Day 10 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!

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  1. Too early. Need to take it easy on youtube

  2. Thanks, Circon!

  3. Gonna instead put it into lootboxes, cross my fingers for the double barrel tank and/or the E75 TS. Can we expect double barrel memes from you when lootboxes drop?

  4. Crew layout fits only the T-55A in the german techtree, so this is a hard pass from me.

  5. This tank sucks big time

  6. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Defenitly te model looks great but the tank it self dont. WG really missed the oportunity to make this one stand up the croud.. with this tank model and with some litle twicks this tank could actually became interesting

  7. « Everyday I’m shoveling »

  8. The good ole’ Rump- panzer.

  9. It is like the Kanonjagdpanzer all over again. They put in a Premium no one asked for, no one needed and then made it really really bad. Hard Pass

    • Look I’m not entirely disagreeing with you, but I bought the kanonenjp and it’s actually my favorite tier 8 premium TD. It’s stealthy really fast and aside from dpm it’s the best gun pretty much.

  10. Meh tank. So when does the actual holyday ops start?

  11. Henning Horn Galtung

    Hell no

  12. I play german tanks only, but didn’t buy this one… Boring, slow, shitty and not even a german design.

  13. Not for me. I didn’t like it the first time and I’ve heard nothing to change my mind. I also hate it when the bring out a premium tank and change the crew format from the rest of the tank line as it stops me dropping in a 5 skill crew from a same type Tech Tree tank. They just did it with the Renegade which only had 4 crew.

  14. These are the kind of tanks that WG would be able to sell for in game gold once the loot boxes start giving people a shitload of that currency. At this moment in time I’d be surprised if they sold more than a handful.

  15. Thanks. I like this Christmas calendar because vids are short so it wont take half a day to watch <3


  17. For the sheer looks, I want it … for the performance, meh.

  18. The only camo style they are putting on these for NA is the Halloween style

  19. I’m holding out for the double-barrelled wheeled defender.

  20. John Tamosaitis 2006

    If it didn’t have the giant weak cupola, it might be as good as a Russian medium, at least in armor, and we can’t have that kind of stuff going on in this game.

  21. Hard no from me. I’ve already got enough premium tanks that i don’t play. Maybe if the Lorraine 40t is in the advent.. Maybe. Aside from that maybe a few big boxes.

  22. I think i’m not going to buy this tank, doesn’t look interesting. Don’t think that i’m going to put money into this game this year. At least i do not have to think about buying some loot boxes, as i’m living in Belgium i can’t buy loot boxes because of the gambling law here.

  23. 355 credits for a 240 dmg shell? That’s bullshit normal 88/90mm shells are 255 credits

  24. Just say “Roimpanzer”

  25. Armored Warfare has an M1A1 Abrams with a mine plow in front that not only looks pretty mean, it ads a bit of armor and most importantly it grants a +100 ramming damage (and it tends to lift shovel tanks up and they get a bit stuck while you shoot them underneath). Now I don’t think WG will implement something like this (the extra damage) any time soon, but it would be nice if they actually gave the shovel some other function, maybe reduced ramming damage taken. Some special features would go a long way in making tanks more interesting and more appealing to potential buyers.

  26. nope! will not buy another prem tank.

  27. Hell no!

  28. Would have gotten it since it looks pretty cool, but only for lootbox-gold wich I don’t have. I’ll start picking up tanks when the boxes are released, but I don’t think there’s anything interesting to get. Tanks with BiA-crews if we get gold compensation like last year (Bromwell comes to mind) and maybe the S1. I had that as a rental and I liked it a lot in FL but other than that…

  29. and it tries to be a bulldozer

  30. thank you so much for the daily update’s Circon!

  31. Ah yes the shit shovel.

  32. Another blatant rip off try, and holding back the double barreled tech tree. Where is my Berlin-Map?!

  33. I will argue that loaders with radioman assignments are better than Commanders with Radioman assignments. Why? Because your Commander with Radioman assignments needs BIA, Sixth Sense, Recon, Repairs, and lastly Situational Awareness, all other Radioman skills are not that necessary.

    In contrast to a Loader only needs BIA, Safe Stowage and Repairs to be effective. All other Loader skills like adrenaline rush are a factor in realistically 0.01 games and intuition in my opinion is only applicable for magazine fed autoloaders.

    In closing a 4 skilled Loader with Radioman assignments is much superior to a 5 skilled Commander with Radioman assignments because it reduces the Commander’s work load. Additionally there is a skill called Jack of All trades that at 100% will replace a crew member and automatically adopt that crew members skills and perks. Say your loader is full spec Loader with Radioman assignments. If your Loader gets killed, your reload, and view range will not suffer.

  34. But can it finish grade?? Or even hold grade or maintain slope? Oh wait this isn’t a GPS aided finish grade dozer? Well does it have a decent turret? Gun? Shit. Back to Caterpillar.

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