Day 14 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Checking to see if todays offer is !


  1. French fries !

  2. Greetings from Bangladesh Circon. Last night stream I was very gutted to see you sooo upset. I’m glad it’s all been sorted. Hope I’ll be able to watch your stream tonight ? cheers

  3. Imma be honest, I bought it for the missions back during tankfest. The 3D style is sick.

  4. Thanks Circon, You know I’d rather watch your vids on the Advent Calendar then actually log into the game to see whats on the calendar.

  5. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    Soo glad after 7 years of playing my garage is full of tanks I like and I am no longer tempted to spend money on bad premium tanks or maintain a premium account.

  6. well, I got a Skoda car ad on this video. How immersive!

  7. Let’s be real here there is no such thing like buying a premium tank for a lot of nations just for crew training. Now that wg added crew xp books it’s best just to buy a really good premium tank and grind credits to buy those books that’s surely much faster way of getting your crew xp up for any tank that you want without spending a lot of money to get multiple premium tanks to train crews.

  8. Dude plz don’t leave the CC program before you have another safe job. It is better to not be in need while seeking. I know that leaving won’t stop you from streaming but I guess everything will just get worse and worse as for SirFoch.

  9. The tank is good if like me you only have the low tier tech tree tanks. Im using it to train my Skoda T25 crew. The gun handling is not so bad and its fairly mobile

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