Day 1 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. TheCommoner AKA TheKingOfScrubs

    When are we gonna get the loot boxes?

  2. OBS not shining Circon?

  3. Holiday shopping with Circon, lol.
    The gold price for the tank is 6100 and garage slots are 300… you get a free 100% crew!!!

  4. e-sport shopping skills circon 🙂

  5. Wanna bet Circon’s gonna “accidentally” buy another advent calendar item again?

  6. The dank meme is that it left you with just enough gold to fuck up again !!!!

  7. LMAO, nice MEME 😀

  8. Ooops. 😀

  9. Happy you put the gold i gifted to you to good use LoL

  10. Christmas with Circon.

  11. circon , why are you so laggy at the moment?^^

  12. I can’t recommend it buys it anyway lol

  13. Circon you know you wanted that piece of crap in your shed ? I can’t believe you spent 6,200 gold on that turd ? WG is laughing ? all the way to the bank. You know what it is WG is so out of touch with the player base they don’t think about what the player wants they just think about themselves and think you need a crew and crap missions and that’s how they justify the price if they just sold the tank well that wouldn’t make sense but then again there’s always one or two donkeys out there that cry and whine that they didn’t get missions gold or premium time and so this is the outcome. WG it’s so out of touch with your player bass it’s disgusting remember back in the beginning of world of tanks we used to get free tanks all the time now days we get nothing today it’s about that paper not the player base. Corporate greed at its best !!!!

  14. I also brought it by accident, took it for a drive and it is actually pretty sweet, armour and gun handling seem a lot better than in the Berlin or tech tree version.

  15. Saying that not being able to buy them without a garage and trained crew is “sloppy” is a bit naïve

    Its DELIBERATE, its what they have been doing for years, hiking up the prices with bundles off stuff many people don’t want to increase the revenue flow. WG takes every possible opportunity to ream their customers not “by accident” but by design.

    Examples being, garage slots not being available for silver, crew being retrained to a different major skill only with gold AND it being 500 gold despite them designing many tech trees to have crew members vanish from line ups and others appear that weren’t needed before

    Then we had the introduction of the “mega bundles” with piles of crap to bump the prices up with many of them never being offered as just a bare tank at all, just different sized bundles

    So nope, its NOT an oversight, its WG being WG

  16. Genuinely nearly wet myself laughing at the gold purchase. Loved it for that alone.

  17. Sorry about fps issues, tmrw will be better i think : )

    • Enjoy your brand new IS-2M Circon! We know you always wanted one.

    • Please try the refund option if you did not play the IS-2M. You are still eligible for a refund, and make a video about it for us

    • Circon if you don’t play any battles with the IS-2M you can say it was a accidental purchase and WG will give you your gold back. You just need to submit a ticket to them


      Hey circon what’s with your twitch channel bud? The game is out of sinc with the sound there’s like a 5 second lag in it for some weird reason?(with the past recordings I mean)

  18. yeah you did kinda hit the second purchase button 😛 but yeah it does need a “are you sure?” good points all around. TY for you gold sacrifice and expertise. The 25 x5’s are great for building up free exp and subsequently spending even more gold on converting —

  19. echogameadventures

    enjoy the IS-2M. I hear there is nothing else like it in the game. :p

  20. WG wins

  21. i would say not worth. unless they give some type of black friday sale of a $50 tank that costs $30 plus 100% crew and some directives then im not gonna buy anything. i will take all the free in game stuff tho

  22. “adFent calendar” – gotta love Dutch accent 😀

  23. Christmas is not Christmas without Circons Advent vids .
    let the merriment begin 🙂
    peace to all .

  24. Sloppy,lazy ,no website advent calender
    No vinter garage , cloned reskinned tanks wow #walletclosed# tinfoilhatON

  25. So sorry you ended up buying this. I was really disappointed so far

  26. The Independent Voice

    Guess your playing a new tank tonight

  27. I would open a ticket and ask for a refund. I think they are constantly drunk at WG.

  28. 2:57 ????

  29. x5 missions aren’t worthless. They provide 400% more crew xp and don’t expire. I use them for xp because I bought “The Feast” so now I have 500,000 gold to convert with.

  30. The gold price is just the gold value of the tank and garage slot. The crew in this case is free.

  31. Lol now you stuck with this piece of crap tank,don’t ever make that mistake again

  32. Please do not crush your soul over these vids. Just knowing that it’s good, bad, etc. Is enough. Hopefully cool and new things in the future. I’m ready to ride this month long meme with you.

  33. Nother year, nother series. Ok Circ, its useful, Kudos.

  34. Pog champ wargaming

  35. guess now is a good time to 3 mark the IS-2M

  36. RIP gold PepeHands

  37. idk why im even watching this lol. i havent played this game full of scams and over priced garbage in a year lol. like this game gets used during game start ups of what not to do when creating a game with match making. and pay to stat up prem stuff.

  38. ROFL ,, it was worth it circon haaaha

  39. Awww feels bad man. 6.4k gold down the drain for a trash heavy. Nice meme

  40. I loled so much when you ended up buying that is-2m. Nice meme

  41. Ah, the buff that could have been, but must make moar moneys tank

  42. rofl fuck i brought it

  43. ComputerDoctorChios

    OMG Circon nice video!

  44. And Wargaming has got their first sucker, Nice click trap. Sorry that they took you C! 😉


    Must say the ops on console have been awesome this past few weeks, I’ve bought like 16 more tier 10 tanks (they’ve been reduced by 30% until 3/12), but i was grinding like a motherf**ker! With the twitchprime thing 150× silver with the t34. Although I got my third barrel mark so I don’t really want to ever see it again lol

  46. Keep it and play it, its not a bad tank boyeeee!!

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