Day 11 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. Marthijn van Oorschot

    ” Time flies when you have shitty deals every day ” made me laugh so hard XD

  2. Wy the fuck t-44-100 is soo expensive!!!!!!

  3. Yes finally your video came out. 🙂 Holly shit 38.45GBP no thanks. i have T-54 Prot and it has amror.

  4. Do you think they will have better deals towards the end of the event?

  5. Circon what’s the background music?

    • Bogdicool Darude – Sandstorm

    • Mihnea Andrei Mehedințu

      Gunnar Olsen – Chaos . Check out the rest of his songs, they’re from Youtube’s free music library. I like late night snack as well, Peridot , Detour, Tremsz, Park Bench, Wandering, Plain Truth, Fly High, Haus Guest Champ, Hands Way Up, Barge, West Coast, and they’re more but I don’t know their name.

  6. hey thank you for this very nice series!

  7. I actually tested those side skirts vs HE, and it absorbs HEs pretty nice. I got it for free and it´s great tank, especially after buff. Pen such of course, but other than than very nice tank to play.

  8. Hey Circon, why don’t you ever use the “live” version of the armour viewer…it shows the actual chance to pen with the tank’s gun

    • It’s just Circon’s way of doing things I think lol. Maybe he prefers to see where the actual armor is? Anyway it takes only a few seconds to go check a tank so.. I don’t mind 😛

  9. Always thought Circon was Dutch, is he Swedish after all?

  10. WG has completely misunderstood the very concept of Christmas deals.

    • Only to us though, because they are very good deals,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for WG.

    • For WG’s top staff, I doubt the middle and lower tiers of the company get nearly as much out of these “deals”.

    • No they don’t have tiers there, they have caste system.

    • They do that everytime in every deal. And for them, Christmas means people get money – people spend money on games – people will spend money on WG’s special packs even if they are not special – WG will be happy by selling awsome deals to players when those deals are just pure stupid overpriced junk because reasons.

  11. Circon, Do you know if the LeFH18B2 will be in the Advent this year? Also, what are the settings for the targeting site you use?

  12. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    lol t44´s turret much better turret than tiger 2´s , RASHAAAAAAA!!!!…

  13. T-44-100 is absolutely overpriced because it had been a reward tank.

  14. now u made me wanna buy the first prototype…

  15. Thanks for the advice!

  16. I bay only 1 and no its not the defender

  17. “ADVENT OFFERS” nice meme, it’s a way for Wargaming to make the Christmas bonus for his employees selling overpriced bundles. Also the First prototype was on sale a few weeks back.

  18. T-44-100 : socialism ain’t cheap yo!

  19. 45€ for a Medium……r u focking kidding WG !?

  20. Not been tempted by any of these deals so far…

  21. Answered my question I was going to ask if it would be worth buying this tank because I already have the T 54 first prototype it is a beast but in the upper tiers it is kind of lacking but still a good tank only thing that drives me slightly crazy about the t54 is I wish it would go a little bit faster other than that I love the tank

  22. Yo Circon, thanks for those videos. Bought myself a type 64 after your recommendation yesterday, and Im glad I did.

  23. Object 140 Commander is Radio, not Loader…. T54 first pro. has right layout, T44-100 Loader you cant get view range with Obj140 crew skills.
    Every Tier10 Soviet Medium (140, 430, 907, t62a) has Commander as Radio operator, so T44-100 can train crew, but you cant use radio operator skills on it.
    Comment first! Watch video to end later lol…

    • I never undertstood the stupid crew layout of the soviets. T-54’s loader is the Radioman and it leads to Obj.140 and T-62A where the Commander is the Radioman. Only 2 or 3 mediium tanks from the whole tech tree have Loader as the Radioman, which is completely bullshit to get the right crew between tanks. One of the reasons I probably sold the T-54 when I decided to probably start grinding the Object 430 and get the right crew to use in the Obj. 416, 430 II, 430 and train it with the T-54 mod 1.

  24. Radio range overpowered !

  25. The deals where better last year right?

  26. The T54 Mod 1 is garbage in current MM. Youre almost never top tier and its useless against tier 10s. Id rather play my CDC with its derpy ass gun.

  27. 45 euro… because eFF you…not worth

  28. My first premium tank in WOT. Payed for it a lot, because it was in a bundle similar to this. It was expensive, but I really liked the looks of it 🙂

  29. I got the 44-100 on as reward tank. I bought 2 or 3 tokens fro 18 27€. After 154 battles I think it is better than the regular T-44. I did theese battles before T8 MM got shitty and before the tank got buffed. Shots hit maically easier. Mobility feels better, I guess because of resistances.
    The engine is somewhat weak, thats true.
    I think the tank is good for sonmeone who is a seasoned player with good situational awareness and map awareness. If you dont get hit that much it is a good tank. A good player can squeeze out alot out of it.
    It even makes better credits than the Skorpion G per same damage dealt. I think not only because of cheaper ammo per damage but also because of another credits/damage multiplier.
    I have:
    T-44: 54% WR on the grind to T-54
    T-44-100: 60% WR
    I got better as a player in between the tanks. But still I think the T44-100 is better.

  30. Why is FV2402 called Prius ?

  31. If they were the same price, I’d probably take the T-44-100 simply because of the mobility.
    I have the T-54 Mod. 1 and it just feels sluggish…but the armour is surprisingly strong and you can bully people in it if you’re top tier.
    (But how often are tier 8’s top tier these days?)

  32. The terrain resistance difference doesn’t matter because effective traverse takes into account the ratio between stock engine and top engine. Premiums have much better terrain resistances because their engine power ratio is always 1, and for standard tanks, it is always above 1.

  33. Apart from the meh t95 This seems like the most unexiting advent calander ever

  34. WG is a fucking joke, im so sick of them.

  35. Can confirm that T-54 First Prototype is a great tank for averagish players. Source: am averagish player; own T-54 First Prototype.


    This tank is not even that good. That price is just mental.

  37. 2:34… A wild beard learns about “advanced technologies”…

  38. I’m just waiting for the christmas sales and nab myself a Panther M10. I missed the window on the weekend sale but there’s time.. 🙂 Nothing in the advent calendar has even made me consider buying yet.

  39. “Time flies when you have shitty deals.” That’s sage wisdom to live by.

  40. sure but u never see tier 6 in t54 prot.

  41. you should see the advent calender on armored warfare i got 3 prem days and 400 gold and some other stuff so far

  42. Just giving the WOT community a giant finger! Wow.

  43. I 3-marked mine 🙂

  44. After all these lame deals expecting all the other teir 8 prem light tanks to drop when the update hits

  45. Bought the t44-100 last year. They just buffed it, and now gun handling and turret armor is very good. Dpm is excellent and mobility is good as well

  46. #Circonflexes new name #OPAF

  47. bought the t-54 mod 1 (first prototype) when it was first introduced, i really liked it as it was very capable at bouncing some tier 10 shells, like the e100 (yeah, i know it hasnt got the highest pen, but still)
    i havent played it yet though as i dont want to touch tier 8 at this moment in time, so ive yet to try it in the newly buffed state.
    Im kinda happy i bought it though. when the t-44-100 was introduced i was kinda annoyed as, at the time, it just seemed like a faster, less armoured but more capable mod 1, and i guess to some degree it still is. but the thing is, you can bully so many tanks in the mod 1 and its so fun to do it too, because people, even now, see the mod 1 and dont think, oh wait, that tank can bounce really fucking well

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