Day 11 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Baron von Limbourgh

    Ha, did it

  2. شكرا لك or ty so much Circon ^^

  3. Cool, Thanks man! :))

  4. I’ll be honest, I fucking hate this tank and I don’t really know why, but I do terrible in it

  5. WG version of Santa goes by the name of Dick Turpin, as always.

  6. Thank you for the hard work Circon.

  7. You recomend this? Must be a troll

  8. It's not what you think

    Thanks for the daily vids, dad.

  9. Les Geekeries du Lyche

    Number Juan ?

  10. “If you top tier for once in the last 5 hours” sums up the mess that is 357 MM atm. Havent played any tier 8 premiums since 9.18, they just not worth the money until WG change the MM template. Being bottom tier 80% of the time grows tiring very quickly even in the better premiums.

    • This is 100% true. I can’t really recommend any of the tier 8 premiums until mming changes, at least for average players.

    • That is exactly why it’s worth to play ONLY tier 8 prems, not the very bad ones, but even if you have a mediocre game in +2mm you get a lotta credits and xp. Why suffer with regular tier 8s when you can at least justify the suffering with prems.

    • Some of those tier 8 premiums have a tier 10 gun or turret – or both. It’s how you make more money because you can penetrate tanks which are two levels higher than you. You can put a good crew inside of a premium and you’re playing against a lot of tier tens which have noob crews. Most people aren’t spending 2500 gold to swap crews into new tech tree tanks they get.

    • +userful1 no they can keep the silver, i think i speak for a lot of people when i say…to hell with 357, bring back pre 9.18! and make the game fun again.

    • Yeah, the gaming experience is just terrible. 240 alpha guns vs. 390 alpha guns, ugh. And with the special events they’ve been having lately, it’s not like you actually need to seriously play this awful tier anymore to have the silver to play fun tiers. I’m not going to tell someone to pay real money to dump hours into an aweful gaming experience just so they can make more fake money. Wargaming can grow up and fix their game.

  11. i would love to buy this, but the mach maker say’s…NO!, when it is working like pre 9.18, then i put money back into this game, 80% down 1 or 2 tier’s is total BS! [why pay to get your ass kicked?]

  12. Thanks for the daily updates. One minor datail about the T25 Pilot, I get ammo racked a lot in this thing, but that could be just my bad luck. Maybe using a large repair kit would be an option. Or even better don’t get shot in the first place.

  13. The T25 Pilot is not the worst tier 8 medium in the game. But that’s about the only good thing about it

  14. @Circonflexes help, why does my t20 3skill bia crew make the stats of the t25 pilot 1 worse ?! shouldn’t regular crews be able to drive premiums at 100% ? or is it a bug ?

    • mind giving a serious answer ? +Mark West

    • you are probably just looking wrong, but if not it’s a bug

    • nevermind +Neft J my crew is 93% not 100% / just noticed, it’s true what @Mark West said, my brain was bugged, sorry, dunno how i didn’t see that.

    • Luis Fernando Rubin

      At least you didnt get **** up by a mistranslation like I did. Back in the days, some “special” guy in my server translate the premium shop wrong with this words: “you can put your soviet crew from any tank in your premium without penalty”, so, I saw the SU 85I was really cheap and I bought it. Next, I put my KV-1 crew… The result, you guys can guess, right.

    • I don’t believe there was anybody who did not goof up in WOT at least once, so everything is fine, it’s fine! +Luis Fernando Rubin

  15. You already recommended the Lorraine. Can you not remember from just 9 days ago?

  16. FINALLY someone else loving this tank…everyone besides me in my clan hates it

  17. Review is spot on.

  18. Θέμης Ρίζος

    this tank seems nice but i already have t26e4 and m4a3e8 thunderbolt for crew training so i dont ned more i will keep my money for somethig better but this tank seems nice and balanced its like a tier 8 t20 so i might buy it in the future

  19. Why is it always with a damn crew that I don’t need !!! Why WG !!!???!!! Why ??????

  20. they could add a new perkskill for your driver which would improve your engine in hp

  21. TFW you want to make credits in a premium but food is required for max view range. FeelsBadMan

  22. Recommend for what? It was a decent tank before 3-5-7 MM , now it’s just mediocre at best .. waste of money imho, both T25 and Patton Korea

  23. I don’t know about the Pilot… It feels so slow. Both in the acceleration and especially the track traverse…

  24. when will YouTube understand I don’t care about FIFA? How many times do I have to skip it?

  25. Well yesterday I played some tier 8 and mm was better yea I saw some tier 10 but not that much, I only got few times 3/5/7 when I was top tier and most of them 5/10 idk what happened maybe bcs of that patch who knows

  26. Luis Fernando Rubin

    I get mine in the marathon thing, was my first tier VIII premium and I love it. For 6 months, then new MM happened.
    PS: You know what I think about this video?

    Really, really nice.

  27. Isnt primo victoria better?

  28. So when do you think the 2j will be sold?

  29. I hate it. Bad damage. Bad armor. Does not move. Semi ok depression, pathetic turret.

  30. That was a MUCH BETTER marathon than the ones they are doing these days, but people complained about it, and now we get this grind-your-ass-off-for-a-discount-on-a-very-expensive-bundle marathon. Btw Circon, it was the one where you had to do a different mission each day, some of them were very easy, some were not, but you actually had a chance to get it for free and not ruin your real life. I think it was 2 weeks, but you only needed 10 days(10 missions) for tank.

  31. This tank is really good but buy the M4a1 Revalorise, much better.

  32. I’m just missing the good old music under these videos 🙂 ( i don’t know the track ID)

  33. The only tank i ever bought! Not that this tomato ever new how to play it though /snicker

  34. tanks gg list 7450 gold, good thing it’s on ‘sale’ for 7750 in game

  35. Got it for 5 euros… would have rather bought a tier 4

  36. I can recomend it too. For some reason it just works.

  37. Speaking of MM, been playing on the Asian server a little. no 3/5/7 games yet, quick load ins. All either single tier (at Tier VIII even, though in a SuperP) and pretty even top and bottom tier on 5/10 and 7/8 games. Makes for a whole different game. Hopefully WG doesn’t screw the pooch and decide it doesn’t work.

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