Day 14 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Did ya like your own video? Also its abesli

  2. On the 14th day of Christmas wargaming gave to us, a cheese wedge.

  3. Thanks a lot Circ! you kick ass

  4. already have the s1 feelsadman

  5. or use grousers to spin like a beyblade

  6. Holy fuck I cant wait to try turbo S1 later.

    i find the tank really boring aswell but with turbo I might meme around a bit.

  7. I bought the s1 a week ago…

  8. I wonder if they will sell the Awful Panzer on the last day

    • Oh man, i hope so

    • My bets:
      They’ll sell that chinese medium with big alpha and the awful panther in the calendar
      I hope so at least, because we haven’t seen anything new in two weeks.

    • @RoQe yt the advent calendar list leaked like a week ago, and has been accurate bar one tank so far. I don’t remember if the chinese medium was in it but the Awfulp. sadly was not, my guess is that it will be next years well deserved reward

    • @Linus Goldring didn’t the last tank last year sell for real cash only? If that is the case I’d bet that the 703 is last day and the awful panzer is sometime later.

    • @Linus Goldring i know they didn’t add them, but it would be a first time they never added a new tank. And the entire leaked list doesn’t cover the advent I think, and has nothing new at all

  9. dont buy it, its horrible, its not flexible at all, its really boring as well, buy a tank with a turret

  10. Turbo helps a bit, but that siege mode still makes you feel so handicapped, might use it once every few months before I remember why I never play it.

    • Same here, since the meta changed to fast landslide wins and instaspotting from wheelies, the S Tanks really got out of meta

  11. I don’t like these too much but they are fair. What’s not fair is OP reward tanks, to me that ruins the game more than wheeled, arty or other readily available tanks.

  12. OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  13. @Circon you can compare em to the TECH TREE counterparts. S1 gun&armor are superior to the UDES.
    My advise to the loyal customers-> IF you like the mechanic, buy the premium tanks and DO NOT go with the tech tree. You get the FULL experience with the premium tanks. Do not suffer with the tech tree grind or “weak tanks”.

    • Udes has fare Better Camo

    • Udes has also better gun accuracy?. Or am I wrong

    • lol you dont know what you are talking about…udes 03 has 0.05 better accuracy…faster too

    • WG players, Grille TD has AMAZING accuracy? Or I am wrong 😛 Sad story short-> hidden stats can F the best accduracy in the game. Only STRV 103B tier 10 and S1 tier 8 PRMEIUM has GODLIKE soft gun stats. READ BETWEEN THE ROWS! But nice try. WG maked you look stupid again. About camo* If you scouts YES, if you SHOOT ->NO. Go play light tanks for camo. Faster ? This is THE CAMP TECH TREE. Where the F you are going? Dudes, 30mm armor is not that much, but you can bully Tiger 1 and all his 8.8 friends and all 90mm guns and below. This is a godliek tank in the right MM. Against tier 10, well atleast it makes CREDITS!@ puf Im out!

    • @ivan ivanov GG smartass.

  14. I have it and its great!

  15. Oooh I gotta stick a turbo charger on my UDES 03 – Thanks Circ 🙂

  16. got it in boxes, would never buy it

  17. I completely agree with you on the Swedish TDs. I tried them, really didn’t like the playstyle. They’re meant for a style that is way more passive than I want to play. To each their own, though, I guess.

  18. Nail on the head, boring tank to play. I put these camping TD’s one step above playing arty. Yawn…

  19. I use to hate playing the s-tanks but the turbo made them enjoyable.

  20. I play now for more than a month with turbo on it. For me than made the tank more fun to play still turret td are stronger

  21. One thing you missed was since its a tech tree premium tank its not being sold for 10k, its being sold for 8500 with %15 discount. Other than thaat its not a good money maker and its not as good as the tier 10 one soo only people who might get this thing is if they never touched strv line and they want to complete some TD missions with it..

  22. Idk I play these things hyper aggressive and I absolutely love it. There’s a reason they go so fast backwards and it’s not to red line camp just abuse your camo and you’ll be fine.

  23. The Sweedish Pancake is good

  24. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I utterly abhorred playing Swede TD’s, the turbo made them less abhorrent.

  25. WoT would be better off without these in the game.

  26. Jørgen Peter Guldfeldt

    I like it and use turbo charger. It’s also a good Moneymaker.

  27. Prokurator Generalny Dziura w Dupie

    I wonder if (or rather: when) they “fix” the issue with turbo working in siege mode.

  28. Swedish tiddies machanic sounds cool to me

  29. The tech tree version is better

  30. Should i buy the 50tp prototype or wait if the emil 1951 comes out???

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