Day 12 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!

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  1. First!

  2. 100th view, yesh!

  3. It’s a good tank. Fun to play and THAT is the bottom line.

    • Cause circon said so

    • That dpm on such a mobile platform is nice, with HEP its epic… slaughtered one on one many a tier 9 paper tank with it due to that. Also unlike the say the LT it actually has a good gold round so its alot more flexible on city maps.

    • even now with all those wheeled lights? maybe for you is fun to play, for me any light tank game is a nightmare

    • I dunno man, I only recently got into light tanks but Im having a lot of fun with it. Sure theres a lot of competition for them now, both on the enemy team, but also your own. If you play patiently and assertively, but without being overly aggressive, you can often punish the enemy wheeled tanks and come out on top. I find that late game is much more important. If you have wheeled tanks on both sides and you have to compete for spots, just let them go out and kill each other and wait until 6 minutes in or later. Then you come out with full health, playing only a supportive, safe role until then, and you can clean up and dish out a ton of damage.

  4. I’m not even playing my lt 432 because of these motherfucking wheelchairs running around at 80-90km/h like headless chickens…I would have bought it, because I always wanted it, but fuck me if I’m playing this thing now to get killed by an ebr going 80 slinging HE left, right and center and hitting everything because balance.

  5. heh
    i got it for credits

  6. I’m not a huge fan of this tank. Probably because it requiring more skill than I have to play it well.

  7. I absolutely love this tank. HEP rounds are pretty insane against other lights and when you can flank heavies 102 pen is more than enough for majority of them if you are shooting from behind. It really makes a huge difference if you use them well. Also, with weight above 20 ton in brawls with other lights ramming is pretty viable, especially the wheeled ones. Pretty typical on Mines if you choose to rush mid at start. It’s usually my go-to premium if I want to farm some credits and have fun in the process.

  8. I d say this is the best t8 prenium scout with the LT. I prefer to play it with vert stab rammer and VENTS. Cause view range is not that relevant on most maps anyway and the DPM is atrocious if you can pen ( as mentioned especially with HE)

    • I use enhanced rammer, vents on mine, 3820 dpm is sick when you get the flanking angles or get a paper tank… Go a step further and use the crew directives and you break 4k lol. Its my try hard tank of choice.

    • @adamanthyz1 It caps out at 2,952 DPM with full purple kit, directives, full 5 skill crew, and food. Still really good, but it looks like you added an extra 1000 dpm on there by accident :p

    • @Anthony D I’m pretty sure he means HE DPM. Which is 3,033 already without any crew skill or equipment.

    • @Anthony D With HEP.

  9. It’s a good tank, but I prefer the HWK 30 for the better frontal gun depression, shell velocity, and view range. I think dispersion stats are slightly different between the 2 also.

  10. This thing shreds in the proper hands.
    I got mine for credits and I’m not the best player but damn I love 320 in the back of heavies and in light tanks with that monstrous HE rounds.
    I’m tryin to git gud with this tenk, I liek a lot.

  11. I thought for sure you completely forgot to mention the dope HE. You squeezed it in right at the end ?

  12. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I dont have it but i want it and i will not buy it now because i have not the gold and i will wait for the boxes to get gold if it came later i probably would get it. I like scouts and i like the tier 8 american premium that is far worst then this one by the way lol so it is good still

  13. Have it,hate how big and sluggish it is and how all shells are slooooow,the HEP is great though.Dotn recomend it though..its so bad against cars

  14. Jarrod Billenwillms

    Love this tank. Got mine for credits and havnt regretted it once

    • Same! Fun tank! I regretted the centurion ax I got after that tho. But hey my only 2 prems after playing for 7 years lel. I refuse giving them money.

  15. Has been powercrept a bit but still one of the better lights at the tier. Fair review.

  16. Fuck this! More TANK videos!

  17. I’ve barely 5k games under my belt, but bought this one last Christmas and struggled greatly. I eventually just put it aside until I get more experience. It has a high player skill requirement, and the wheelie bunch make it that much harder. I bought it way too early in my “career.” My crew skills are also schlecht, but at least I can fix that with credits now. I recommend inexperienced players not purchase unless they are willing to work through some pain and accept a low win rate with it.

  18. ‘HEP’ stands for ‘High-Explosive, Plastic’ i.e. its the US designation for a HESH round. Yet only the Brits get HESH in-game.

  19. I have both versions of this tank (black and non-black, because of the black-market deals) and it’s a very solid machine. The ammo rack is really fragile, but the gun means you can play as a support medium if the situation calls for it.

  20. its pretty good still but since the light tanks reworks its become a lot slower compared to equal tier light tanks, doesnt feel as rapid especially for active scouting, thinking the M41 90 is more suited to the passive spotting/ambush role with that DPM and ammo choice, HE is always good to counter wheeled vehicles and nice HEAT shells for thicker armour. mobility is still pretty decent though, top speed is really good but it takes longer to reach it. great view range and good camo despite its size, overall a decent package but really hampered by the bad shell velocity >.<

  21. blyak dog is gud

  22. when are they gonna break the match making with reselling the e-25?

  23. 5:30 …stop giving Wargaming new ideas!!

  24. I love playing the light tanks and the Black Dog is one of my favorites. Thanks for another great and informative video, Circon!

  25. High ping and stock brains usually ruin my sorties in lights so i go with armour.

  26. Every comparison of LTs with the wheelchairs just makes me wonder wtf WG was thinking all over again.

    I’d recommend the M41-90. It’s not the best, but it’s a solid light tank.

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