Day 11 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 11!

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  1. why every tank so shit

  2. If you want a tank with terrible penetration that can’t fight other heavies without loading gold, look no further!

  3. wow very rare, wonder why

  4. I will wait for the samoa 🙂 probably the only tank I will get this advent, wanted it for a while. They had it last year but they offered it before the lootboxes so I had no gold, glad they didnt stiff me this year too.

  5. When you pen lower plate you can kill drive, damage ammorack and hit the engine. SO yea

  6. Agreed, regarding limited match making.

  7. it’s the WZ huan huan huan ^_^

  8. I would love some more T7 preferential MM tanks like the panther m10

  9. I have the regular WZ, love that thing. I never use HEAT and I’ve got 2 gun marks on it, you can play this as a heavy medium and slap everyone. You can also absolutely bully lower tiers, the DPM is really good and frontal armour+high speed makes it a ramming machine

  10. Everybody knows the matchmaking should be +1 -1 over the whole game. But Wargaming are twats and will never admit that +2 does not work. Try fighting tier 7 in your shitty tier 5 tank. 80% of the time you may as well not bother playing.

  11. Limited mm means less blatantly op prems that are better that the tech tree tanks

  12. Damn, I was hoping it would be the Lorrain 40t

  13. Good stuff as always <3

  14. For me, the 112 is just a better tank.

    The armour layout is way better.

  15. There are 27 Limited MM tanks. Tier VII has: Panther/M10, T23E3, (Both mediums), E25, AT15A, (Both TDs}. Tier VI has: TOG II*, (Heavy).
    As an aside, when the British put an asterisk, “*”, after a tank, it means it has an add-on. In the case of the TOG II*, this tank has added on gausers to the tracks, so it can travel faster thru mud & over muddy trenches used in WW I.

  16. Yes, the transmission is front mount, but also yes, thankfully you wont takes fires (without super super high pen going all the way to the back of the tank and hitting the engine itself).

  17. Yes Circon, I miss seeing new pref. matchmaking tanks. Although I do understand it’s to help the MM deal with the ever increasing restrictions. Having said that… there’s also ever more players so one or dare I say two Pref.MM tanks a year can’t hurt? and if they’re comfortably bad enough to make the Pref.MM required, but also good enough to help when top tier. Proper tier 6.5 or 8.5 so that they *will* sell, but aren’t broken.
    FCM 50t is still my favourite tank in the entire game. I also love my AT-15A even if she stresses me out some days… Fun tanks, but just not quite good enough to want to see 2 tier’s (Usually because of low pen).

  18. What is with that high price?

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