Day 15 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. Watching a circon vod on twitch and bam, youtube curcon says hi

  2. Under appreciated prem right here

  3. Just bought the 60 rolls of TP, realized that I didn’t need a crew trainer cause of the events female crew. My wallet is saved. Praise RNGesus

  4. they put it on tech tree for gold but after 3 days or so somone said omg no and put it away, im gonna buy it i guess.

  5. what about gun laying drive, rammer, stabs. View range will tank a bit but the 2.7 sec aim time will go down quite abit

    • Gun laying drive is pretty useless for everything with aim times below 3 seconds and generally only good for sky cancer not having any other options aside from IRM.

  6. Basically a defender if it was balanced.

    • Rofl. Balanced? The Patriot has less dpm than this with a derpy gun and 240 alpha that (very often) hits 190 too. And the Patriot is way better than his tech tree counterparts, lul.

  7. I have it, it’s a good tank that I should play more.

  8. 50tp prot! This wasn’t on the “leaked” list but I’m totally cool with that. I had the 50tp as a rental a while ago and it’s a solid tank. For a while I had my highest base xp game in it. That was until I earned a higher base xp in the 53tp

  9. Comment for the algorithm.


  10. 60TP has broken HE? What’s different with 60TP HE compared to E100 or Type 5 HE?

    • Choppin my way downtown

      It does more dmg compre to both of them and the turret is straight better

    • @Choppin my way downtown their HE the same? Turret armor doesn’t increase HE damage.

    • @Molten Sh4dow Turret arrmor doesn’t increase HE damage but it gives u more opportunities to bounce stuff and be more dominant

    • @Andre Ramon I’m asking how are 60TP HE rounds broken.

    • @Molten Sh4dow … Because u can shootanywhere with HE and u will do 300-400 damage without penetrating arrmor or just seeing some tracks and stuff. And why it’s op? because u can peek or be hulldown shoot anywhere without aiming with HE and u won’t receive damage back because arrmor layout is pretty trolish with 60TP

  11. More tier 7 premiums please! Most fun tier to play! Just nerf the m44 a bit and it would be the perfect tier.

  12. meh as a browler, 
    i was face hugging one in my IS6 penning him in the drivers hatch with regular round, bouncing most shots from him…
    would have killed him if he didn’t have 2 buddies taking me from behind

  13. Do u think well get 703ii

  14. Idk why we dont see much of these. I have one and fuck me I really enjoy it. It’s well balanced and playing it is a dream. I have spoken.

  15. Should i buy this or wait for the Emil 1951?

  16. looks like the leak wasn’t 100% correct

  17. Would not recommend this one, the armour isn’t as good as it seems because it’s so low to the ground so everything just shoots down on it.

  18. Front tracks op. Can’t do dmg and track as it doesn’t have anything behind the front wheel of the tracks.

  19. It’s a good tank. I’d recommend it. It makes credits as well.

  20. Still want a pz II j

  21. I have the defender, is3a, and the 703 2 as well as this. And personally, I love playing this one more. Only reason I really play the other three is for crew exp for is7 and 277

  22. I to enjoy T7 premiums, wish there were more of them, its a shame because T7 represents a lot of 1945-50 tanks which is cool IMO

  23. circon using improved hardening in the damage slot, and bounty gunrammer in a normal slot… CLAPS

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