Day 14 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Come on WG, boringass christmas stuffz

  2. For 40 euros you can buy a away better game than WoT

  3. Thank’s, good info as always! 🙂

  4. Juan Juan Juan

  5. I have the 112, love it, so don’t need it 😛

  6. stuff like this :3

  7. Thanks, just starting down the Chinese heavy line, was really debating on these 2. very helpful

  8. nice and usefull infos. thanks

  9. We just got an ugly looking version of this for free last month on the ASIA server

  10. I got it free during the event. Not a bad tank, not sure if it’s worth what they are asking for it.

  11. Would you recommend the object 252u defender?

  12. Day 14 and wargaming Christmas yawnfest continues….

  13. Goddam it give us the black bulldog already!

  14. I’ll take the mobility over the armor.

    I’ll also wait til Witch 3 is on sale again and spend that money there. Pocketbook will ONLY open for the 13-57

  15. Damn you, that was my line! “Mexican Tank” – everyones going to think I watched your vid then recorded mine now :p

  16. I used to have a 112, and back when trade-ins were available, I actually traded my 112 for a 111 because on paper, the 111 is better. While the 111 is fun to play, I kinda wish I hadn’t traded my 112 for it, as it is definitely more durable, and statistically, it’s not even that much worse than the 111, and the differences are barely noticeable when playing.

  17. Omg why did i buy it before watching this i thought 112 would be worse

  18. PLEASE use the “live” mode for armour viewing…. It shows the chance to pen and angling soo much better than the standart

    • Your not the first to ask this, but i dont get why? You get the raw number now, so you can see what will pen and what wont. VS
      Where does this 1 gun pen this 1 tank.

    • It’s a comparative thing, and helps at seeing what the effective thickness is on other portions of the tank. You look at the color and armor value displayed on what your mouse is, and you can estimate entire portions of the armor layout at a glance, or highlight the occasional pixel of a weakspot that could save your ass one way or another in a point-blank brawl.

  19. Dont buy it, theres better tier 8 prem heavies like this you could buy.
    Its basically an IS or IS-2 at tier 8 but with a little more armor.
    It has pref mm but you will face tier 9 more often than usual because the only difference is that your tier 10 matches get replaced with tier 9 matches. (Pref mm is useless now)

  20. Already have that shit for free. And man does HEAT suck on that thing. Forget e75 lowe plate or is3 pike nose.

  21. 112 is better 😉

  22. Circon, you could have mentioned the 380m view range which is pretty nice for T8 heavies, especially in comparison to the soviet HTs (IS-3, IS-6,…)

  23. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    come to us premium light tanks

  24. It’s a completely different beast with BIA and Food (credit viable, provided you’re not HEAT spamming) — Then again, the maneuverability is lackadaisical on all but street terrain in the absence of those + at least one maneuvability crew skill. Armor is great in IS-7 engagement ranges (HE spam to the fuel tanks while side scraping can light it, especially if presenting the right side) and the more acute angles for peeking corners with the pike may either cuck friendlies ideal stacking alongside you, or require you to take the outside angle (more exposure) — Arty will treat you like the British, and you will get penned like the British, stiff upper Glacis notwithstanding. If you like the aesthetics, there’s not much compromised taking this over the 112 (though the pure penurious Scrooge2Play option of training your crews on the Type 64 is probably more XP efficient > Credit income.)

  25. Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

    175 mm pen…. You can pen some tier sixes. What a joke!

  26. Its my Birthday yehhhhh

  27. 112>111 simple

  28. Henning Horn Galtung

    112 is my pic

  29. I could have shit out a better advent calendar than this. The only tank I have even thought about buying so far was the T92.

  30. got it for free twice…in a marathon mission dont see why i need a 112 when i have the wz111…

  31. I love my 111… but then I got her to get practice for the higher Chinese heavies and I feel she’s he closest to them all. Esp 5A.

    The thing is though whilst it’s not the best tank you either have to buy this or the 112 for a crew trainer for the heavy line.

  32. You will notice alot of Tier 8 tanks have Base 1,900 DPM

  33. The good thing about this advent calendar is that we get a review of a tank everyday.
    The bad thing is that mostly every deal so far sucks.

  34. Next Trash Day. Thanks WG…

  35. 112 is beefcake

  36. Got this tank for free on the ASIA server. They ran a special where you could earn tokens over a 2ish week period for the Alpine Tiger, which is a re-skinned WZ111

  37. My 112 got a praise!? I am in disbelief

  38. Juan Juan Dos es Better!!

  39. WZ-111 is a decent machine if you know how to utilize armour angling and hide the lower plate. The AP is decent, but the HEAT is very good (very finicky though, aim HEAT rounds carefully, and only as needed) I’d recommend vents, rammer, and then either laying drive, stabilizer, or spall liner. I personally run with vents, rammer and laying drive.

  40. I own both tanks, and the 112 is way more forgiving ever since they buffed the lower plate from 80mm to 140mm. Gun is more derpy, sure, but you can afford to aim while the Wz111 you aren’t really allowed that luxury.

  41. For those who didn’t get an Alpine tiger just get this instead

  42. What about the fires? Ammo rack true enough but 112 at least likes to burn more than I’d like. Does Juan burn too?

  43. It is pretty pathetic that WG won’t sell the Type 59. They keep selling junk tanks. The only special sales so far have been the T-92 and the E25. Most of the tanks they are selling are available multiple times throughout the year and are not special. These guys really know how to depress their customers.

  44. Juan Juan Juan

  45. wz 111 is unplayable has no PEN!!! !!!! bounce everything

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