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World of Tanks is bringing a tech tree of Czechoslovakian autoloading in update 1.14 – here’s all the tanks including: Vz. 44-1, TNH 105/1000, TNH T Vz. 51 and Vz. 55!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. side scraping has turned this game into a bs, BORING game.

    • You could sidescrape since the start of wot

    • @Thaw Tayza Yes, but now that is really all there is to do and every tank does it making the game not dynamic and quite boring. The maps are too damn cluttered with shit, buildings, etc. Most tank battles did not take place in mountains or in cities.. they need more open maps.

    • @STARZFAN31 yes obviously I agree. Yet seemingly wargaming is too brain dead to see this

  2. I dont know why you are always surprised that the lower plate is easy to pen on tanks… it is easy to pen on EVERY tank. It is the universal weak spot.

  3. I like the single shot 130 over the auto loader. I’ll have to play more games but so far I enjoy the dpm and accuracy over the higher burst dmg.

  4. I’m trying to get every tank on the American tech tree on my free to play acc, then I’ll go for the reward American tanks, and then the premium American tanks which will be hard since I’ll have to buy the tanks with reward gold.

  5. You know power creep is real when the new tier VII Czech heavy got 175 pen, same as the standard rounds of the IS-6 on tier VIII, and you already have to call that lacking.

  6. Wargaming put in so many overpowered premiums that to now see stuff like this and the Italian heavies it’s just like meh

  7. I love how QB keeps saying High Explosive rounds, even though they’ve nerfed it to hell. So this will be a super heavy tank

  8. Bartholomew Macaluso

    People are going to like the challenge and novelty of the Czech heavies.

  9. St 2 double shot takes 2 seconds to prepare to deal 880dmg, this thing deals 980dmg in 2 seconds….. RIP

  10. I hope there will be criticism in the full review. Tier 9 and 10 are blatantly overpowered. What does the game need? Another autoloader with 980 burst in 2 seconds yes! Tier 10 is not a sweetspot as you said but a new lowpoint for the game (I like autoloaders but not such op bullshit).

  11. TNH105/1000 With the auto loader 105 literally looks like a worse Bourrasque gun 😒

    EDIT: With the better turret the gun becomes comparable to Bourrasque

  12. It’s fun and entertaining to read all the stupid comment in every related WoT videos ,u guys never stop whining eh for like a sec or two

  13. So
    The tier VIII tech tree heavy gets a 320 Alpha gun
    The tier IX gets a 440 Alpha gun
    The tier X gets a 490 Alpha gun

    and the Tier VIII Premium tank gets 490 Alpha… Because Premiums are totally meant to have better guns than both the Tier VIII and Tier IX tanks

  14. WG: How will we make a tank look good?
    Employee: Make the previous one absolutely trash
    WG: Great thinking, have a raise!

  15. I’m still so mad at them adding tier 9 to Frontline I don’t even care about this line which is like the Chinese tds and are gonna go under the radar they’re so meh

  16. Can I know what is the best tier 5 heavy tank?

  17. Oh look, another bunch of fantasy tanks. /facepalm

  18. “Bursty combat” …lol, everyone’s been camping in the game for like 10 years.

  19. Debating whether to grind to type 5 or this line when it comes out. Let’s see which one drives me insane first!

  20. It’s cUpola, no cupOla

  21. Grindfest with sub-par rewards. No, thank you. Yet another proof that WG has lost its way.

    • they’re not subpar, they’re balance, but we’re so used to better and better tanks every single time that when a single tank retains the same standard without getting better than the other tank, we feel its underpowered

  22. They really should enable gun rammer on the single shot guns on these tanks.

  23. Looks like another free XP sink.

  24. I think they should buff tier 7 and 8, keep tier 9 as it is and nerf a little the tier 10.

  25. Don’t lower tiers have 2sec interclip too when using top turrets? Or am I tripping

  26. This tank line feels very, very underwhelming. Not impressed at all.

  27. I’m just looking at this tier 9 and comparing it to the Emil 2 in my head… something doesn’t seem right 😅

  28. People still play this rigged garbage?

  29. My only complaint of the tier 10; why tf don’t they make a mechanism that allows gun rammer on the single shot gun, but disables it on the autoloader?

  30. Damn tanks with weakspots gj Wargaming 👏

  31. Not interested until they sort out the match making, RNG and mostly AI BOTS smashing you over and over.

  32. Single shot VZ. 55 really reminds me my Obj 277 😀

  33. Qb, I hope you could read those parameters out loud, because I tend to watch your clips solely on my cell phone. I can’t read those small numbers although they are visible on the screen. This when using wot’s own windows. Browser shows the parameters just fine.

  34. The 100mm on the T7 Heavy ist the SAME Gun as the Gun from the T7 Medium (look at the name of it, it just is Vz. 44), but WG just wants us to use our free exp.

  35. So the tier 7 top gun has more pen than the tier 8 stock 🤦‍♂️. Just here for QB, screw WoT, those guns are a mess; just designed to be an exp sink

  36. tier 7 1 needs buff or im not grinding that.

  37. Michael Seabrook

    you did not play the tier 8 or 9 so for me having watched the stream and seeing you just play tier 10 over and over just made me click off beings we all be grinding the way to the tier 10 yes but you talk about the tanks but did not even give them a chance in a battle to see if they do feel like other tanks in the game but hay doesn’t even matter

  38. On that tier 8 n turret looks like samurai helmet XD

  39. Robotshaveiteasy

    Oh great, now I have to play the Skoda again. Never got on with that thing.

  40. *SCHKODA*

  41. The top tank i will play with the stock gun

    i wont ignore the 2,600 DPM 490 alpha gun with nice gun handling

  42. André Jespersen

    Xp Pinata 🙂

  43. “Only 306” lol. I remember when everyone went “wow this tank has 3xxmm of pen on its premium!!!

  44. These are like the Yohs in wot blitz!

  45. It wont let me get into the sandbox 🙁

  46. Oh look. A garbage tier 7, bad tier 8, mediocre tier 9, and great tier 10. Plus all three tanks have terrible stock grind. What a surprise.

  47. Looks like an another XP pinyata tech tree.

  48. Sinds when does a turret get you more acc?, this game is really numb and stupid…. they should bann this game

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