Day 10 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 10!

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  1. Such a rare tank….

  2. Schrodinger’s wargaming

  3. Merry Christmas everyone

  4. I really like the Lowe though XD.

  5. I already have the E75 TS, and while I do like it, I also got the Lowe as a rental earlier this year and I liked it a lot more. The gun handling is just phenomenal and the armor actually works pretty well when used right, so I’ll probably pick it up.

  6. Nice to see that the Big Christmas Advent Event is sparring no expense and they are throwing all the best most wanted tanks out there so that anyone and everyone can get them…. 😉

  7. I love the löwe way more then the E 75 ts

  8. They should have planned the awful panther return sooner and had it ready for holiday ops

  9. I once saw a Lowe destroy a Maus and an IS7. Sure the player was good but still….

  10. The shorter the video… the less special the tank on offer!
    Expect the last few days to be when the Aufklärungspanzer gets released, providing its still not in ST.

  11. I have a feeling they’re waiting for people to spend gold early so less people get the rare tanks

  12. Wg brings new premium tank: boo overpowered, fix powercreep,
    Wg sells old premiums: boo boring.
    People what do you want?
    More people will buy premiums if they are OP thats why they are powercreeping the shit out of older tanks.

    • We want cool shit like the 703 II, most people want to see Prog 46 and EBR in the Tech Tree. The Strv 81 was rare, the Cent 5.1 is kinda better but also kinda rare. Most also probably want the Lis to return, the T44100, Chrysler, Defender, Somua, VK 75, T77 etc

  13. I’ve started nine years ago andyes, I have one 🙂 It was my second premium after FCM 50t. Haven’t played for years now though.

  14. Lowe is the ideal prem tank
    Old, still a great pick, no one thinks the tank is op (unless you are a soviet fanboy with severe brain damage) and relevant after how may years? 8-9?

  15. personally i rather play the Löwe then the E75TS as it feels like the armour works and a reliable gun
    Yes the speed is bad but its manageable
    the only truly bad stat on the Löwe is the dpm

  16. My eternal love for Mr.Löwe will never die….

  17. mate the calendar has been leaked so we already know what is coming

  18. Lowe has the highest credit to damage ratio, I believe, this one thing made it a viable option.

  19. Where is the Lorraine 40t?

  20. Didn’t the lowe have more credits earnings?

    I watched a video about a guy doing an experiment with his lowe and his defender.

    He did the same damage and the same spotting on both machines, and he got more credits on the Lowe for some reason?

  21. Me: plays the game for 7 years
    Circon: Everyone who plays the game for a long time has this tank
    Also me: Doesn’t have a Löwe

  22. this year’s calender is such a joke

  23. The only t8 premium tank older than it is the m6a2e1. And the kv-5 is of the same age.

  24. I honestly think Lowe is better than E75-TS

  25. Thing is, that they only have had tier 8’s so far. Unlike a mix of 4,5,6,7 and 8 the past years. So you WG is not creative enough to find tier 8 prems to sell, so they go to the tech tree for “fillers”. Tho, it’s still not a bad deal. But can be considering the “end of the year” sales are coming that will make it as cheap or cheaper, making this day pointless.

  26. This year is crap.

  27. Tbh i rather play Lowe than E75 TS. I know that mobility is important but when I want mobility I pick meds or lights and then press the battle button. When I press battle button as a heavy tank I’m prepared that I will have slow gameplay. That’s what I sign up for and that’s what I should expect. It’s stupid for me that these days HT’s are almost as fast as meds. It kinda ruins the game for me. They mobility has become too important in this game

  28. Load the Skill rounds

    The last tank is rare but only available in the shop for real money can’t use gold. Isn’t that how it went last year?

  29. I have both tanks. They are good credit makers. I play the Lowe farther away from the enemy than I do the E75TS. They work for me. ” Peace N Love, Luv”—Ringo

  30. Löwe is one of my most favorite tanks of all time to be honest

  31. i dropped this by watching wot eu channel, my luck hits me when i dont wnt the particuar prize…

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