Day 13 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!

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  1. lol, 28 seconds ago

  2. IS3A incoming for Christmas Day! (even though I already own it)

  3. HELP — I got all three teir 8 meds in the loot boxes and I only spent 34$ – I think im dreaming wtf. Obj703, e75ts and progetto 46

  4. This monster is one of my favs tbh, really troll armor sometimes and a nice beefy gun.
    Also the 8 degrees of gun depression (10 to the sides) is nice as well so I really enjoy playing it

  5. I was just thinking that for all the Gold value these tanks cost you can actually buy some fun games like Transport Fever 2. Just a thought.

  6. Sure the best polish runner out there!

  7. I have about 50 games in mine, the meaty gun is fun at Tier 8 and 9. I found it a good purchase if you have not moved up the line yet… helps to speed the development of my heavy crews so they are competitive at Tier 9 and 10

  8. The Polish Defender! Just not _as_ bullshit because it’s not Rassian with their magic void armor.

  9. I ❤ Circonflexes . . . . and F#%* WG ! ! !

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