Day 12 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. I was literally going to check if you uploaded 5 sec ago ?

  2. Perfect upload during lunch:)

  3. ~ WOT PC players , search for Skorpion G wot blitz container . Its ridiculous .

  4. i’m going to wait and gamble on getting this tank in the loot boxes. What could go wrong?

    • you’l probably get Kv 220 and m4 wargameing improved and nothing else

    • And spend almost €100 before realising you’ve could just bought 2 regular premiums

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      +Wachira Narongsack Lol, that’s true. I personally wouldn’t buy the boxes for the tanks. If I’m going to buy them this year, I will think about getting hugely discounted gold + 4 female crew members and maybe some tanks, that I don’t care about. Last year, when I did the math, I found out, I got pretty much twice the gold, that I would get if I bought just the gold. Didn’t get any t8 premium, but that is fine, because Hype 59 is overrated IMO and I didn’t really care about the rest. Maybe Lorraine, but who cares really?

    • +Brakhai Warframe – CZ eh never happend to me before he… Heheh…heee… ?

    • +Brakhai Warframe – CZ overrated? Wut? The best tier VIII premium in the game?

  5. When I 3 marked it I used both optics and binoculars, because I don’t really see the reason to have enhanced gun laying drive on it. Then you don’t need to have food, but of course it is just better with it…

    • yes – that is probably a good idea. I now have a camo net – but this thing only somewhat useful if I don’t shoot – and shooting is the whole point of the tank.

  6. Ho boi, i feel so good since i stopped playing

  7. Last! PogChamp

  8. €49 can piss off, this is the one tank I wanted but not for €50!!

  9. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Save money for lootboxes, it got a “chance” to drop, can be lucky and get Defender and this IS-3A, also, dont forget the E-25!

  10. what do you mean? with food you can get to the spotting range cap if you have 360 base view range, you just need a 2 skill crew, coated optics and vents…. never mind, i realised as i was typing this that the scorpion cant have vents… but it might be possible with improved coated optics and a directive

  11. this tank wouldnt be no where near as op if it didnt have such good gun handling and damage. Its really a tier XI tank, not a tier VIII

    • I tried to outrun one in my HWK – on Westfield. That was quite a challenge – and when I finally got off his radar, I was already at the edge of the map. Eventually he snapshotted me too… :o(

    • its the very definition of gun that performs well one game, awful next. gun handling can be poison+Alpha Niner

    • Tier XI (11) or tier IX (9)? I buy calling it a tier 9, but not tier 11. 🙂

    • +copeyhagen cope Nah, for me it’s sick every time, like sure, there are some annoying misses, but mostly at long range, where people forget that accuracy is way worse, because it’s given at 100 metres. Nothing compared to the 150/155/152 guns, they troll you to hell one game working, next game utter dogshit. This one is more like working reaaaally good and next game just ok, still not bad.

    • It got absolutely shit gun handling, that, the armor and the size/camo is the only significantly bad things about this tank.

  12. Let me see…there will be a x2 XP for every victory, and then aaaaall the bonuses from xmass tree…holy s***!!!

  13. I feel like the Skorp has 2-3 times better acceleration then the SU-130PM, most likely because of the ground resistances, but while moving, i’d say the skorp and su are pretty much equal.

  14. i have 4 skill crew and 5 skill on 67% , but i use ramer coated optics and binos , and work very nice , i can do suport, spoter and sniper depending the situation

  15. But doesn’t the SU-130PM have worse terrain resistances compared to the Scorpion?

  16. @Circonflexes, I think you might consider saying the bundle is worth it to those that are grinding and don’t have a crew for that particular line. I picked up the Loraine 40T bundle and have been using the missions to train Medium French crews because I haven’t gotten to the Bat Chat vehicles yet.

  17. U think they will introduce some tier 5 or should i spend my 2.5k gold on boxes hoping that i get the kv 220-2

    • Sry to disappoint you but you can’t buy lootboxes with gold – just with real money in the premium shop. Atleast it was like that last year.

  18. Binos , no food is how I play and I make a lot of credits. I can still play Agro when the map or situations allow

  19. I was twmpted by the G but not for £50 and ive just got the 130

  20. Circon top 100…listen to him before anyone else

  21. I got this tank for free like 2 years ago

    • +BengalinTiikeri There was an event where you needed to play 5 games with a tank and you got placed into a leaderboard based on your average experience in those 5 battles. Each tank had its own leaderboard and higher tier tanks had better rewards. I managed to get 2nd place with amx30 so I got the scorpion G as a reward. I think tier 10 tanks had a type 59 as a top 3 reward.

  22. Like he said great killing machine. But it doesn’t fit my play style.

  23. This is an OP td

  24. 6 skill crew and 2k games in mine-who cares about tier 10s 🙂

  25. I’ve been waiting for this monster. Now all I need is a leff and my collection of tanks will be complete 😉 ( well really stronk to OP tanks ) and on the flip side though, I’m not good enough to run food…. I’d lose credits hand over fist.

  26. GLD??? Swap it for binos

  27. AARRRGHH! Dammit. I knew WG would do this. The day before the loot boxes come out. This is really the only prem I want. I was going to take my chances on loot boxes, then get the Skorp if it came up in Advent after tomorrow. FUUUUUUUuudge. Only I didn’t say fudge.

  28. I think the SU-130 is better (at least i prefer it). its just a tad less mobile, it has better cammo rating, it is a smaller target, it is better at trading shot for shot.
    aaaaaand because it’s russian it gets a second roll on the rng table
    prove me wrong

  29. Got it at the debut by doing the god-awful set of missions (+ the t-shirt). Also got the Dicker Max and E25 that way.

  30. Why not gunrammer + vents + optics ?

  31. I use camo net and binos on mine. I also play it to make money, which it does with ease.

  32. The skorp is faster the su 130pm cant reach its top speed on its own on average iits as fast as a heavy tank

  33. Still better than the new SU overall.

  34. How is €40 on sale?! Have wargaming been taking notes from Gaijin?!

  35. Could be worse, they could be selling the E-25.

    … see you next week.

  36. I don’t really like this tank because of its bad camo
    And the skorp has better p/w than su130pm so I don’t understand why you think it shouldn’t be faster

  37. Thank you for the video! i appreciate your work, thank you

  38. Hello Mr. Circonflexes! I don’ know if you now that, but look at the ingame purchases in the russian server. You can purchase RHM Scorp. for 8750,- gold there, in the EU and in the NA shop it is 12.000,- gold.. Fair? Hmmm.

  39. I bought it ! first shot i ammorack a tier VI with 86 structure point left

  40. Loving your advent calender memes, there is just one little thing I´d like to point out and that’s the fact that most people rarely use food on their tanks. The reason for that is that the average player (casual player) can’t afford running Premium accounts. A lot of people people playing this game is in my experience students which almost automatically means that they don’t have any money. So just as a proposal to make your videos even more informative and useful, could you considder talking about the tank without asuming that the player equips food, and by those stats/capabilities rate the tank?

  41. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    If only it came with just the tank, I’d buy it
    Circon, you didn’t mention its 40 free XP instead of the usual 35. Thats the first time its been that high iirc

  42. Circon can you address the new and improved IS3A? CCs need to speak up about the new WG fuck up

  43. Hey Circon do you know if they changed the loot boxes rng from last year? When it comes out tomorrow?

  44. Yes i do feel like skorp g is faster then 130pm.

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