DAILY WORLD OF TANKS for the rest of 2019!

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Source: QuickyBaby

This time I’m undertaking a different kind of marathon… Daily World of Tanks videos for the rest of 2019! HYPE TRAIN!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. i am so in love with twice i think i will die

    i cannot go behind the bushes and shoot as it lags and itz super hard to shoot at a moving tank hence. soo :((

  2. show a tank played with bad crew, then good crew. Or a scout tank with a scout set up and an active scout set up.

  3. How about a preview of WG’s New Year’s event, assuming they will be able to get one together before July?

  4. Will you find my replay if i put Quackybaby in the title?

  5. Here is a fun idea. Can T-100LT out spot a Reimetal Panzerwagon?

  6. A video that I have been waiting to see, is a video about the tips and tricks to play the Japanese heavies

  7. Its awesome to hear your still planning wot stuff. I love wot.

  8. There never was a year 0 so 2020 will be the final year of the second decade of the 21st century ?

    • From Wikipedia

      In the AD year numbering system, whether applied to the Julian or Gregorian calendars, AD 1 is immediately preceded by 1 BC. There is no year “0” between them, so a new century begins in a year which has “01” as the final digits (e.g., 1801, 1901, 2001). New millennia likewise are considered to have begun in 1001 and 2001. This is at odds with the common conception that centuries and millennia begin when the trailing digits are zeroes (1800, 1900, 2000, etc.); for example, the worldwide celebration of the new millennium took place on New Year’s Eve 1999, when the year number ticked over to 2000.

  9. Jasion The Vietcong

    i have a question…I cant sell tanks it said they are not in tactical unit or try later but this happended everyday and I didn’t even sell any pls help?

  10. Daily QB’s vids? This saved my last 2 months of the year!

  11. I subscribed last year I think not because I play wot pc, I actually play blitz. I like this channel just to learn a little about how this game works.

  12. maybe show a video on how to train your crew even faster

  13. make a cooking video QB

  14. How about doing a collaboration with Claue Kellerman?

  15. So QB creates ArtyParty account to follow himself?

    -> rigged

    How many accounts do YOU have from the 597000 subs?

    lol 🙂

  16. An ideea …. hunt for illegal mods !!!!

  17. The Tokyo Craftsman

    I’d say you are in the great British tradition of Tony Robinson or Guy Martin, you sir are a “Presenter”.
    I enjoy your videos.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  18. an ideea …. how is defined the starting point off a tank on the map …because i get with ligth tank the behind off all tanks sometime and to me seems unfair !!!!

  19. Will you “prewatch” the games or will you sometimes have “surprise” games, watching, streaming and (critically) comment it live?

  20. hey quicky why do you have two mic’s?

  21. Commits to You Tube, wearing a Twitch shirt.


  23. Hey QB if you wanna do something that takes years and wont bear any fruits here i got something for you:

    WGNA promised a EU Transfer but didnt do anything besides doing nothing maybe you can do something there since you got a transfer too?

  24. TheRainbowDerp //TRD

    Do a vid on the is7 vs obj 277 or like the best tier x tanks or something like that

  25. Bla bla is this a mid age crisis?

  26. Duuuudddeeee, i dont mind all this content. But we dont deserve it man :O Dont overdue yourself !! Good luck though 😀

  27. the thumbnail is cringe level 10 just saying

  28. What about some live gameplays?

  29. World of warcraft vids

  30. I would like to see a comparison between the 113 and the 430 U

  31. Hey QB, I was wondering if you could show us how to 3 mark a tank? I’m an aggressive player so I only have 1 mark tanks but I’d love to get 3 on at least 2 of my tanks.

  32. Pls showcase the chinese tech tree everyone forgot about it

  33. Some t29 game plays please just about to get it would like some tip with it

  34. Uk is the Village hiden in the Rain( naruto reference)

  35. Does anyone want to buy my personal WoT account, I stopped playing

    11000 Battles
    Tier X:
    S. Conqueror
    Tier IX
    I dont know anymore but of you are Interested Write me an e Mail to Anadin.agic@hotmail.com
    I will SEND you screenshots

  36. Video about if amx30b is worth it after buff

  37. Thanks for explaining what subscribing is Boomerbaby!

  38. Please give your honest opinion about arty. And how they got silent buffed (we all know thats true).

  39. Hey QB, maybe you will do a film about tanks for bonns? (Which are worth and which are not)

  40. Hi QB, I hope you will not go through this ridiculous project. I really don’t want you to get burned out. Know when to slow down and enjoy your life.

  41. You’re gaining subscribers every week. You will have 600k before 2020. Congrats man!

  42. Why artyparty9000 ?! was every single nubmer before 9000 taken ? hahaa

  43. I’ve unlocked 2.2 of 3…I just now got 100% crew in my fucking BC 12
    Under 100% crew scam

  44. some tutorials would be nice 😀

  45. Try 2 change your outro, it’s very old and boring

  46. Road to 1 Million!! 🙂

  47. QB do some Old school og tech tree tanks gameplay or how to play them to our current meta

  48. U know that this decade will be over ar the end of 2020, not 2019.

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