typing (“looks like a Leopard”)

  12. Naul Freakraler

    im was sure quickybaby is going to be excited for this.

  13. Another bullshit, fantasy tank for the polish peasants….

  14. This will be like Object 430U. It is combination of heavy and med, this one will be med and light… it will bi like WZ-132-1 with NOS button

  15. I鈥檓 looking forward the Chinese arty tree

  16. Benjamin Roscher

    Uhhhhh. I always love new tech tree tanks 馃榾

  17. A whole loada nope.

  18. I noticed that you will be more visible in the ‘drive’ mode as well. Though with 400m view range base, 70 km/h forward and 28 power to weight, with 260mm turret armour, the camo values could be crucial.

  19. We need tanks to stop coming out that is from cold war they need to finish with the WW2 tanks

  20. Stark Industries

    Now we need a tank called CS GO.

  21. Lord Pir枚giewolf

    It is supposed to be super mobile flanking supporter, but gun acc kinda destroys the feel… One will either brawl with this sturdy turret, but completely forget about speedy mode or use it to flank and hit every other shot because of poor acc and shell velocity…

  22. Krist贸f Zseltvay

    play the pudle, or just farm 10 mil and get that juicy crew easier!

  23. I so don’t like what they’re doing with the game… Brought my dad to the game back in 2014 and he loved it, was nice, slow, rewarding you for your decisions… Now, I don’t know really, are they trying to make it Overwatch but with tanks? No thanks for me. :/

  24. you didnt mention that, at this stage of testing, it looks like the camo of the vehicle decreases in the “drive mode”

  25. Wait…ITALIAN HEAVY TANKS???!!!!

  26. Imagine the new fastest Med in the game, meeting the EBR. Just faster to die with even less chance to hit the EBR (and do no damage). New Meta is EBR. Games are divided into 2 sections before EBR(s) are destroyed, and the Normal game play. Sorry this post is a bit outa place but as I started with: a fast tank with terrible dispersion on the move is just going to be EBR fodder.

  27. This might be a good climbing tank

  28. I thought this was a new Soviet heavy

  29. ManDrake Vermilyea

    Just a worse leopard?

  30. So it’s basically a reverse ebr in regards to it’s gun handling while in travel mode

  31. instead of introducing more broken lines WG should focus on FIXING their russian absolutely idiotic lines that are breaking the game and get rid or substantially nerf the wheeled vehicles first. instead, they are introducing more useless lines that nobody will bother to grind.

  32. So how can a tank with a higher Hp/weight ratio be slower? This is what I don’t get.

  33. we had CS 1.6, CS:GO and now we have CS-63 <3

  34. You act like new with WoT. They dont need to break tier10, WG will break tier 8 premium.

  35. Good thing wargaming is in the EU America is in the dump rn

  36. Hey QB im experienced in the console version of WoT but have recently bought a new PC, are there any tips and lines i should grind first? Secondly i have been watching you for a while and love your stuff keep it up 馃憤

  37. Still think this game needs leman Russ tanks in it.

  38. Duarte Henriques

    yes more fake tanks

  39. WG decides to add more instead of balancing the current vehicles. How fucking predictable.

  40. Adding more stupid vehicles to a game that peaked 4 years ago… RIP WOT

  41. Basically a fast stb1, Is it really necessary

  42. It is a t62A

  43. Comunity: please wg nerf the defender and buff the regular underperforming tanks
    WG : As you know we dont have enough tanks in our game so we are introducing 5 more tanks with new mechanics

  44. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    The quastion is not the stats in or out the drive mode

    How long does it take to active it it or what is the mechanic to trigger it

  45. 41 tons?!? It鈥檚 got like double the weight of the Leopard smh Wargaming

  46. So glad I still have my BIA zero skill RUDI medium tank crews gaining skills for this instead of using then on the heavy tank line. 馃檪

  47. The medium-range support tank that laughs at all hills.

  48. i love the leopard and i see no need to grind this line

  49. Brendon Fernandes

    The Leopard 1 is probably the most OP medium tank in the game. Its too strong and needs a bit of a nerf

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