Day 15 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth !



  1. Third Right Here!

  2. Very cool LT, but it almost feels dirty using it.

  3. “Everyone should have one for an even playing field”. WG business model

  4. wow an over powered russian tank?

    tell me more??

  5. Been waiting for this one. Surprised it’s not more expensive.

  6. Ending this year by flooding the mm with overpowered as shit prems.

  7. The LT-432 is better than the T-100 LT. It’s very similar but down at tier 8. I bought one months ago and did not regret it.

  8. If you haven’t got this tank yet er why not.

  9. after buying 9 lootboxes, and getting a gift of 3500Gold from a friend , bought it as my first tier 8 premium.

  10. Got this for the gold I got in 25 loot crates, which also gave me the Progetto, e 75 ts, a bunch of tier 6 and a few low tier tanks. PrietTy gOohD! 🙂

  11. Yeah. I had to open 220 lootboxes to get all Tier 8 prems. I now have 100k gold. I’m stocked on gold for like 2 years at least. I think I can spare 6.5k for an absolutely OP tank.

    • i opened about 190 boxes. Got the double barrel and the e75ts in the last 15 boxes. I already have the progetto and the su so i was happy. Im sitting on 47k gold and if my boy circon says get it, imma get it

  12. tier for tier, probably one of, if not the best tank in game.

  13. Circon can you review the new WG developer dairies video on balance changes

  14. Should I get this thing or wait for something better? I have 11k gold..

  15. I bounced a fucking jpz e100 on that hull
    It’s disgusting

  16. Circon you made me buy a tank … after a 3 year gap O_o

  17. Thank you, my Norwegian friend!

  18. For extra DA COMRADE mount improved vents, optics and rammer. Because DA COMRADE. Also, use a 6 skill crew. Because even more DA COMRADE. Stalin will approve and your lols will be many.

  19. its even better at the medium tank role than a lot of tech tree and premium mediums. *cough* russian bias *cough*

  20. I caved in and got 33 boxes. No tier 8s but maybe I’ll use gold for this.

  21. Bought a few more loot boxes than I wanted but I got the 703 and the E75 TS (already had the progetto). I’ve got 22k gold so I might buy this, but I’m not a huge light tank player

  22. I don’t want to go as far to say I don’t like it but I don’t really do that well in it which makes me feel just ehhh about it. 196 battles, 48% win rate in it, 1200 ave damage and 1k assistance and I hover around 80% in gun marks. Stat wise I’ve done better in the LTG with 100 less games. I’ll have it 3 marked here in probably 10 more battles give or take. I do have a 5 skill crew for it as I played the crap out it in Frontlines. Did extremely well with it in that mode but that’s a whole different play style than random battles. I’ll admit, I’m not a good light tank player. I play mostly medium and heavy tanks. Just now getting into TD’s and light game play. The Russian light tank line is the only line I’ve grinded so far and I’ve just unlocked the LTTB.

  23. just waiting for the type 62…

  24. Aww so sad I missed you tooning yesterday…

  25. Better heavy than the Tiger II.

  26. Brian gonna be like : “Mom! Credit card! PLEASE!”

  27. Lol i hardly even play world of tanks anymore and i want this damn thing.

  28. Well, I don’t like it. I play it because of how OP it is and because it’s my credit maker, but I have way more fun in ELC Even for example. 432 is really good but just so boring to play. It has no interesting features and low alpha, the only thing it offers is that it’s the best at everything.

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