Day 15 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Not going to lie, I keep watching these just to see if the event tank is the AMX 13-57

  2. A dog replacing the radio guy in wot hmmmmm sound decent LUL

  3. Honestly considering alot of people got a free 34-85M there is no point in buying he rudy if you own one

  4. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I really wish the tank with the dog was better :/ it has no armor why cant it be the one with better dmp or something

  5. Bought 25 of the modern gift boxes and 11 of the Chinese and got 36k worth of gold a Lorraine 40T, 14 days of prem. I actually got a duplicate skorp g and type 59 which gave me the gold value. Like $200 of stuff for $60. Best event wg has done ever. Trying to spread the word.

    • I’ve never heard anyone EVER say they got more than their money’s worth
      about Wot! i am so dang jelly right now, What are the chances of getting
      a SECOND Type 59? wow man, i’d say you’re pretty lucky.

    • You really do get your moneys worth, you get gold worth the value of the box and the tanks and other stuff you get is free on top, so for once wot isnt ripping you off 😀

    • anyone bought other boxes like 3 or 11 ? what did you get?

    • NA is now flooded with types lol. I think they might have messed up the chances or something….

    • Just bought 25 of the Chinese ones and got 3 premium tanks that I didn’t have, no tier 8 tho. only got tier 4’s.. Also got a shitload of credits, gold and days of premium.. so I guess it’s not too bad for 50$. But you might have just been very lucky.

  6. CAN THE AMX 13 57 PLS COME???

  7. None of the advent tanks have me excited so far.

  8. WG buffing mediocre tanks be like
    just a smidgen of gunhandling, dpm and armour. oh shit we made another OP tank. well i guess it’s too late to change it now.
    PS: I don’t think that the t-34-85M is OP, just that it’s better in every single way than the f2p counterpart as well as the rudy.

  9. Buy Rudy, put crew in t34-85m

  10. Thank you for your info. It’s fine with a quick summary of what the different tanks can do and not do. Gj.

  11. T-34-85M overnight became a new standard tank for T6 skirmishes and clanwars, says enough.

    • Well that’s good! Because i love my 85M 😀 What else do they use for T6
      CW? I heard the Skoda T 40 and the Cromwell B are the best ones.

    • Cromwell B mostly and Type64, not much else is used anymore.
      Occasionally Russian heavies are used as well at least in CW’s but that is about it.

    • Unless you have a turtle map, then we used OI’s. Crom B is still the standard. Fast boi stuff. We also used for the lols KV2’s with a mix of 107mm and derps.

  12. so… buy it for the doggo?

  13. Load the Skill rounds

    It feels bad that the t34-85m was made better than the regular one and the Rudy. Why can’t they make it be the one with the armour but less dpm. The Rudy and the regular t34-85 should be the exact same.

  14. The dog doesnt bark and WG said they wont fix it anytime soon.

  15. This Rudy is not to expensive I think and we do not know if that M version is going on sale either

  16. I did buy the rudy about 1.5 year ago..its a fine tank..BUT then, all of a sudden the decide to buff the T34-85M..
    making the rudy obsolete…so i also buy the 85M and never play the rudy anymore..great job WG!

  17. Rudy’s automatically worth it if you enjoyed the show she’s from!

    They broke Szarik’s barking for Sixth Sense a few patches ago, however, and never bothered fixing it…

  18. I 3 marked my t34-85m

  19. I thought you might have mentioned the Christmas tree, snowman, garage/house decorations in this vid too. it may be worth you making a vid on it as it is slightly different from last years.

  20. Nee nee nee Circonflexes, the dog doesn’t bark. I bought the Rudy because of it knowing the tank is bad. But i thought its fun but nope nee njet nein. En we noemen Wargaming dan ook oplichters.

  21. Really enjoyed the standard T-34-85 as it was the first tank I ever played(training tank) and got the free T-34-85M and this isn’t worth buying in my opinion as the others are far better

  22. can you explain more about this 2017 christmas event Circon? new player here but dont understand a thing, also will you be doing those box opening? would like to say the probability of getting good tank/gold etc.. Thank you 🙂

  23. Except for the T92 (kinda), there has not been a single interesting tank on this years calendar.

  24. Would love to hear your opinion on the christmas deals wg has this year. Especially the gift boxes.

  25. Will there ever be a shirt or hoodie sale?

  26. So how does it work with this crew? Is Szarik the RDO dog stuck in the Rudy or can he be transferred to another tank as well?

  27. T34-85M don’t have dog, so, who care about it ?
    What ? :<

  28. Is dog like any other crew member? If yes retrain him to be commander and profit

  29. You called my name?

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