CS-63 – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – CS-63. Update 1.10 brings a new tech tree of Polish medium tanks – here’s the crown jewel the T10 CS-63!



  1. maybe the 2 sec switch time needs to be removed and you dont have to be stationary like the EBR

  2. live commentary in youtube style like this is great

  3. The reason for the turbo mode is the gas turbine engine it has quicky

  4. gun on this think looks like will be nightmare

  5. 18:38 how ironic
    in armor we trust
    QB:no armor

  6. really comparing it with leopard 1? even wg said leo1 is a sniper, which means everything is about the gun, btw bad comparison. amx 30b should be the one with which it can be compared to

  7. Don’t worry guys, the tier 8 premium variant will be a beast

  8. I bet there will soon be a balanced russian one with a really good gun and better armoor.

  9. what is qb trying to do with his hair?

  10. STRV103 needs turbine

  11. gimicky af why would u pick this over leo 1 lol

  12. This could actually be kinda scary in a platoon with a couple EBRs or T-100LTs

  13. This mobility is more like C63S

  14. Do please another Maus vid with the new equipment. its fast boi now 😀

  15. Thankssss
    I was about to give that vehicle a try in the game but you saved my time

  16. Its NOT Leopard with armour 🙂

  17. What did that t92 do to get in quickybaby’s blacklist???

  18. So its basically the higher skill alternative to the “Removed Speed Governor” consumable?

  19. Just wait, now that this turbo mode is a thing, we’ll see the Object 167T added. A T-62 with a gas turbine. (Also, since Wargaming’s already discarded their previous self-imposed “rules” about date of service and wheeled vehicles to add more stuff, they’ll also discard the “no smoothbores”. Which honestly is fine by me. If they picked the earliest, least-capable shells for it, the T-62’s 115mm smoothbore would have nearly the same penetration as the 105mm L7 that half the non-Soviet Tier 10 mediums use.)

  20. can u do a video on Projetto 65 and how it plays now and did the nerfs effect it very badly and how do you think it is now

  21. cant wait to have a turbo on my tiny mouse.. just imagine it makes my whiskers furry

  22. Mihailo Pisanjuk


  23. yey…more unbalanced shite in a game that lost half it’s player base due to unbalanced shite…

  24. Иван Средојевић

    Someone else finds new beeps annoying?
    Can they be disabled?

  25. Cool vid

  26. 19:16 is that flashing there so you realize it’s starting?

  27. I like ho nobody in the test server is actually testing out the polish tanks……

  28. this will be great tank for tomato and potato. . . to farm them.

  29. Hi QB, are you going to release a new version of your modpack? or can i use an older version?

  30. The turret armor work, for sure. Against stock t8 tanks. And it works just bcz the ass rng in this game

  31. This doesn’t feel tier 10 feels 9.5… that doesn’t cut it anymore

  32. Running2 StandStill

    do more live stuff quicky…ur commentary is more unrehearsed and really funny! 🙂

  33. Hold on a minute, you have a turbocharger modification… on a gas turbine engine? Yup, yup, this seems normal, nothing to see here. *facepalm*

  34. Quickybaby: “Something exciting”

    The “Something exciting”: A premium tank

    Mmh, okay, I sleep

  35. It is just p2w crap, as was 2 year ago 60TP line, so another waste of time. Tier 9 look way better and WG will nerf hammer it soon.
    Pointless MT which is on par with crap like Centurion AX and E50m, both of which look ago, became weak

  36. Really satisfying rams.

  37. Next tech tree: russian heavy tank”obj turbo mod” can run 70 km/h.

  38. Qb dont lie, this MT have no armor on turret. You got lucky, with p2w equipment, play 3 skill crew, normal equimpent, SHOW tanks now do then. Then claim BS like in 24.18

  39. Kinda dumb only the tier 10 has this one feature. Anyone else gonna feel it would be bullshit if the tier 8 had the feature die to those circumstances?

  40. i still believe bat chat is faster at least with HP per tone 🙂

  41. You could use it as an arty/light heat seeking ram missile and not even use the gun lol

  42. More nerf in Wot ist next heavy.

  43. Watch them make the in and out mode like 1 or 1,5 secs and buffing the armor.

  44. WG got so bored they implemented a mode that lets the driver floor it… and it’s only on one tank.

  45. this tank is a typical situational, you can change from normal to drive mode when you get cornered and to pincer attack , probably WG will buff the aiming time when in drive mode but not really much

  46. khairul jamaludin

    Good ebr nerf idea… But they put it in polish medium tank

  47. Branislav Cesljar

    This tank isnt worth the time.

  48. Another game breaking tank speed wise.

  49. so they are going to completely unballance this game eh! the game was already unballanced but with all of this new sh!t its going to be totally bonkers!! RIP WoT

  50. Ramming for teh lulz! 😀

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