Day 16 Advent Calendar 2017!

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  1. First <3 Circon

  2. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Fuck no. WG just introduced “gambling”. I really hoped they dident wanted to do this. Im fine with buying tanks like t26e5. I also like wot cus theres no gambling over it. Untill now. Its time to stop!

    • Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

      So am i but still…

    • Last year you had the same stuff with the crates, though no Type 59 as a reward, different premiums were available

    • btw I heard some rumors saying they are gonna sell type 59 this year in the calendar. Im collecting tanks that I like their play style or their looks and t54 esq. tanks have the both looks and play styles I enjoy. Do you guys think there’s a chance??

    • Well it is “gambling” but just in the far sense because in average you do get a lot more than with normal prices. I bought 2 times the 100€ bundle and a couple of people in my clan bought it aswell.
      You get at least one tier 8 premium if you already have the one you got you get another one + a couple of tier 4 prems, you get 40k+ gold, 30+ premium days, 4k+ credits, insegnias and of course the decorations which is enough to boost you to level 10! So 100€ bundle is I think certainly worth it!

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm it’s agambling only if you want to get specific tanks from the boxes. Otherwise you’re buying a tons of gold and premium time on a discount + credits and ornaments for your hangar.

  3. Sebastien van Tiggele

    Wow i’m early let’s make a joke:

    The T-34-2 is buffed with going into HD to not be underpowered compared to the tier 8 premium Chinese counterparts and all other tier 8 mediums.

  4. got one in a loot crate last night +2.5k gold & 300k credits for £5.12 also enough xmas junk to tier 5 my garage, 1 female crew member, & another 3/4 mill in credits earned from selling free tier2,3,4,5, tanks u get for free & insignias etc

  5. Bought 3 lootboxes – got Type 59 #worth

  6. So you can get it in a loot box ?

  7. isn’t the standard t26e5 always in the premium shop?

  8. no thumbnail cmonBruh

  9. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Patriot is my 2nd favorite medium tank

  10. 100% better option right now to buy loot boxes. Personally I bought 75 boxes. Got all of the premiums offered. Plus premium time, gold, and whatnot. Spent 100, got a value of around 500.

    • I only got 48000 gold and 22 premium days… so it didnt even pay for the gold :S jesus… so so so crap

    • My budy spent the $100usd and got the 75 loot boxes but didnt get the T26E5. He got the Lorraine 40t and a few low tier premiums but that’s it. He already had the Type 59. Those loot boxes are a good choice if you want gold he got over 45k gold but there are no guarantee on getting the tank you want. It is a gamble remember that.Dont go telling people its a sure thing because it isnt.

    • even for gold You can get screwed hard!! I got ONLY 48k gold for 200$… and even if I consider the 22 premium days I got, I still lost money hard…

    • Went through 75 boxes and got about 33k gold, 5 million credits and a scorpion G but no Patriot or 59. Its still worth it for fun and got gold I can use to buy more premium tanks. Will wait for discount premium tanks that can be bought with gold.

    • @Helder Ribeiro You spent $200usd and only got 48k gold? If a person buys gold the normal way its $99 for 25k gold so although on the gold side you made a little less all the other things should have made it break even for you if you consider all the things the 75 boxes gave you. I would caution people though about these 75 loot box deal for $100. It is a gamble.

  11. It’s a great medium tank but then again T8 matchmaking so expect to get pen’d by a lot of T9-T10 especially if they press 2, you’ll lose whatever armor advantage this tank has and will feel like shit

  12. Would you make tutorial videos on Skills and which one would you chose for what job, and basic tactics on for each maps ?
    That would be amazing, and probably very instructional for everyone.

  13. Just get the loot boxes. 25 boxes got me lorraine and the dupe gold for the t26e5. Got 26k gold for $40 plus lorraine basically also credits and prem days.

    • ^ What this guy is saying is BS. Very few get that lucky. I spent £34 and got one shitter prem and some gold. The worst you can get is what I got, don’t waste your money unless you want to roll your luck for a 1/10 chance for something decent.

  14. I won the patriot from tank rewards xD

  15. Wg has Kind of screwed themselves over by selling the T26E5 today while
    there’s a chance to get it in the boxes, Which makes me curious to what
    the last advent calendar tanks will be, I’m still waiting to see the Defender.

    • Chandler Kristoff literally the only tank I’ll buy.

    • loot boxes are… well gambling… I boiught 150 loot boxes and did not get a single tier 8 premium, not a single one…
      Also… the gold I got + premium days DID NOT EVEN COVER THE COSTS!!
      Dont get fooled people… loot boxes are a FREAKIN SCAM!

  16. The loot boxes are bs. I see so many people on YouTube, the forums, and in game talking about how they only bought a few crates and got multiple tier 8’s. If you’re thinking about buying them, don’t. Like me, you’ll be the one they make their money back from.

  17. Fuck the Patriot. OP power creep bullshit.

  18. Still waiting for that 13 57

  19. i really wanna open some lootboxes, but i already have the patriot and i’ll be really fkn mad if i get the e5 as well 😀

  20. Hey guys, I’m no NA right now and after the patch, WoT’s performance dropped from no garage lag and 40-100 ping on the central to having 1-2 second’s mouse delay in the garage and who knows how much lag in game. Is this a common thing happening right now on NA?

  21. lol tf they’re still selling shit deals on single tanks and I spent $100 on loot boxes and got the Lorraine 40t, Skorpion G, Type 59, E5, Pz B2, Sentinel, T-28, 44k gold, 10M credits, 44 days of premium and god knows how many consumables and emblems…

  22. Load the Skill rounds

    Loved the t32 as a tank but was always frustrated with the gun

  23. i got 4 T8 premium tanks and 3 T3 premium tanks from 75 boxes today 😀

  24. Had the patriot for roughly a year now and have shot maybe 2/3 premiums rounds, they only offer 29 more pen, so really your paying 1725% of the cost for 11% increase of pen which is pretty insane

  25. Guys dont get fooled by LOOT BOXES… most people that post about loot boxes, post because they got lucky… the HUGE majority of people are not getting anything… Im on of them…
    150 boxes and NOT A SINGLE TIER 8 PREMIUM, NOT 1…
    *edit* also… just did the math… I didnt even get enough gold+premium days to cover for the costs…

    • Got scorpion tier 8 in previous 75 boxes. But next 75 boxes low tier tanks. No tier 8. Its a gamble and I knew what I was trying for.

  26. T32 version 2.0

  27. I can honestly say I’ve never faced anything lower than T8 in this tank. I only have ~100 battles in it but >50% of them have been T10, 30% T9, and the rest were all T8 battles.
    That said, the gun handling is pretty great. The armor isn’t what Circon is saying it is though, considering the VAST majority of your games will be -2 MM. You’re gonna get penned in the front of the turret. Count on that.

  28. Skorp Is the next tank !!!

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