CURSED Tank Destroyer Kills Enemies FROM ABOVE | G6 RIHNO155mm DERP

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Source: PhlyDaily

CURSED Destroyer Kills Enemies FROM ABOVE | G6 RIHNO155mm DERP

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  1. i didnt clapped and now its broke my hearth to know it would have made Phly happy 🙁

  2. “This is not a very good Urban Combat vehicle”. That’s because this isn’t a Tank Destroyer, but a self-propelled Howitzer vehicle. Artillery. Depending on the type of ammunition it fired it has a range of between 30KM and 73KM (Minimum range of 3KM). My dad worked at the Denel weapons testing facility when they were testing these.

  3. Day 369(nice): Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  4. 1:35 “We gonna take a/it full load and see what happens[…]” – Phly

  5. ahhhh good old pre 1994 South African engineering
    this thing deals out POES KLAPPE left and right hahaha love the content PhlyDaily as a long time fan from South Africa you have been the reason i play this game for a long time

  6. 7.7 – 8.0 deserved no shit

  7. See “z” on tank? Destroy it! Is it your teammate? It doesn’t matter, destroy it anyway!

  8. Do you think that the “centauro 155” can make it into the game now that the G6 been added? I think it could be a good addition to the italian top tear tank line up

  9. Panzerstrecher Gaming


  10. 6:51 squadron markers exist for a reason tho

  11. Over 3 years of requesting, almost 4.

    I-16 type 10

    Please Phly .

  12. By the way they added Nippon

  13. I wish WT had an artillery mechanic like in WoT. There are so many SPH in this game and none of them play as they should or could. G6, for instance, isn’t supposed to ever see an enemy tank

  14. phlydaily, this is not a good urban tank, also phlydaily gets 50 kills

  15. 2:44 Uhmmm… It’s a breechloader, that would only work if it was a muzzleloader.

  16. Using an SPG as a mobile gun tank destroyer.
    What the actual
    The gun recoil from this thing is so powerful it digs itself into the sand when fired upward.
    Or presents a roll-over and turret damage risk if fired perpendicular to the direction of travel.
    Not that should or can ever be fired on the move.

  17. would you be able to play the TA-152 H1? You don’t see that very often so I’d like to see you play it.

  18. minute 8:47 a puma pass near you and him didn’t notice you lol

  19. the Downforce of this Thing has to be serious xD

  20. The Great Valley

    I love your content phly. You e gotten so damn good at the game, keep up the awesome work.

  21. you have a aim like a Eagle hunting for rabbits

  22. 7:40 No, it’s artillery that isn’t used as artillery because Warthunder is too scared to add in player indirect fire capability.

  23. “Have the shells be radar guided.”

    DRACO has entered the chat.

  24. amazing piece of South African War history

  25. Honestly, I’m all for more meme launchers, now we got the sturmpanzer, that swedish thingy, the Russian derp launcher, the Chad type 75 sph, and now this

  26. Imagine changing that tyre in combat haha

  27. Nicolas Letourneau


  28. The old South African flag is up in the left upper corner in the beginning of the video lmao

  29. God damn, that module layout.

    Rest of the crew: “Heeeey, let’s shoot ourselves an Elefant and have laugh”
    Driver, several meters away from the fighting compartment and surrounded by a few hundred pounds of explosive mass at any time: “HRRRRRRNNNNNGGGG”

  30. Friedrich Roxlau

    panzerhaubitze 2000 confirmed ? If this is in the Game ?!

  31. My heart is now blessed by PhlyDaily, i have successfully become extremally happy

  32. Phloppy no one has done a m103 vid in months and im starting to itch. Maybe with the F-80C-10
    No. 6

  33. MelodicLodgings8

    you be suprised what kind of vehicles south africa makes when collborating with many other countries

  34. I still don’t know why this thing’s reload is so slow, I mean they designed it to fit the 155, the hull and the turret are gigantic but there’s no reloading assistance or shells at the back of the turret

  35. Those AA shots were *chef’s kiss*

  36. Need bigger maps

  37. The way he and other non-south africans pronounces our vehicles are funny af
    eland, ystervark, rooikat, bosvark, olifant, ratel… all animal names given to the vehicles

  38. This tank is trash

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