Dancing Around – K-91

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. WG “balancing” staff probably cancelled their subs Circon. 🙂

  2. Ballin like a ballerina!

  3. Circumshekels…

  4. Finally got my own K-91, man this tank is gorgeous!

  5. WG : obj 268 ver. 4 is OP

    Circon : OP!?!?!? jajajajajaja

  6. I just unsubbed just to mess with you eheheh
    *evil laugh*
    I’ll track it and try to be 100 000 sub 😛

  7. No stream highlights= no new subs

  8. Here’s an old saying, Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will hurt me…. Say whatever you want. You’ll always have my Sub.

    You’re content is awesome!!!

  9. Dances around like a donkey, looses on about 1000 damage and gets away with it like a boss. Typical Circon.

    • What I found amusing was the fact that I’m pretty sure most of the TVP’s damage the entire game was made in that moment when he was firing on Circon.

  10. 100k vid idea circon chopping fire wood

  11. i’m going to float this out there and wonder if the un-subscribers didn’t do so with the idea that if they re-subscribe as number 100k, there’s a reward?

    • someone in the comments section literally just said thats the reason they unsubbed. there’s no reward, theyre just selfcentered idiots

  12. I don’t think wood chopping in VR would be a good workout because you wouldn’t be holding a heavy axe… unless you had to do the motion a bunch in a short period of time or something, like in a time based mode.

  13. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    We can dance (if we want to) xD

    • We can make
      Dank memes tonight
      Yes the memes are dank
      And if they’re not dank
      Then they’re no memes of mine 😉

  14. he even puts this replay of abandoning me in the M4 Rev. on youtube and says .. i have no support .. disappointment

    • lemme shine some light on your dim ass. he left you because you were fucked. you stayed on that flank that was being overrun for too long. circon reacted to the situation faster than you and so he got out of there. he was in no way going to sacrifice his tank or HP in order to “save” an already doomed shitty tier 8 tank with hardly any impact on the match. however when he was defending the base, he was in a good position. he was asking for support because its the teams base, not just his, thats being overrun. hes shocked that no one, save for the conway, was really helping him defend the base to keep his team from loosing. so yes, he left you, because helping you and you alone would have lost the game. circon wasn’t request for help to save his tank, but to help win the match. clearly you’re a new player so hopefully this helps you learn the basics.

    • Fucking roasted… bravo

    • Keyuu you have explained the situation perfectly. One more thumbs up.

    • Yeh dude learning to run away from a fight when you are outmatched is a key skill, they had a Bobject, a 430U, a Lowe and 430. An M4 rev and a K-91 are not going to stop that. You should have realised that early on and not even gone there when it was just Circon on that flank.

  15. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Have they removed XVM yet? I’m not returning to the game until XVM is removed…..

    • Dude wen you enter a map, in the loading screen there’s actually a message promoting that cancer mod, like ” please visit http://www.modxvm.com….that mod should be banned , not encouraged.
      Guess wargaming doesn’t give a fuck about xvm sniping , and people being abusive to red low skill players.

    • That message appears when you have XVM installed 🙂

    • Paulo Pombal No it does not because i dont have the mod instaled, and the last time i used it was like 2 years ago.

    • Ive never had the mod installed and never had that message appear.. crazy how nature do dat

    • Astrokie I have no idea, the only mod i instaled was the no zoom mod, to reset the sniper zoom to 0 wen i exit sniper mode, thats all i have.

  16. LMAO that tank victory twirl. worth it

  17. waiting for frontlines to come back so i can play wots again

  18. I might have been one of those 30 unsubbed. Or maybe i forgot to sub. lol IDK

  19. Sigh…I want this tank, but I do not want to grind 240k (or whatever it is) in the 430 II again. I ground through it like mad to get the 430U two (?) patches ago. Although it does have a better gun now. Decisions, decisions

    • roguecrt trust me when I say that the tank is shit… Sure the gun is ok. But with 4 degrees of gun depression combined with shitty armor… Ugggh, the grind was bad for me

    • Don’t…they ruined it. The tier IX has a far better turret even though they nerfed that too. Its has a good gun and that’s it. Everything this line was supposed to be good at….they took away its ability to do it. A perfect reverse 268 v4 situation.

  20. Unsub for the lol 😀

  21. You can chop wood on Roblox. My daughter does it for hours.

  22. Are you a viking? You from Norway? Cuz you are fricken awesome at tanks

  23. Liked for your mom joke.

  24. Crazy shit haha

  25. Lost 30 subs? Well, here’s 1 from me 🙂

  26. That comment from one of your viewers in the end:
    “that was the single most insulting thing i’ve ever seen someone do to an opponent and I loved it”

    LOL, couldn’t agree more! *thumbsup*

  27. pretty fucked that prenerf, the bobject would have still had you.

  28. Wow considering how OP those two tanks are, that Bobject and 430U played like trash.

  29. Circon is taking HP of the most OP tier X and then doing a HP giveaway to two suckiest tier VIII in the game as a charity. What a modern day robin hood

  30. Premium ammunition needs to be made 10x more expensive and deal 30% less damage. It could be given even more penetration as a result, but nobody needs to be fucking spamming it anymore.

  31. The great dictator

    maybe dance behind the dead next time…

  32. *Dance till youre dead*

  33. My football team lost so glad to have some Circon gold standard memes to cheer me up lol.

  34. Seal clubbing at tier X. Best WoT quote.

  35. Circon or Paul bunyan.

  36. Lmao that’s what this world is coming to? Go pick up a real ax and go chop some real wood… Trust me, chopping wood is a satisfying skill to have.

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