Day 15 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. #1 best personal achievement.

  2. I wish they would sell something that’s actually good…..this is just painful. Also good vids Circon 😀

    • And then we just complain they are selling OP tanks and P2W

    • What would you prefer? LefH105? Defender? Skorpion G? IS-3A? I could go on. This community can’t have it both ways – sure, it’s WG’s fault for making and selling these but the community bites down hard on these deals and people buy loads, thus encouraging WG to continue selling these things. Decent/Average tanks on sale or OP tier 8s flooding the MM – pick one. Besides, the ISU-122S isn’t even a bad tank AND it comes with BIA crew. You basically just want WG to put nothing but OP tanks on sale. Enjoy fighting 4 SU-130PMs and 2 Defenders in a Tiger II in your ideal world man.

    • Im waiting for the T26E5 ngl

  3. I am enjoying this series of content, thanks circon

  4. What insane person would play this over the WZ FT? Worse gun, far worse mobility, far worse armor, worse camo, worse vr….

    Edit: Oh, its tier 7 lol, thought it was 8.

  5. Hey Circon what music you use in those kind of videos?

  6. Wargaming is cheating you, don’t give them money!

  7. I really appreciate all the content you put out on twitch and youtube, even though I don’t watch your livestreams that much 🙂

  8. It’s only good if you shoot premium shells , I noticed that using standard shells it’s not good at all

  9. You only Die when you get killed

    Isu122s has the best dpm of any prem tanks

  10. Do you get the BIA crew for 300 gold in this package too? ( The exploit?) @Circonflexes

    • yes – if you already have it in your garage – you get a new BIA crew if you buy it with in-game gold. But it only works once.

  11. Thank you for doing these each day. Helps in spending all the gold from Santa boxes.

  12. I have this TD… it’s pretty decent.

  13. Thank you for the content circon! Merry Christmas to you!

  14. Big advantage of this tank is the Berlin crew. Tank is meh and situational otherwise.

  15. I can’t help notice that I haven’t gotten my T26E5 sale

  16. funny how WG tries to boost their sales with pay to win elements (BIA crew), but nobody gives a fuck anymore, because everyone is used to shit like this in this fucked up game

  17. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    I just want the 13 57 xD

  18. Cool Circon, I like the short ones !

  19. “In case you already own the vehicle, purchasing either bundle will not grant you another crew.” –

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