Day 12 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 12!

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  1. Already saw it live on twitch, but getting to see it again is even better and congratulations on winning the tournament.

  2. Notification squad here 😉

  3. Where is my 10 second video where you just say buy it? Lol

  4. Goes 0-70km/h in like 2 seconds and bounces everything. And destroys tanks tier 8 and lower.

  5. One of the best premium tanks in the game, still don’t want it.

  6. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Does wargaming even try to balance their games anymore? Every premium is busted overpowered nowdays and game balance with tech tree vehicles went out the window years ago.

    I’ve played this game for probably 2000 hours between 2012 and 2018 and I can’t even bring myself to install it again

  7. This tank is insane. When top tier / vs tier 8s you can use it as a medium with its dpm, tiny size and armor that can outspot and out maneuver its enemies. Once you learn the angles then you will see that it has better armor than most of the mediums. When bottom tier you can use it as a scout and it just destroys other scouts with its 300 he every 4 seconds while they have to be sure to hit you at a good angle to even pen. People complain about the ebr but the ebr has nothing on the LT. I put bounty equipment to make it even dirtyer. 3.9 sec reload. I actually run exhaust as well because you can shoot without being spotted at 400m ish vs alot of tanks like your a e25 cause the camo after shooting is so good. 12% ish

  8. Nice had just enough gold to buy it…. 😉

  9. Papa Circ with the CASH today! Great stream and to add to the LT-432…I hate/suck at lights but this plays like a med/light at T8 and lower plus can scout/flank in a T9/10 game. Much good. Such Wow.

  10. I don’t know if I should buy this one or wait for the Skorpion G Wagon

  11. I play the LT-432 like I am a tier 7 heavy that goes 70. Kappa

    • If they ever add South African wheeled tanks there is a prototype heavy (actually built) that goes up to 80 despite being 50 tons.

  12. Bought it

  13. Hey Circon isn’t the commander’s observation device or whatever extremely useful for this tank?

  14. A dev was talking about what they plan to do about arty after the tournament stream. Like having to be in siege mode, a warning for the player if a arty shot at him (giving a sec or two to get out of the way) and tracers making a return. AND a mini map ping for a arty that shot. You might be interested in it.

    • Russian quality game…so many patches, so many mistakes. They always make the ‘fix’ way more complicated then that it needs too be (plus their testing sucks balls, wrongdoings are still uploaded in the mean game).

  15. Honestly i always beat these things to death in my lttb and I never understand why but i delete people in 432s in my lttb

  16. Playing this game everyday makes me want to end my life

  17. LT 432 bouned so many shells from my Skorpion. Dont ask me how. I guess just a basic experience of facing a Soviet balanced medium light tank

  18. This is the tank that completes LT missions for muppets.

  19. Just buy it guys, broken op ruski tier 8 (actually tier 9)

  20. AusCan Plant Support

    Thanks Circon, out of all the streamers/CC’s I trust your tank choice advice the most, I watched this vid and promptly bought this tank. Cheers!

  21. Circon Team incoming next year 🙂

  22. Iiiiiiiis balanced

  23. I bought this tank based off Circon’s recommendation today. He was absolutely right. I’m not disappointed. This thing is awesome.. I use it more like a medium and it thrives under that circumstance.

  24. Can someone explain to me why his gold didn’t move at .31

  25. Somehow I already own it. Thank goodness.

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