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  1. I love watching Phly’s videos, so positive and entertaining, but I can’t get how he spots the enemy ? I’m scanning and can’t see nuttin’ and Phly is like ” Oh there’s one! ” Boom, enemy down !!!
    You sir, are LEGEND ! 😉

  2. I’m so confused wath game is that? War thunder or battlefield

  3. PLS name the game

  4. gaijin needs to fix their existing game first

  5. What warthunder ought to be

  6. the fact that you need to buy a 30 dollar pack to play a beta is a red flag

  7. wait..what Gaijin made a fps shooter with tanks planes and naval ships all in one game,move away Call of Duty and Battlefield i want myself a pice of the pie in the shooter frachise

  8. This combines the best part of war thunder battlefield and cod all into one game

  9. Hey Phly, you should definitely check out another Gaijiggles-made game called Cuisine Royale.

    If you played saod game by any extent then you will quickly realize how this game is a mix of Cuisine and War thunder, not complaining, since I love both games, but just theowing that fact on the table 🙂

  10. D-Day/Normandy is WAY over-used war theather in games…

  11. Garand no ping. Disappointing.

  12. 6 adds in this video are you kidding me?

  13. 4:19 that sound of the machine guns, sounds like a jet just fly passed by

  14. I’d try, but having one game subject to Gaijin one way or another on my HDD is already one too many.

  15. And we wonder where all the development time is going from War Thunder

  16. Ambient Light Of Darknesss

    I really hope Enlisted gets the love it deserves. It’s like the perfect mix of realism and arcade mechanics.

  17. Sorry monie but i need this cool stuff

  18. The Infantry Tech Tree seems kinda funky.

  19. This war thunder?

  20. the HIT SCREEN looks like the war thunder’s … its like watching war thunder with infantry!

  21. So is enlisted now open or still closed beta?

  22. did i realy have pay for play?

  23. oh my goodness we need these kinds of graphics in war thunder ground forces…..

  24. What game is this, bc it has warthunder visicks but a cod styled map

  25. How I can play this mode?

  26. HAHA Iron,Phly told us the name

  27. *Wow a WW2 shooter, Not like that’s been done before*

  28. *Another WW2 shooter, How original*

  29. Is this open or close beta?

  30. now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104 #63

  31. They need to work on mg sounds in this game, they sound nothing like the actual guns

  32. Lt_Darkseeker /Antique

    Damm,This new BfV Update Sure looks sick!!!!
    Wait,what do you mean it’s not BFV!??????

  33. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 147 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  34. Is this on Xbox?

  35. The lack of communication tools makes this game another arcade battlefield

  36. I’ve never gotten to play a different map on enlisted just the same map over and over:(

  37. Disgusting Lifeform

    enlisted has a western front now???

  38. Herman Pewdiepies Brother

    Dam this game looks good and i have played it and loved it to pieces! The ai is actually not that dumb and its fun controlling a squad. Its like arma 3 but in ww2 with beter ai, graphics and more immersive. This game can really top all ww2 games thats been out so far. Very realistic and beautiful just the way i want it

  39. any idea when it is gonna be out for everyone ?

  40. 0:37 Wish you reading this post an amazing day!! This here helped me quit my job simply look for,., *e z g o o d p a y*

  41. Is this warthunder or what game is this?

  42. Is this a free game?

  43. What game is this?

  44. why is the sun shining bright on d day it just breaks the atmosphere,it should hve been overcast as was in reality


  46. Is this map out on Xbox?

  47. Carlos Aza Rodriguez

    what game is that?

  48. Is this still war thunder ?

  49. Heroes and Generals is screwed xD This is literally same but much better version

  50. Looks like it’s getting better!

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