Damage Farming on Paris

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  1. I’m early let me make a joke


  2. i normally go to g2 to get a shot on a light then i just brawl heavies with my skill rounds 😀

  3. Vũ Lương Lân

    Just all comes down to how your team control the construction site behind you. If you had teammates like that T-62A then theres nothing to be worry about. But most of the time you won’t so yeah all you can do is just constantly looking behind you

  4. Thanks for the video, this’ll rly help me! 😛

  5. MKsandslash Nano

    Thank you for going over the positions on this map. I’ve been having trouble doing well on it since it came out <3

  6. If a scout can light their heavys at the beginning of the match you can actually put some side shots on them from the opposite corner, i always get around 1.2k free damage by doing that.

  7. When playing a light D5, can work out very good. I’ve seen it used against me. The north is very risky because you get wrecked by arty and campers, since there is no good position to spot from without constantly getting lit yourself as well. There is a bush but that one doesn’t work actually.

    Usually I look at the matchup and try to figure out if I can help my team push the south or at least make a move from south to the middle area to flank the south side. North is just too campy.. When I play in a med with low pen as bottomtier I usually go for spotting people to get something out of if and take shots in the mean time, waiting for the moment when I can make a push. The north is just too hard to play aggressive without getting punished for it. Mostly because you need to rely on your team so much to at least cover your back.

  8. Nathaniel Johnson

    Oh boy a super late night upload :>

  9. My suggestions to win that area.
    1. Get urself platoon with camping td
    2. Get platoon with 2nd mt and rush together

  10. Step one: take the theatre
    Step two: ?????????
    Step three: $$$$$$ 7k dmg game

  11. I feel the play you did in this game suited the circumstances. Pushing the staircase works well in that situation, but if there was arty or a fast td, it would not be viable. You would just be clicked all day long. I find rushing the corner at I6 to get shots at lights, then moving into the city to support the heavies to work out rather consistently. I’m not a master at this game, but this is the most aPAIRent(I’ll grab my coat) strategy to me.

  12. Great vid lemming, I personally think the game heavily favours the west side of the map due to:
    -Heavies have far more optimal cover on the south side thanks to the bridge and lower grounds covering them from arty while also allowing them to shoot at lower plates of the enemies.
    -Heavies on west side also don’t have to worry about taking shots from the side as you showed us in this video.

    That being said I honestly think the best way to win this map on east side is to support the heavies and prevent people from trying to win the centre area on the north side. I still honestly think the north side of this map is pretty much a stale mate boiling down to match up (especially clickers). I have seen some crazy bastards run down the A line in a heavy and pretty much taking that side with all the spotting.

    I honestly play this map similarly but I try to focus on the E7 area or the B7 area to try and take shots at people trying to get at my heavies. I feel like this is a map where heavies honestly just decide the outcome if the opposing team prevents you from holding the centre D5-D6 by sending a few of their own their.

  13. Paris is a very difficult map for me too. Overlord as well.

  14. Ayyy them canada emblems

  15. Yeah a5 and 6 are unfortunately garbage, even pretty low profile tanks can’t use it as the terrain isn’t tall enough so even campers in d8 can hit you there. What I’ve found is that i can only ensure the stage position is safe once I’ve seen how that flank plays out at the start and that going there at the start without any information is too risky as you have no escape routes.

  16. Lemming, it’s probably safer to take the stage from middle, not from field. You still may get shot but if you get there from field you almost always get shot so whatever

  17. guillem fuster adrover

    as far as I understand this map, the north side is very team dependent, I have never seen or done anything that works consistently, there are many options, I have seen ppl getting to the stage from the city side, but sometimes there is a scout lighting you up and you get wrecked because there is no cover until you get there, pushing through the north it’s unpredictable, there are so many bushes, and you can find some surprises like heavy campers who refuse to fight the city, typically what I do is to be more passive at the beginning and decide base on the situation, I find 3 situations very annoying when played against me, but no one works consistently, one is the stage, 2nd is the pocket/pile of rubble on A5 and 3rd is somebody rushing to the enemy scout ridge on c7/c8 or vice versa but none of this work consistently

  18. The problem I see with this is that if you manage to dig out the TDs you can simply flank around the enemy and get them from behind. Some (or rather most) of your support will do that and the enemy will get disoriented when being attacked from the front and rear. If you are in the middle when they panic you /might/ get raped by 3 tanks who are looking for the point of smallest resistance and trying to break out. This is a non-issue when playing against tomatoes because they won’t know what to do, but against (above) average players?
    Any thoughts on this?

  19. Marshall Allshouse

    This is a very accurate read of paris.I agree that this mid is easy map control.
    unfortunately, out of all of my experience (ive never tried the position, only observed others) it almost never works. There’s always at least one high alpha td that prevents any kind of aggresion

  20. lemming from the east spawn, i go with my t54 to the heavy side and side scrape at the higher levels of the road.. ive done 5k dmg constantly. 5.8k is one i specifically remember. so maybe city is really important if u have tank that can side scrape?

  21. I hate this map, I think its very badly designed. What works for me is pushing the heavy flank fast. Sry for my english.

  22. There’s a couple things I’ve found out about Paris: Never go on top of the bridge down south. The east also have a small advantage on the south, because they can shoot the hull of tanks under the bridge, meanwhile the west side tanks have their turrets hidden by the bridge. I also feel like east have an advantage south, because too many western bobs stand on bridge and just take damage.

    I am experimenting with going to the stairs on K6 from west spawn to kill the guys on J7 if I have a fast armored heavy (113 preferably perhaps, IS-7, maybe 50b). would work consistently I think if you have a platoon-mate to support you when they try to yolo you.

    I only go north when I have supremely OP view range (bino+optics light tank, coffee batchat, recon+awareness+food+optics light, etc). Because then standing in the bushes I can spot them when they shoot one of my bobs. Having a well armored heavy platoon-mate with you when you have high view range can make you win north because armor baits the shot, you spot them shooting, they take damage, rinse and repeat. But then again, a platoon can just make a big impact south.

  23. I agree that that position is strong. In my experience, it usually is tough to get it consistently early in the game. Seems like the enemy team in this replay really over-committed on the south and gave a lot of shots early that normally wouldn’t be available.

    A lot of people seem to poo poo the north on this map. I’m not convinced that is true. The position you’re keying on in this video depends a lot on flank cover from the north. So, I really don’t think it’s possible to hold and effectively utilize the position if there is inadequate control of the north.

  24. I too have a little trouble trying to perform well on this map

  25. I’m mostly a medium and a light tank player and I have problems as well with this map mainly because most of the time I end up on the bottom tier and on that map a bottom tier tank has no chance. I mean if you go to the field or middle you get shat on by top tier campers (there always are) and south are just the top tier heavies. I don’t scout field because that’s just a dead end and if your team has a higher tiered scout you can’t spot anyting. So I used to play on the H4 street and I can get some flanking shots into the heavies. Sometimes you can take out tanks from where you played or TD’s who are too agressive. But it’s a bad map for any tank type except heavies and I’m happy if I do 2000 damage.
    Bonus tip: I saw a lot of people rushing mid from the E3 street but you will lose HP getting there anyways. But I don’t know if that place is that important because it can end up in the opposite way. You were lucky but most people get pinned down.

  26. maarten zielhuis

    paris is very easy

  27. this is a shit map
    nice videos lemming keep up 🙂

  28. Play in the middle of Paris, especially when the enemy team got a Jageroo, Deathstar or Shitbarn. #goodmapdesign

  29. I have played the stairs on Paris a lot and honestly there is no way to take the square or “stage” consistently as an individual. From my experience it goes one of two ways(excluding getting clicked and dying in the first 3-4mins of being there).
    1. You take the stairs with an acceptable amount of support from aggressive teammates and have a result similar to this game.
    2. You end up with both your team and the enemy team’s muppet TDs stagnating the whole flank placing the game on the outcome of the south.

    Platoon play is different. Two platoonmates can take the north via the stairs and the northern mound or even the central mound. But again due to the map design being trash passive TDs can even then shaft the whole thing.

    TLDR: If TDs are happy to hug the redline double bushed, good luck.

  30. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    That turret glitch is annoying as fuck. I think it started in 9.18 for me and it just won’t go away. My connection to the servers seem to be worse too but I have no issues with servers from other games like BF 1, Rust etc.

  31. sry but where can i get that pixel green camo?

  32. Krisztián Mátraházi

    00:08 ASSTB-1

  33. In my experiance it all depends on your spawn and speed to play the stage. If you think you can rush quickly you can like you did, but you will normally take some damage.

    If in a slower tank or get a shitty spawn (or team mates block you rushing at start) then I play the E line and play it more slowly and look to dash into the “stage” area as soon as there is a chance.

  34. I play the A 5-6 mound 90% of he time. esp when I’m in a light tank. There’s always campdestroyers along the 1-2 line to shoot what you spot and there’s enough bush cover to let you go dark while you passively scout. As soon as they are down to 1 or 2 tanks where their t49 sat I’ll rush that mound and put pressure on whose left. All the while countering their players that go to that stage where you were. Only downside is that you cant shoot towards the south to help your heavies. If they lose the south you can head to the 1-2 line and shoot south being completely hull down along the western most road.  Other than that, it’s a stupid map with a total of like 3 working positions. It’s best suited for a turreted tank destroyer, that’s about it.

  35. John von Shepard

    Horrible map! WOT should bring some of the old map back!

  36. make an intro

  37. One of my favorite maps at the moment. I think I’ve got a decent handle on what it’s about, though everyone I platoon with groans when it enters rotation.

    Early in the game lights like to do a spotting run in the middle, either swerving back or trying to turn north into the square. You can intercept by firing up one of the corridors from the south (from H/I line ideally) track, and kill them there and be relatively safe from TD’s and mediums sitting on E3/E8.

    Middle is viable when you think you can get away with driving there for shots or flanks while the north and south are still hotly contested and dodgy. But lingering there too long leaves you open to campers. But if you must, there are a few hull down spots here where you can become fairly hard to hit and bounce a trollish amount of damage.

    The bushes in D3/D8 are common TD spots and are usually blind fired. Mid-game, north becomes powerful if your team has the overmatch there while south is still being contested. Advancing close to the north side of the center buildings leaves you open to campers. Going to the center leaves you open to multidirectional crossfire and can get you pinned down on the west or east side of that square. A-line is a bit safer with multiple bits of cover to advance to if you know where their campers are and aren’t worried about being shot from along that corridor. A strong advance on the north side of the map once the D3/D8 campers are gone is actually straight down the middle where you have those berms protecting you. Win that and you continue around cap, flank the south fight, or go back to base.

    South is self-explanatory. As you advance, don’t get shot down those corridors by TD’s and their spotters, or by scouts/mediums that managed to make it to the center square.

  38. In my meds/lights, I’ve done pretty well recently going to E3/E7 early and lighting heavies/TDs who are going to the south brawl zone, getting a couple side shots, then pulling back, waiting a minute or so, and then poking it again. By that time, there’s often no one watching the E corridor, and from there I’ll either bomb up to the stage or farm any enemy tanks from that spot if they’re available.

  39. Just play the heavy corner

  40. i hate paris, everytime i play tier X i get a tier X only match with type 5 heavies, mauses and what ever, + a 800m map,.. maps which are waaaaay to small for tier X tanks imo. paris is one of em.

  41. Anonymous Coward

    i have no advice when it comes to Paris it is a map that should never have been created.

  42. Thing is right now stage might work 50%+ of the time. Once people figure out it’s just another Mines hill. Camping stage will be the correct meta, which people kinda already are. You have easy shots very close to spawn from all 4 roads that you have to drive in the start to get there from.

  43. man i need to get the stb 1 next, that tank looks fucking gorgeous with that cammo! <3

  44. You going there 1st allowed the 62 to get to the Mud pile. He goes there without you going opposite side he dies or looses a lot of HP getting there. It only really ever works when more than 1 tank goes.

  45. Really dislike this map but at least its not ensk 😀

  46. The way you play the game it looks so easy! You are an amazing player!

  47. I do this too and it can be a strong spot, although when in the centre I go to the furthest away wall first (where you were shooting the Emil from).

    From there I just roll back and forth, checking the field, then the city centre (2-3 dead straight roads to snipe down on the city side).

    As you saw, getting rushed can be an issue. Can be better in a obj140/t62a as you can face hug if they rush (aka bounce)

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