Day 13 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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Advent Day 13!

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  1. Day 13, day 13, fet your wargaming bundles while they are still warm and shitty.

  2. thank’s very much…do you think that the pz5/4 or type59 will come up for sale?

  3. Circ’s efforts deserve a comment. WG’s efforts deserve to get shot at.

  4. Thanks for the advice, sir. It really helps my decision making.

  5. the surprising part is that this tank relatively fun on console. but they dont balance shit on console as well…

  6. Thanks or sharing your input man. Do you live in Europe?

  7. I hope the Bobject 703 comes up for gold as I do suspect that it could be the final offer being cash only.

  8. Cheers for the info, had been considering this one as I have a fond spot for the tier IX rear turreted tech tree tank.

  9. Hey Circon nice tournament. Glad you was in the top 3

  10. I have this tank and feel its play able. Not the best and not the worst.

    • I dunno… When you look at the stats it’s kinda bad.

      But slapping people in the face with 490 alfa is a lot of fun. So I quite like this thing. I’m not sure yet whether I love it or not.

    • @monstro14 the gun is not good from a long distance, but close in brawling its great.

  11. Blackhorse Engineer

    Yup, the price of pixels lol

  12. Don’t buy it! Lol

  13. Good for city maps to hold one corner out for a whole game, thats it

  14. Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie

    I wonder, why don’t you ever recommend taking a bundle. It’s worth it when you don’t have a lot of gold, because the price difference is basically the price of that 5k gold, so everything else (credits, gear, missions etc) you get for free. I get it, you have hundrets k of gold, but I guess that most ppl buy the gold when they need it and don’t stock it.

    • if you want to spend extra money to get more stuff, just spend that money on the christmas boxes instead. you’ll get plenty of gold that you can use to buy tanks from advent and you might even get some bonus tanks/premium time on top of that

  15. Comment for algorithm ❤️

  16. Ah yes, another pass.

  17. This tank is mostly fun (SLAP machine) but if your aim is to keep your stats clean and “compete” then this is probably not for you. I seldom get “awesome” games in this, and most games are either me dying among the first on my team or being the last alive but useless due to the sucky mobility. Knowing how to micro your armor is crucial. 😀

  18. Thx Circ

  19. Don’t buy it, LOL. Great TLDR

  20. A slow tank that circ doesn’t want to throw a turbo on? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH CIRON YOU MONSTER

  21. And if you spam gold in this tank you’ll make sooo much money. Seen a lot of players make bucketloads of credits using the Premium APCR over the AP. WarShaming really messed with the credit earnings on this tank~

  22. I personally enjoy the vehicle because of the alpha but I can see why you should probably pass on it

  23. havent played tanks in a while now but i still look forward to these circon advent day videos

  24. Amazing tank for me. Average 2k-3k damage in this with my silly playstyle, and for the price? Totally a buy for me. Got it last christmas. Has served me very well.

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