Day 10 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. When I got my Revalorise during Black Friday, it came with a 50% crew… And I don’t play french mediums.
    So I had to train them to 75% and then use personal reserves to get to 100% ASAP.

  2. Bought one as soon as I saw it today – sold a LOT of extra chips, soda, gas and cigarettes to be able to do so. I’ll take the crew as well – I want BOTH the AMX AND the Bat Chat someday, so I needed the extra French crew 🙂

  3. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    for crew training purposes the other 2 french premium mediums are better and far cheaper… I like this one but i would not give 40€ for it besides i already have the CDC.

  4. Advent calender this year is sh*t , and where is secret code like last year…. WG totaly f*cked up this year….

  5. But u know…i have 1600 games on lorr and its so damn good but i am nôt willing to get bc so i dont have bc crew so its pretty good to get 100% crew

  6. Rizney Martin Soria Padilla

    i got one, wen they sold it without the crew, i love it and make lots of money whit it. thx circon for the crew recomendations, gotta get them those skills!

  7. I do have the Lorraine 40T and I like it a lot. I have BC 25 t AP (or whatever, tier IX, I’m grinding the tier X) and I like Lorraine a lot more than BC. The turret doesn’t feel that clumsy, also it’s positioned in the front rather than back. The 36 sec reload is a lot less than 50s on BC. I think the L40T is the most pleasant autoloader I’ve played so far.

  8. Does anybody know the other differences between the T8 and T9 Lorraine beneath 4 shots in the magazine. I really liked the T9 Lorr. and wonder what other stuff they changed. I could not find anything using google. Can you maybe help?

  9. got one already good fun learning the autoloader play style

  10. I want one of these, but I don’t have any french crews or tanks aside from the FCM 50t which I won somehow, so maybe next year.

  11. Its a great tank, crappy bundle though

  12. Well to be fair, most buy a premium tank because they want to go down that nations line. And want to train crews for it. And I know of a few that bought the Lorr to start the med line, and needed the crew anyway.

  13. It is not worth buying this shitty so called discounts….bullshit….just tell us U need money and that We need to pay For game if We want to be competitive

  14. I do love my lorraine but i do use gld instead if vents and put a female crew in it, idon’t have full view range but rather have the aim time in a fragile tank.

  15. It comes with a crew because WG wants people to buy premium tanks even though the player might not a have an appropriate crew to put into the tank.

  16. The only one I really wanted of these premiums. Have waited for it to come on sale for a bit. Love the autoloaders. 🙂

  17. I found that the gun handling is complete dogshit. If you can hit all your shots, you get crazy damage, but generally you only hit 1-3 per clip

  18. It’s bizarre that this tank’s gun handling is SO MUCH better than the AMX CDC’s gun handling. Normally single shot guns get better gun handling than autoloaders, but not when it comes to French premium mediums, because fuck the CDC, right? Can’t let the CDC be good, or else all the CDC owners might not buy the new French premium medium that is straight up better than the CDC in every way. Yes, I’m a salty CDC owner.

  19. for me the 100% crew is usefull as it will be my future batchats crew which im not at yet so by the time i get to it the crew for it will be amazing 🙂

  20. I wouldn’t mind getting a 40t, but I don’t see this as a sale. If it was $20 I’d jump all over it, but $48 is a no go.

    • Jim Bo that is my thought too. Wargaming really is dumb at pricing. If more of these were $20 then I might buy 3 and they would have $60. But I’m not spending that on one pixel tank, so instead they made no profit off me.

  21. I picked up the e25 and i dont wanna spend more?

  22. As someone who has spent a ton of time and $$ on this game, and still manages to be mediocre at it, I just cant see how everything that comes out nowadays as a “deal” still manages to rape your credit card. I have made the mistake of buying in a hurry before deals came along, but the days of a real discount on anything that wargaming slings out are long gone.

  23. that feel, when you pen this with a KV-2

  24. Im hoping for the scout panther to potentially come out during advent calender so im saving my money

  25. I don’t mind the reload, and with the pen I rarely use premium shells. My favorite credit grinder.

  26. War Thunder gets the Lorr 40t for free

  27. I really enjoyed this tank when it was the tier 9. So I decided to take a look into getting it. The NA tank only special gets a 100% crew for $47. While the EU server can gets a crew with 100% in Major Qualification for only $43. Even if its a gimmick NA is getting shafted. OR does that mean the same thing just worded differently?

    • no you got it wrong. the crew is trained for the lor 40t at 100% no skills no bia no nothing. its there to inflate the price. its the same deal

  28. I just got penned by a derp t-3485….

  29. I was excited hearing this was possibly coming to the advent calendar, but seriously fuck these prices. I won’t be getting it now. If wargaming had any clue they would sell MORE if they sold them for less and still be making money on pixels.

  30. This advent calendar is total shit. FU WG. Greedy bastards.

  31. it´s Sunday Circon, go to rest and enjoy the day with a Cold One!!

  32. The biggest reason I don’t think I will ever pick this thing (I’m what you would call a collector, it’s a bit of a problem…) is that reload time. I’ve found that my limit on reloads is 25 seconds, anything more and I just can’t work with it.

    And now that WG is adding the non-autoloader heavies, I wish they rearranged the lines so that the AMX 30 and 30B were in that line as well. Not only would it make sense but it’s so annoying to have to grind a line I hate just to get to them.

  33. 100% crew is ok, I like it. If you want to grind french tanks in the future, you will start with nice crew skills and retrain isnt much a deal even with 80%

  34. Lorr 40T one of my favourite tier 8 premium tank … this thing dishes out the 1200 dmg in 7.5 sec so if you know what you are doing you carry games in this thing hard … even you remove hp of tier 9 & 10 tanks pretty fast if you have the opportunity.. but i hate the fact that it is really big and with RNG on the penetration it can suck if you derp 2 shots and only connect 2 and only do 600 damage in 36 sec reload but gotta love the autoloaders … also with the reworked SPG’s with the … retarded splash radius this vehicle suffers with dead crew and modules alot more than taking only 1 hit and do 4 in return… but hey great tank. great video… keep up the good work.

  35. hey circ… i just did the gold calculation, 10700 for the tank plus 300 for the slot equals th cost of the tank. the 100% crew and camos are “FREE”, cheers!

  36. whwhwhwhwhwhat is up everyone? 😀

  37. I got this tank when it first went on sale and ATM its crew less cause i am going up the Bat chat line which has my female crew in it that i am going to retrain to the bat chat when i unlock it so they should have enough skills.

  38. I have it i did not regret it that i bougth it

  39. Haven’t played WoT in 8 months…..but I just had to pick up the Type 64 and the Panther M10 yesterday 🙂

  40. The crew reason: Some retard players use different crew in different prem tank and normal tank like “wotnoobians” dude (hungarian retard wot youtuber with 700wn8) (yes this is Hungary….) He have one kv5with 5skill crew (1000+battle) annd he also have one IS7 with a 2skilll crew…. but he do this shit with the is6 fcm cdc and all others too….. Aaand he has like 10k subs….

  41. Apply loader skills to gunner instead of the commander. Use commander for radio skills. Driver has enough skills alone, I’m looking for 6 skills each crew member. My second game in this tank 1118 base xp and only 2nd class, usually 1100 is good enough for 1st class so you know people are making big carries in this tank

  42. i really hope they sell that french arty

  43. Went from tier 8 to tier 9 to removed to brought back as tier 8…

    Meanwhile I’ve had the AMX 13 90 since it was a tier 7 lol…

  44. this is my first autoloader i have in my garage after 22k battles, i dont really play french autoloaders because i dont know if i can play with them. Soi bought this tank because i want to try to learn how to and i love how this looks. So far i really like it and it makes good credits as i dont use premium rounds only once on the side of a type 4 heavy but as i thought hed face me frontally i loaded them in anyways. But i like it and ill play the hell more out of it.

  45. I bought this tank today, it’s fucking amazing. I had a rough start with it (getting used to the shell velocity took some time, I thought it was slower) but after playing the vehicle in skirmishes and team battles as well as a platoon in random games it was extremely fun! Shell cost doesn’t really matter to me as I do enough to make the costs work out. Would not recommend running food as it loses its engine all the time and run a large repair kit for the same reason.

    Not good for new players but for anyone who does well in auto loaders a great pick-up 🙂

  46. Circon doing gods work 🙂

  47. It's not what you think

    I fucking love shooting these things in my Type 4.

  48. I love circons advent calendar 25 days of”Do not buy this tank”!!LOL

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