Day 12 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. First

  2. We need better than 15% this is not even a special 🙂 Great Video circon <3

  3. 360p squad.

  4. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

    5th first?

  5. This is cheaper than the lorr 40t and almost 2x better. Ya fucked up Wargaming!

    • Meta Cube You have better tanks for the same money, the tank is highly disappointing and very easy to take out due to the shit alpha and gun stats.

      Telling multiple unicum streamers that say the exact same thing to git gud isn’t going to help you here buddy.

    • bullshit, thetankingGamer is right, you should git gud.. this is not a bad tank by any stretch of the imagination, certainly one of the better tier 8 mediums out there

    • So show what are the better t8 meds out there ? Super pershing ? :trollface:

    • aBananaBread It’s not, 230 alpha, 6 seconds of reload and relying on hull down positions in a slow medium makes this a bad tank and will have low carry potential.

      On top of this there is no tier 8+ tank to train a medium crew for unless you train them as a heavy crew if you do not want to waste credits or gold.

      Buy the STA-2 (best all rounder) so you can actually train a crew for a line and buy the Centurion I for the PV experience.

      Good alternatives are: T-54 FP, French Ravioli tank, STG or the Lorraine.

      Again, I average 3k+ WN8 with a 65% WR in my games so it’s pointless to say I need to know my shit about the game.

      Edit: PV has 230, not 240.

    • Meta Cube Read the reply to Banana for better alternatives, I’ll stop arguing now because it’s useless to do so versus people that don’t care about the arguments.

  6. Through the gates of hell

  7. What song is that

  8. 36€ actually here in germany

  9. I bought this cause my in game name is literally Sabaton lyrics. Do_Glatem_Live Maximum fanboy achieved.

  10. I just have one thing to say LUL

  11. From the gates of hell.
    As we make our way to tier 10
    Through the gold shell fire
    Fucking E-25s!

  12. Why should I pick this up if there is the FV4202?

  13. Shame many make the choice to buy or not to buy in the mornin before work.. Any1 know any1 else reviewin these tanks at an earlier time??…

  14. The prices are soo crap. RIP good old days when if we had a discount, everything was 50% off

  15. £51 pounds for the bundle…. I should buy 2 it’s such a good deal ?

  16. This was the best prem tank right after Skorpion in 9.17 (and I bought it for 15€ with free 30 days prem acc and LTP as a bonus LOL). Now it’s ok-ish, but the alpha is lacking.
    Revalorise is love, Revalorise is life

  17. And remember that you get a free crew with it. You can use this crew in any swed med

  18. Too bad there are no top tier Swedish meds

  19. Strv 81 has only four men crew – maybe worth to consider since five is nonsense whereas four works.

    • Except that the 5 you get are a 0xp BIA crew, which if you didn’t get the Swedish female crew members from the missions they offered, this will give you 5 BIA crew members instead of 4. Of course since they haven’t released the Centu-……STRV 81 as a premium we have no idea on the pricing or what crew it will come with.

  20. “Hull Down”
    Where ? Where in this game is hull down ? Maybe 2 or 3 spots on every map. And then….what are you gonna do ? Stay there hull down all game ? While the combat passes you by ? You always gotta move on eventually and the hull down combat lasts maybe 1 minute then you are gonna die like always. Hull down is an over rated ability usually cause you get artied anyway

  21. Nice vid as always, answered every query I had. Still mulling it over in my head… looking at it’s a Cent 1 with APCR standard rounds and a better power to weight ratio, dunno if there’s much point in it beyond that because no proper Swedish med line….

  22. Tier 8 MM “being fucked” is blurring the issue of Tier 6 MM. Tier 6 is the new Tier 8 when it comes to bottom Tier games. There are many Tier 8’s I’d rather be in (thanks to no accident power creep) playing vs Tier 10 than there are Tier 6 playing vs Tier 8.

  23. Still waiting for the Jagdpanther 2 “Rammstein” edition.

  24. Just imagine if EA and WG made a pact….. It’ll be like a micro transaction apocalypse!!!

  25. Calendar is such a joke haha

  26. :O Circon hasnt got the 103B yet? What is this sorcery?

  27. It’s just a shame that it’s *YET AGAIN* a tank we’ve seen on sale multiple times throughout the year instead of an actual vehicle we rarely see on sale.

  28. If Wargaming releases a Swedish Medium line, im a happy man.

  29. Seriously? The Saba-centurion? I earned several of their logos when the tank first went on sale and I wish I could trade them in for…anything that wasn’t them.

    So far, nothing in the sale has felt really “indispensable”: I did want both of the two Shermans that have been on sale, but I found I could let them go with no problem. The only anticipated tanks that I want haven’t shown up yet. I am definitely ready to grab an AMX 1357 if it shows up and I would certainly take a second look at a blackdog, but otherwise, so far, this advent sale has been a season of “meh.”

  30. The Sea server has this to do the other servers have it ?????

    • No. Afaik the Pz. IIJ has never been sold in the NA premium shop, it was only available as part of the boxed game. I would imagine that someone at WGNA made that decision to keep it out of low tiers to try to retain players, something the NA server has had issues with for years.

  31. Honestly if you’re still playing this game you are a mug of the highest order

  32. Call it, “Zero XP BIA”

  33. IT is well over $50 AUD here in Aus – Yeah Nah, I’ll skip it thanks….

  34. Linked gameplay video. Good idea 🙂

  35. Sexton I for 25th day for a Dollar
    Chieftain MK VI for 499.99 Euros/Pounds/Dollars with no extras, you have to buy garage slot for 100 Euros/Pounds/Dollars and crew is limited to this tank only.

    • Sexton I, only idiots and chinese are going to pay that much money for a vehicle that completely exemplifies the British top tier heavy line by having completely garbage armor on everything but the turret, and even that has easily exploitable weak spots.

    • Sexton 1 is great crew trainer 🙂

      As you are an idiot, there is hope that Wargaming starts selling Sense of Humour bundles.

      You must also suffer from BSSD xvm illness!

      Big Stats Small Dick

    • Yes, I am aware it’s a good crew trainer as I’ve used it to train a crew for the FV304 and the CGC.

      Not sure exactly why you’re calling me an idiot considering I answered your question, and said absolutely nothing about stats? I mean I understand it was meant to be a joke, but I did answer honestly because the tank is available on the Chinese server for even more money than what you would be offering it for, and I was just saying it isn’t even worth that much.

  36. Well when it comes to the P. Victoria its stuck with its same color scheme. WG has said that It cant be customized.

  37. Given the Swedish tech tree, not worth it as a crew trainer IMO. It’s $44 USD on the NA server but it’s still too much at half that price.

    • I’d probably pick it up at the 30 mark just because it’s a better British Premium than the FV, but not any higher than that. You’re completely correct in that it really loses a lot of worth for it not ACTUALLY being a British crew trainer and set on a line with only 4 mid tier mediums.

  38. 5 down votes? Who are you people and what are you trying to say?

  39. Am i the only one who noticed that STRV 81 has only 4 crew members and Primo Victoria has 5??

  40. What do you think the odds of the Defender going on sale during Advent ???? I would like to know

  41. Note: the camoless version of this tank doesn’t just lack camo, it also lacks a radio operator – just like all the British Centurions.

    In that sense, to keep the tank consistent, perhaps they should have chosen Abba instead. 😉

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