Curb Your World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. .32 accuracy..

  2. Put that keyboard and mouse down or get some glasses!

  3. Warcrimes incarnate

    Jesus fuck. Why do we play this game?

  4. That is the RNG that motivates me to play the game every. single. game.

  5. I put sponge bob music over this video

  6. And that’s what you get for gold spamming

  7. WG employee 1: hey this guy called LemmingRush has a super good stats. I think we need to do something to make sure this guy doesn’t rock and roll all day and piss off everyone else on the server. What should we do?
    WG employee 2: how about we secretly change his client for one day? Make his M48’s gold shells pen for 3.4mm and increase his accuracy up to 3.2 while we keep his client says the same as before?
    Employee 1: yeah sounds good =D

  8. The same happened to me in my 430, but with two is7s at mid range hitting pixel shots at my upper plate while I was hull down and moving like I had epilepsy.

  9. When rng says not today..

  10. Alexnader Kopralev

    Wow that type 5 died so easy. It TOTALLY needs a buff right now. Am I right guys?

  11. RNGesus really loves you 😀

  12. Just aim better, dude. It’s not hard.

  13. Haha, all my games feel like that:). Thx for sharing:).

  14. What do you expect from snap shotting at hull down heavy tanks?

  15. Lemming finally succumbs to the CURB YOUR _______ memes

  16. #CompetitiveGame

  17. yu noub

  18. So hows the new m48 hd remodel working out for you?

  19. You need a full HE loadout maybe….

  20. system detected you did not purchase your gold ammo with real money! they will now only fly to places they can not pen. why would wargaming give players real gold ammo when they are not purchased with real gold???

  21. just spam HE, it always does dmg XD ROFL LMAO

  22. But atleast you have that super good turret front…


  24. WG changed the RNG… again. My WZ 132 suddenly stopped hitting (I have ~40% yesterday accuracy)

  25. BTW what do you think about new Chinese TDs?
    For me they are above average but tier V doesn’t like me ;(

  26. How do you keep playing when you bounce so many

  27. Story of my life in 1min6sec

  28. I don’t think you penetrated their armor

  29. Marshall Allshouse

    I would break my keyboard if I was playing that omg

  30. I have those days… actually the entire grind with some tanks is like that. 🙂

  31. Had an identical round in the amx30b yesterday, on that hill from that side, bouncing tiger 2s kv4s… with the shtty 300mm pen gold

  32. This music plays in my head almost every match

  33. This is why I’m done playing WoT, this happens to me every game

  34. There is a hidden change in the new Patch nobody knows about:
    Decrease Skill of LemmingRush by increasing the Armour of enemy vehicles at the spot where his shell impacts by 1337%
    Monitoring the correct execution: Serb

  35. how can I impror games with m48, im at 48% I used to be green, plz help

  36. damn you should have shown how much credits you lost


  38. It’s after matches like this when I stop giving a damn about my WN8 and go play something else. They usually happen 4-5 times in a row and all I can say is “Nope, that’s enough.” So I go and play Dark Souls. Calms my nerves.

  39. Haha I would laugh but I even gold spam with 1400 wn8, (my recent is 2.6k)

  40. That was just so unlucky, it would of drove me mad that 😮

  41. Current update in a nutshell

  42. Omg lemming you and your glorious sexy white socks!!!

  43. all that gold no damage… its like my games.

  44. John Asbjørn Innvær

    U need to aim at type 5 heavy weak spots

  45. Lmaoooo poor lemming, i feel you fam :^(

    P.S. What’s the song? I’ve been looking for it for ages

  46. yep he was in the best place with that medium tank, no flanking no aiming no tactics just pure gold spam

  47. You know shit is real when you bounce the side of a Foch, good times…

    Had fun the other day shooting APCR from my 704 that I had loaded for a Type 5 when this T-100 passes in front of the shot and bounces it off the side of it’s turret. Just WoT being WoT.

  48. This is deja vu. I’ve been there, read all the comments before.

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