Day 13 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Type 59 when?

  2. What good is the advent calendar when I’ve already uninstalled? 😮

    • You can watch an laugh at the offerings 😉

    • Well sir, you can install again and buy the 28562548374 boxes needed in order to get the NEW IS-3 A op tank and shit on every decent player that dosent have it, but wait, now with just €299 you can get the “Retard’s Pack” including the Skorpion G, Defender, Chrysler K, 105 leFH18B2, SU-130PM and the Patriot, so you can take a huge shit on the skill that players developed over the years, because fuck the player base.

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    • What good is commenting about calendar being no good for you if you are not even playing anymore?

    • Friedrich van Friedrich

      Andrei Cristian Great Summary.. im out WOT is dead

    • +Friedrich van Friedrich no its not lol we won’t miss you, go play solitaire

  3. I really appreciate your work ciron, these keeps me going. thank you sir

  4. I want this tank for crew training,but i wil buy it with gold,hopefully from those lootboxes 😉

  5. Looks like its dpm with food is still worse than the caernarvans with without food

  6. I dont even want to know how much money WG is making with this Christmas Special.

  7. Does anyone know what is the song that plays in Circon’s video’s?

  8. Didn’t bother even with scorpion G day before, cause I’m losing more and more interest in this game for reasons…
    I have some gold, so I gonna wait for IS-3A in calendar (considering how greedy WG is, it will be there)

    • Алексей Сафронов

      No way, my dude, it’s the main lootbox seller this year.

    • +Алексей Сафронов Yeah, got IS3A in second box, so I already have my present)

    • Well i bought 11 boxes and got the IS-3A in the 10th, but it was blind luck, i bought them for gold and premium days since you get more for the money that you would get by buying normally.

    • +Andrei Cristian Bought 25, the results:
      IS3A, kv-220, m4, camo for BC25t(the only tank from 4 I don’t have) around 8k gold, 20 day premium.
      Quite happy with the result and got quest levels to 10 right away too

  9. It’s the only Polish tank I have and I love this. Feels a lot like British mediums with good gun depression and it’s very slow. Even though it’s my only Polish, I like it.

  10. *50ToiletPaper*

  11. That review and link you provided is for the tier 9 50TP tech tree tank, not the tier 8 prem. The names are confusing, yes.

  12. oh boy im loving my 50tp protosheep

  13. polish line is trash

  14. I like how WG said it was “On par with the Object 252 Defender” Yeah, no.

  15. What are those large armor holes in the model? Oo

  16. It’s not Christmas until two things happen… I see Han Gruber fall off Nakitomi Plaza and see Circons advent calender videos.

  17. Funny thing – This tank has very similar gun handling stats to the ”bad gun handling” IS-3A

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