Day 13 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. SU-122-44 is my favourite battering ram

  2. The other vehicle was the Rudy

  3. thanks for taking the time to do these!

  4. The Rudy is the fourth tank in the Berlin Quartet.

  5. i was waiting for the defender but now that i think about it i might get the is2….still have my IS love but i wouldnt mind having the same tank in prem and make a little more creds

  6. Last time I was this early, but girlfriend called me pre-mature.

  7. Nice p2w crew again.

  8. also note this gets 5 crew members…so if you are buying one of the Russian vehicles for the crew to retrain and move, this is the better deal. The IS-2 and the Rudy get fewer crew members

  9. So I can train the crew from this on a Soviet medium tank and then put them into this ISU premium with no penalty?

    • no you would get a penalty because they are different classes, can only use other russian td crews without a penalty in it

    • That’s what I thought but he made it sound like you can use any crew tank type from that nation, in this tank. I probably just heard him wrong.

    • ORANGE_KHAOS I think he meant that you can retrain the crew you buy with the tank to any other tank of that nation. Hope it helps.

  10. My first RW medal was with this td, problem is when you meet tier 9 ull bounce every shoot.

  11. Dear WG,

    AMX 13 57 please.

  12. A little sidenote to the IS-2 as an alternative free BiA-crew: unless I’m very much mistaken they’re different in that the ISU-122S has an extra loader. Both crew layouts have plenty of tanks in the USSR tech tree.

  13. So what you’re saying is buy a p/m10.

  14. So next three gonna be the rest of the Berlin Quartet and i got the other three for so long now,calendar still sucks,only one i bought was a non calendar,the Type 64,only tank i’m waiting for is the AMX 13 57 GF,otherwise i won’t buy shit,nice review btw.

  15. Mmmmmm derp stream today after this sale is on mmmmmm LUL

  16. You forgot to mean concealment. SU-122-44 has 6% bonus after firing instead of 2,5% ISU has.

  17. love these videos

  18. You buy this only for the crew,
    IS-2 Berlin gives you only 4 crew members,
    ISU-122S gives you 5
    So If you for example, want to put Berlin crew in your IS7, IS-2Berlin lacks 1 crew member, you have to put one girl in or something in missing spot.
    Also, ISu122 has 2 loaders, you need some gold to re-train it to other class…. dont know for sure, but think it is – 500 GOLD per 1 Crew to full retrain class and tank, be ready to cash extra 2500 gold only to retrain 5 Berlin crew for some other tank.
    Besides Girls, somebody can hAlp out and make a list of all ways you can get Berlin crew, how much it costs per what tank and etc… also what are best choices of tanks for putting in berlin/girl crew, If you put them in T62/Obj140, you can use same berlin/girl crew in T54-prot, t44-100, t34-85M, rudy, etc…

    • I’ve never seen the “requalify into another qualification for 500 gold” go on sale though… Are you certain it was ever on sale?

    • Very very rare, and “requalify into another qualification for 500 gold” never (i think)
      But in ISU-122S you have 2 Loaders, so you will need to drop 500 to convert one loader if you want to put them in IS7…

    • No you will not have to pay 500 gold to put them in the IS-7, they both have the same crew layout of: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Loader. You will only need to retrain them for either 200 gold or 20k silver. However Joe is correct in that you should NOT retrain crews to vehicles with gold, ONLY change crew qualification (crew position) with gold. This is also the only Berlin quartet vehicle to have 5 crew members, if you’re only looking to buy a single one of them for a single crew or 5 BIA crew members, this is the one to buy. However if you’re looking for more than 5 crew members, I highly suggest you wait until the bundle comes up which sells all 4 vehicles for the price of 3 of them.

    • WyrmVonSturm, the Bromwell also has 5 crew members, but the crew is British, if you need Soviet +1 skill crewmembers you’re fully correct that this is the best deal to make, as Rudy is slightly cheaper but sports 4 crewmembers.

    • Whoops, my bad. I forgot about the RO in the Bromwell. Thanks for the correction.

  19. The SU is better, it has preferential matchmaking.

  20. You forgot to mention the SU-122-44 still gets the old td camo, just like E25 and Dicker Max.. Enjoying these vids tho!

  21. Is the AMX 13 57 gonna be in the Adventcalendar?

  22. Circon, Love these vids. Do you know what happens if you buy this now, but already have it (Just for the crew)? Does the duplicate tank get sold for gold or for credits?

  23. I already have it. If i buy it again do i get crew and gold compesation for tank?

  24. 2 questions – do you mind carrying around APCR for Tier 9 battles, and are you a sanic the hedgehog speed freak? If the answer to either is Yes, then probably best to go with SU-122-44. Otherwise – this tank is a beastly beast.

  25. you never can go wrong with Russian accuracy

  26. ohh qb’s having a bad day cus omg getting crew skills faster than hes comet crew does is really unfair and un-british cause of action ?

  27. What do you think about WG selling only crews with full BiA?

  28. I do decently in it, but yeah, SU-122-44 is the far better deal.

  29. For some reason I do way better in the su-122-44 than this tank.

  30. Buy this tank for the crew, and then put the overpowered crew in the overpowered SU-122-44. Best of both worlds.

  31. Have both those TD’s I would say that Circ is correct the SU-122-44 plays much better (less situational) however for some reason I do really well in the ISU. I like both and play about the same amount because they are so different and I get bored in same play style.

  32. I love my SU-122-44. I actually prefer it over–and do better in it than—my E25. It’s hilarious whacking people for 390 alpha every 6.6 seconds, wiggling and bouncing shots, and laughing while (many) tanks try and fail to circle you. If you get into the right position, or face the right enemies, it’s incredible how fast you can burn people to the ground. If you run into someone you can’t pen, 122mm HE usually will get their attention–I carry 8 rounds or so, just for that reason. I considered buying the -122S just to see what an extra 200ish DPM would be like, but it lacks so much of what makes the 122-44 good that I decided against it.

  33. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves


  34. I would say, buy an SU-122-44, and buy a Rudy, and put the Rudy BIA crew in the SU-122-44…

  35. Would like to have the 122s just because you don’t see a lot of them around…but its like Circ said there is really no point if you have the 122-44. The 122.44 can do everything the S can do and more. Think I will hold out for the Crom B so I can sell the standard Cromwell and move my crew to another tank.

  36. To get camo on your Pz.Ic cost you the same as on a tier 10! Who want to spend 75k silver on camo for 100 games on tier 3? It pisses me off.

  37. Patiently waiting for the AMX 1357 gf

  38. Did you saw Circon’s stream today?
    There we see why it’s a good deal and better than before

  39. +pinguileo 01 It took like 2 hours but yeah

  40. so what your saying is every tank is 15% off…way to go WG can’t you do anything right

  41. No its not a “good deal” even if you buy a gold camo pattern you stuck with that pattern. For me personally I like the credit option because I could switch the camo patterns when my 7 days were up to my hearts content. Now you’d have to buy all the camos to do that. That’s a lot of cash I’m not willing to fork over to WG sorry. It’s very limiting at best and a money grab at worst. Also you cant use emblems with the presets.

  42. Im loving this series. Very informative and nice to have an unbiased opinion on every offer.

  43. Do you think since patch hit will we see the Russian tier 8 premium light tank (something )44??? Also i have both TDs inn this video and 122s is shit don’t buy it i brought for crew just buy rudy and is2 now in my obj140 with 4 crew skills

  44. Does pc have the ISU-130?

  45. 122-44 is fucking amazing… Face hug the fuck out of everything and use the 6sec reload to your advantage.. Especially lower tiers who expect you to have a 10+ second reload, so they get a nasty shock

  46. 14% XDDDDDDDDDDDDD omfg really omfg the definition of jew Wargayming XDDD

  47. So we know what 3 more tanks in the advent are gonna be, will we get the 13 57, Black Dog and the Chrysler Wallet Warrior as well?

  48. I got the quartet in a bundle the last time. ISU-122s is fine just like Circ said, but it’s the exact same gun as on the IS-2 AND the IS-2 has a turret. So yeah, wait for the IS-2 or the 122-44 later-on, totally, completely agree.

    As far as the new patch goes, not crazy about the clown paint, but messing with the camo is cool, I suppose. I’d LOVE to add cosmetic accessories to some of my tanks, as some of my Russian tanks don’t have nearly enough logs on them. Maybe when you’re running premium food and consumables, extra rucksacks or toolboxes actually show-up on your tank in-game? HIgh-octane gas? Maybe a different gas can? Of course, I’d like to BUY, not RENT those accessories and camo, Wargaming! No one’s going to keep them on their tanks if they have to keep paying for them.

  49. You know every sale this Christmas kinda sucks. I was looking at deals today.

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