Day 11 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!

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  1. Ah, the tank that started the controversy.

  2. I agree with all of that.

  3. This was the start of a long series or really bad decisions by WG. It was almost as if someone just said f*** it and tried to ruin the game.

    • I would argue the start was probably the patriot followed by the defender. No other tanks before them had the level of power that they have, and retain through all the patches.

      Another argument could be made that the template system was the true dawn of terror as well. Anyways, the chrysler was just a bad choice and brought nothing positive at all to the game except a method for the rich as fuck to stat pad at tier 8.

    • It was nered badlly… still good to plaz

    • Well, this person have clearly succeeded. Balance is a complete clusterfuck since

    • No this was long after the start. Foch made that video because this was _another_ one.

    • @Blur 410 Type 59 ?

  4. no. because 198 pen at tier 8 on a heavy. wait for defender or is3a.

  5. Am I the only one that the background music playing in these advent calendar videos reminds of an old dot matrix printer.

  6. Is there a list somewhere that ranks premium shells on the performance(dmg and pen)/cost ratio? Only out of curiosity of course…

  7. Circon, I don’t want you promoting this level of daily content on your channel. Its boring and older than Quickybaby’s freshest memes.

    • He’s done this every year… it’s a tradition at this stage, and people look to players like him, with reliable opinions for what they want to spend they savings on

    • It’s not meant to be funny, it’s meant to be informative

    • @Roskow said like a boss!

    • The main problem is that a lot of these tanks he has already reviewed or if he has not reviewed them in their most current form has done a disservice. And yes I am aware he’s been doing this going on 3 years or so now. If those dedicated people who watch his streams need another extra meme on top why don’t they just rewatch his old review video from a few months ago or something?

    • He’s not reviewing the tanks, he’s reviewing the bundles….

  8. Well I have over 8k bonds and I am not sure about buying Patriot. Is it worth it? Or should I wait if they change the content of the bond store to buy something better?

  9. SirFoch disliked this video

  10. I got it for less than 30e with 30days of premium like 6months ago

  11. This tank was the Last Jedi way before that movie came out.

  12. I would only buy it if it had a SirFoch commander (with voice over) and skin on it

  13. Funny how we called that tank OP years ago.

  14. Get Patriot or Renegade before this. I bought it when it first came out and not sure what all the crying was about it was never that good.

    • It was never any good because of the goldspam. People see the Jesus Chrysler in the enemy team and get mentally ready to shoot all their gold at it..
      plus the shit pen if you don’t 22 as well.

      Never bought it but penning the turret face with 122mm HEAT is somehow funny to me so I do it whenever I see one in my T-10.

  15. Throws slice of cheese on 4 head

  16. Nonononono we don’t need more of these. Holy shit these are so awful to fight against. Every. Single. One. Spams. Premium. Ammo. They are a nightmare to pen thanks to no weakspots. Literally one of the most pay to win tanks in the game. Christ they do not care about the health of their game at all.

  17. m6a2e1 is a way better purchase that does basically the same thing but better and is more flexible, and it has pref matchmaking. I will be shocked if they dont put it on the calendar

  18. If WG fixed the ammo pen the CK would be a decent tank, but its absolutely useless in tier 9/10 battles unless you use prem ammo and want to lose creds.

  19. SirCon…. when was the last time that you played a tier 8 tank against tier 6’s…. I have been playing tanks since 2012…. I have NEVER been against tier 6’s… always 8,9, 10’s

  20. IMO the Renegade is better. It trades the broken armor for literally everything else. I have all the premium American heavies (including the T26E5 and T34). My order is like this:
    Renegade (barely) > T26E5 > Chrysler > T32 > T34.

  21. Load the Skill rounds

    That pen value sucks, E5 or Patriot all the way!

  22. They gave me this tank on a rental. Fuck this tank. I will never play it.

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