Cutting-Edge IFV

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The Shooting Range 373. In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:24 — Metal Beasts: IFV with APS
02:56 — Pages of History: Civilian Combat Aircraft
06:52 — Tactical Briefing: The Sons of Attila
11:10 — Hotline

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, .



  1. Come on give us the FT17 and it’s variety

  2. AIm7E2 dogfight is much better than aim 7f against manuverable targets at close range (under 6km) aim7F is just BVR but comepletly useless in this metha because russian radar guided missiles are somehow superior in this game

  3. when is sweden getting a jas-39 gripen is it in the next winter update?

  4. Q: what is currently stopping gaijin from adding the WT live site in-game so it could be used by every player no matter the device

  5. Q: how do I play the panzer IV effectively I feel like am being outclassed by other tanks in all aspects

  6. Q: why does the leclerc mbt has no visible bore evacuator like the other mbt but still makes the smokes coming out of the barrel ?

  7. Alexandru-Sergiu Coman

    Gaijin why does your Apache have Vs on it sus

  8. Why u put a imagen with light on the tank? But light on vehicles don’t exist in te game? Click bait?

  9. Spike launchers requie way too much visible to lock, home into non deadly shot spots, and often go craqzy.

  10. Q: will there be an update for match making? right now Russian 4.7 and 5.3 are mostly matching with German 5.7 & 6.3 even 6.7

  11. MostwantedDestroyer5

    Why cant Germany get this if the
    HSTV-L never entered US service?

  12. Q: What is the best British tank in the 6.0-7.0 range? I have been looking at them but cannot figure out which one to buy. I have almost all of them researched.

  13. נועם אביכזר

    Is the python 4 coming to the game?

  14. puma with atgm🥹

  15. Q: Will Romanian tanks complement Hungarian line in the future?

  16. Weres the PUMA’s spike missiles?

  17. Q: Have you ever thought of adding North and South Korean vehicles?

  18. Q:what’s the easyist tech tree for avaition?

  19. Q: Do you plan to add Reload animations for open top tanks?

  20. what is the name of this game

  21. Q:will iran he added in warthunder?

  22. Q: will iran be added in warthunder

  23. I wont stop untill u answer my question Q: will iran be added in warthunder?

  24. Q: will iran be added in warthunder?

  25. Question: Will the Z-19E air to air missiles ever receive an actual effective nerf?

  26. Question: Will the AH-64D ever receive radar guided hellfire atgms?

  27. Germanyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please all I want is a working puma

  28. Since we have the KF-41 in game, can we get EBRC Jaguar for France?

  29. Q: Any tips for playing the a-36, f4u-1a, f4u-1a USMC, f4u-1d, and the p-400 in ground AB?

  30. Matias de la Fuente

    Loved the story of Beechcraft and the Grizly


  31. Q:why did gaijin remove the destroyed tanks on some maps like Normandy has piles of rubbel instead of the tanks that actually invaded the beach

  32. Q: are you ever going to add an EC mode for SIM tankers (similar to ASB)?
    I’m sure I’m not the only one asking for something like this.

  33. Q: What’s the best way to angle the M26 (and T26 variants)?

  34. Is Germany getting at list it’s own vehicles!? I’m not pretending like other nations to have an orgy of each other vehicle, but at list Lynx, is 100% German, or is Britain getting a Lynx because of Australia! I know you totally hate Germany, but a little bit of fairness doesn’t hurt anyone..

  35. Wann kommt der KF51 in warthunder ?

  36. No more… ghost shells…?

  37. Any plans to ad f-101, f-102, f-106, and other dedicated interceptors

  38. Q: do you have planned to add voice warning systems for other nation’s like sweden or Germany?

  39. Generic War Thunder Player

    Q: Why didn’t I receive a Target destruction report after testing the missile?

  40. Bring Bruce back.

  41. Q: will more aircraft get Bettys

  42. Q: Do you plan on making new tutorials for the CDK mission editor. it’s been 9 years since the original tutorial video!

  43. Q: will you make the strv 103 more historical in the future?
    -Sincerely, my fellow inner swedish demon

  44. Q: Would be really cool if you could make a series about how you develop the game. For example interview some folks and show how you use the game engine. What do you think?

  45. Q: Are you planning to indtroduce Czechoslovakia in the future? As they have iconic arms industry from WW1 to this day with many unique vehicles.

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