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  1. Hit that dislike button if you enjoyed this video!!

  2. And when you do play aa you don’t get any plans

  3. Hey Phly you should play the M1A2 again for a nuke run since last time you played you got 10 kills w/o getting destroyed.

  4. day 19 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  5. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    3:00 It isn’t your skill. It’s the Hand of Stalin protecting his TD tractors.

  6. the way you play this abomination is how i play every tank at top tier.

  7. Hey Phloppywhoppy <3

    Trying to reach out to some WT content creators, asking if they might consider giving some kind of shoutout for the WT Forums Moderated Suggestions, where people somewhat have the chance to improve the game, by supporting different suggestions. Like Air RB Enduring Confrontation as a permanent event like Sim battles (Moderated Suggestions -> Gameplay -> The Case of Enduring Confrontation in Air RB) With more people giving constructional input and supporting what they´d like to have in game, we might be able to change something. Other CC already told me that I am a bit naive with this but still wished me good luck on it. So here I am further making a joke out of myself trying to change my favourite game for the better, since I think it has alot of potential and could be much more. Maybe you would consider giving a quick shoutout to said Forums and Stuff or encourage people to take part in being constructively giving feedback.. not in a video by any means, don´t want to ask that much of anyone. Maybe a quick hint in a discord.. a comment or whatever.

    Thanks for the good content and keep up the good work, watching TankDaily before sleep is the most chill part of the day 😀

  8. 9:53 your mom when me

  9. 1994 Honda Civic GLi

    You can fix by going in reverse 😉

  10. >Why do this always happen
    It’s just a payment for your “teamplay”

  11. Low tier fun tier.

  12. Dislike for betrayal. ;_;

  13. That manic laughter in the middle… Pure insanity! 👌😍

  14. VCC-80 please
    a dardo brother

  15. That first death showed you the power of the ar-2, you should play it.

  16. Draven -The-Raven937

    Day 999999 Phly is the luckiest war thunder player ever like all these situations id be the first target some how lol ill follow his tactics but they never work lol

  17. 2:50 Who are you, and what have you done with the real Phly?!?

  18. 3:41 the French commander explaining how they cannot be flanked by German forces

  19. The Chaffee has the same canon as the B25 Ground attack bomber.

  20. New American m829a2 is pretty cool. More american abrams game play would be cool

  21. Me after looking at AMX-13 Chaffee – Ee kaa bavasir bana diye ho?

  22. Requesting since Sept 2018. I-16 type 10 please Phly.
    3 years!
    Is this even being seen?

  23. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    Wow, Phly didn’t have to curse his thumbnail for this tank.

  24. Maybe that jagdpanzer was really hurt, only the gunner and the driver was alive and the t-34’s shot killed the driver.

  25. Finally!!!

  26. Actually m24 chassis with amx 13 turret would be great, just the opposite of that thing.

  27. I love this tank honestly AMX30 works for me better than any other chassis

  28. “Alright lets kill a bunch of russian school children”

    – PhlyDaily, 2021

  29. new teaser looks pog, finally getting fuel tanks maybe?

  30. 15:12
    “I swear german players….. ‘leans on 30% battle win rate’ “

  31. Boy you really Blue Falconed that Bt5.

  32. bt-5 best tank in game 😂

  33. The T34 hit the lower plate (u can see the hole)

  34. Day 4 of asking phly to make a Syria lineup with the t-72 turms, bmp-2m and mi-24.

  35. English Electric Studios

    could you try the 6.7 AMX 13? the thing has an autoloader and fires the same rounds as the M4A4 Sa50, its incredibly overlooked

  36. How could you be so brutal to your friendenemy just bc you don’t trust him

  37. Dude, you called friends and then shot the guy and when karma came to you in the form of aircraft bombs on your a$$ you claim it was unnecessary? What are you smoking? Seeing you die there took the bad taste out of my mouth.

  38. This stays 3.3 and the FL.11 goes 4.0?

  39. 20:20 historically accurate, Germans surrounded at Stalingrad by the Russians…..

    And the Americans and French

  40. What an ugly tank… my God

  41. Phly when you said the panzer 3 I think should remove it’s bushes to see you I felt a Manscape promo is coming. 😀
    Love your vids you always make me laugh!

  42. Phly fenty is old news. Car fentynal is 1000x stronger

  43. Did you know they decrased tiger 2 s front turret armor sneaky? İt is shown 185 to 158mm anymore.

  44. Dat 17 a2d1 in air rb as bomber

  45. Phly still hasn’t realized the TRUE phly daily curse is his new friend in WT always die when he talks about them

  46. This tank entering service in the early 1960s scares me

  47. Tomorrow is my birthday 4 december

  48. Can u do a video on all the bf-109s

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