Day 10 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. This is madness…

  2. This tank isn’t “bad”, but there’s no reason to buy this when WG is making OP bullshit premiums nowadays. If they didn’t release OP tanks like the Skorpion then this tank would be awesome but of course WG had to ruin tier 8 out of greed.

  3. Non-stop complaining about OP premiums.

    So WG makes a premium with a major drawback like they used to and now we’re complaining that something sucks?

    • Jup, it’s almost like we want something in between… like what you call it? Hmmm.. Balanced! Right.
      This tank just needs a little better gun handling and it will be fine. The gun is _really_ annoying for a casemate TD. It makes no sense to have just gun handling when turretted prems and non prems have better handling/guns.

    • It’s not so much “complaining that it sucks”, more pointing out that they’re going to sell a better td (scorpion) at the same price, assuming it’s sold at a similar price as it has before.
      Here’s the kicker though, the scorpion isn’t op, iirc it has VERY normal statistics of 49% wr on eu servers.
      Bearing in mind of course that you could get a brand new aaa pc game for the same price as either, or several excellent year or two old games.
      Regardless, if really want to buy one then it should be the scorpion, and saying that this is bad in comparison is both reasonable and doesn’t contradict statements disparaging op premiums, since as I said before the scorpion isn’t op.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      So now we aren’t allowed to complain about tanks because they are shit anymore just because they aren’t OP?

      Weird logic.

    • In corridor maps fighting against tier 9-10s which will spot you if a single hair is sticking out of a bush when youve got a camo net on a TD with mediocre gun handling for its dpm. Yeah Im complaining. This thing can work, but good luck with that aim time and dispersion.

  4. absolutely fucking not…. I don’t think there’s any advent where I have been tempted yet…
    okay maybe a bit for the even 90…
    a bit for the winter event… BIA crew is pretty nice but I already have a BIA TD crew… so…

  5. Them new loot crates look interesting if you buy those you gamble on getting one of these OP premiums, no Hype 59 but 252U, E 25, leFH18B2 and Skorpion G do have a (microscopic?) chance of being in the box.

    • There’s an event going on called “Santa vs Krampus” where you enter a code to join the team you choose, two missions that earn a point for your team if you complete them, everyone on winning team gets rewards along with a free paid holiday box, (I went with team Santa cause you get tons of Chocolate, other team has swedish food) i would love if i got a premium tank in the box lol.

  6. I’m captain fuck all.

  7. Baron von Limbourgh

    Hmmm is it me, or doesn’t circon like this tank?

  8. There’s always the chance they’ll sell the Skorp G or even the E25 again, so pass this one up for now 😉

  9. The problem with a premium TD with no turret is if someone really wanted a turretless TD then why would they buy anything other then the E25 or that Chinese one with name i always get wrong? 🙂

    • Exactly. The WZ-120-1 FT is in the tech tree and the E-25 will be in the lootcrates.

    • +Jakab Róbert that OP shit is in the tech tree? what the fuck lol

    • +justin jia I got it on a rental, apart from the lack of a turret and bad gun depression, that thing is as broken, if not more broken than the Skorpion.

      Close to 3.2K DPM with 440 alpha, 200mm of armor, while also fast tank traverse and overall good mobility. Oh, and it also has really good camo rating, much better than the Skorpion.

    • As circon said not even a minute in: “Is it worth it? Absolutely fucking not”

    • WZ has armor (and dpm) and e 25 has dpm and camo while firing. Notice the Kpz 105 has none of those. That’s why it sucks

  10. I love how the AMX CDA is the same but better (French boner on)

  11. My KV-2(R) loves seeing these…… one shots aren’t hard

  12. But that Tank is still infinitely better than the old Kanonenjagdpanzer 😀

  13. Aaaaanndd we have crates with some more op tanks in them.

  14. Aim time is a worthless stat because it only applies to aiming between shots while standing still and not moving the reticle, also if I remember correctly it only covers 60% of the shrinkage of the aim reticle not even to the fully aimed reticle.

    WG and their fake + hidden stats, WoT is an attrocity in this regard, it either lies to the player or simply doesn’t tell the player anything. Hidden stats ruin the CDC, on paper it looks/looked like a nice T8 premium MT but the hidden stats ruin it to shit.

  15. I’ve been told videos have to be 10 minutes to be monetized. If this is the case you should throw a short game on the back end. Enjoy your material.

    • Nah, 10 min just means you can put ads infront AND at the end of the video. Thats why there is so many people trying to hit that 10:01 mark even if it doesnt fit the video. Youtube for me is a sideproject, not really for the money.
      If you want to help, subscribe to my twitch channel for 5$ a month @

  16. Good morning, I agree. So thankful that your videos are not a salesman for WG. Thank you for being here

  17. this advent calendar is AWESOME!! – so much delayed gratification!!!

    – we will gladly pay 200 euros for the first loot box, E25 or Defender that pops up!

  18. S1, CDA, WZ-120-Whatever. This tank has nothing going for it over those three and I deeply regret having spent money on it when it was first released. And before you come to me saying how it gets the gun from the Leopard 1, that gun is already fucking pathetic at it’s own tier, let alone in bottom tier 3/5/7 with nerfed stats.

  19. Kanonen 105 is the stupid mans e-25

  20. 1:40 DoN’t YoU hAvE a PhOnE?!

  21. Circon I hate it when you sit on the fence . For once just tell us straight. ?

  22. Hey! Absolutely agree with you about that gun… terrible

  23. So cool, you make good analyze and being bloody honest about it !! I like that man !!!! (even that I never will buy those money tanks.)

  24. And now, loot crates. Because we needed to break tier 5, 7, and 8 even harder than they already were.

  25. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Or just wait that WG puts the E25 on the Advent Calendar, that one is tier 7 have preferencial MM and is infinitly better too!!!!!!!!

  26. It’s a good day when i hear “Wwwwhat is up everyone Circonflexes here-“

  27. Is this worth it? Absolutely fucking not. LOL Thanks for the laugh.

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