Czech coast guard.

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  1. miles davis rules

  2. I love how in south those two IKV 90’s had to brawl the ST-1 while an IS-2 sniped

  3. cmstront plays World of Tanks

    I know it’s your channel and stuff, but i beg of you: NO MORE JAZZ!!!

  4. Masterclass Borsig Feeding…

  5. Good is music choice ?

  6. that’s crazy the t54e1 did a 474 dmg shot the average is 390 so that’s almost a bill over the average dmg wtf but man circon pulls off high damage games in any tank he plays and that t34/100 that’s a ruff tank but he still does it.

  7. What is that mode that are u using for Bird view?

  8. i catch 3 mark of this tanks, so ez

  9. 2:35 till the end ?????

  10. I will help you reach your goal, you have just earned another subscriber! Love from Canada!

  11. Idk why, but I loved T-34/100… prob my favourite tier 7… the tier 8 was awful tho… used 40k free exp on it 😀

  12. I hated this tank. Not because it’s bad, and it is, but it was just the unluckiest tank I’ve ever had. Literally every single battle in it was the worst rng you could possibly have.

  13. In Stephen Tyler’s case, it’s more like “scream on”, but I digress, well done as always Circon

  14. The jazzy music fits so well, especially at that t30 part lol.

  15. Watching Circon play is like watching Bear Grylls surviving, and you think it looks easy.

  16. I can sorta understand some TD camping, but WTF was that IS 2 doing playing sniper?

  17. Love the Music !!!

  18. I’m amazed that you don’t have more than 100k subs Circon. More channels like yours need to be supported, especially because you deliver outstanding quality. Keep up the great work, sir!

  19. fuck yeah dream on

  20. Oml when the vid first starts? MEME ON!!

  21. Miles Davis sweet ?

  22. Watch video muted after 2:30, because it is all shitty JAZZ from then on….good video other then that.

  23. Man.. huge respect to you for Aerosmith, when i was a kid my 40 y old now sister was a fan of them well she still is, i never really was into their music, knew few hits but they are on tour now and visited our country and my sis went to their show which inspired me to check out their discography, i was suprised how diverse their sound is, from country, blues, hard rock to metal, good stuff.
    Also Dream On one of their best songs is from their first album which came out in 1973(!)

  24. João Paulo Silva

    Hello im new in the channel WOW i need the Background music is amazing!Name PLS!

  25. Srbin Srbijanovic

    that stuped music !!!

  26. What is that awful jazz in the second half of the vid?

    Sounds like a 1970’s New York police drama.

  27. Love how people are getting upset that circon listened to jazz. I think it fit the situation surprisingly well. Clearly he was just chilling, and cool jazz is the best thing to listen to when that’s your goal. That, and the causal feeding of their borsig. Equal parts meme and class.

  28. i cant stand the bad habit so many “pro” WoT’s do, where they HAVE to click out of sniper camera the millisecond they fire. so many miss for NO reason because they jerk the mouse trying to do this. just be fucking patient. shoot, THEN zoom out. that millisecond isn’t worth the risk, obviously.

  29. Hi Circon, I’m building a pc and was wondering what your pc specs are. Love the vids ?

  30. Nice choice of music.

  31. So many people butthurt by the jazz, I love it

  32. u surely don’t do this tank justice, it’s a lot more shittier to play than u make it look..

  33. What makes your channel stand out to me is that you are playing tanks that are not the “meta” that so called Unicums play.

    A true Unicum can play any tank in the game and do well in it as well as to try to show us how to play with that tank in question. You seem to do this well as recently you have been playing in turretless Tank destroyers. Something that I just don’t see many people at your level of play do.

    Not many So called Unicums on Youtube do this and I have checked their sites giving them at least 2 years of video being played. What I see are the standard Meta style of play and after awhile it is the same old thing going on the same old building/bush/ section of the map…shooting the same type of rounds.

    It is repetitive and after awhile nothing special. Anyone can press 2 to win in a T62, but to dominate in a JagTiger (in one of your previous videos) is an eye opener.

    That is why you are one of the real professionals in playing this game. The rest are what I called Metaphilles. Players that only play what the meta states and I truly don’t consider them professionals. Only players scamming for money on Youtube.

    So hats off to you and I hope to see more different tanks being played on your channel.

  34. Kinda sad seeing people hating on jazz here.. If you dont like it thats fine, but you dont have to bring it down with comments like “muted the sound from 02:35 because of shit music”.

    If you have nothing worthy to say it’s better to just shut up instead of making other people angry with your flawed statement 🙁

  35. get some culture in ya, ya fuckin stupid cunts. listen to jazz.

  36. Jazz circon?!

  37. your a legend bro

  38. Don’t you love it when the enemy team is 100% moron?

  39. The jazz music was painful. Please don’t do that again.


  41. xXTheHeroicGamerXx

    Jazz has a nice slow pace when it comes down to playing competitive games like World of Tanks here. Everyone has their own taste, which is always appreciated. However, it is unwise to shove thine opinion down to people’s minds.

  42. At first I was excited for the Led,
    but then the jazz came on and I was at peace.

  43. The jazz was nice, I like the variety on your playlists 🙂

  44. Ikv OP….

  45. MORE JAZZ!11

  46. What do you think about T-34-2? 🙂

  47. Yeah, Rhm’s 128mm reloads surprisingly fast, or at least feels like it does. Had a couple moments like that also when I went “oh, he just fired” and the damn thing reloaded first.

  48. best soundtrack! Rock at the start and Jazz at the end… !

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