Day 16 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. This should be caled “Nerve-brecher”

    • Marcis Urbans Should be “Never-brecher”

    • Let me tell you how…. a new player who has a tier 8 stock tank will see it in an enemy team and it will remind him the maus so he will pay for the super heavy premium then go to 10 battles to see his cupola been raped all time…

  2. I like dis tank

  3. Anyone know when the Emil 1951 is coming? Been waiting too long for that

  4. Why to they make this tank a premium,when the regular techtree VK 100.01P is better and it’s free XD

    • That is exactly what is wrong with premiums these days. They used to be weaker as their tech tree counterparts. Their purpose is to make credits, not to be pay to win as you seem to want it.

    • +Adrick Herregodts I don’t want it,never said that,don’t like those slow pathetic tanks.

    • +DutchDude68 But that’s not what you said.

    • +DutchDude68 EVERY prem tank should be worse than its fully researched tech-tree counterpart, that’s the gist of it. you’re not supposed to throw money at wg to get the better tank, but to gain a plus in crew-training and/or creditmaking – with a slightly worse tank so it equals itself out

    • cause fucking idiots like you guys will buy it, then cry about it, while wargaming staff enjoy their $90 cup of tea and coffee. eating donuts sprinkled with gold flakes. and wiping their asses with $100 dolla bills.

  5. I would like to have one for free but I can not see how someone would pay money for it.

  6. HP pinata for enemy team

  7. “For the price of a new game, you can get this one tank.” And there’s one of the reasons I no longer play World of Tanks.

    • same here. i didnt care about $50 premium takes in the past like the is-6 for an example. had good armor but a balanced gun. either make credits or lose credits for good game. imo thats how premium tanks should be. weaker then the tech tree stuff. premium tanks should only be played for crew training and credits. not to win. but people like us who opened our eyes and saw through the lies and jizz. wargaming throwing on us. but sooner or later the sheep will come aware enough to say fuck it and let this game die.

  8. I own this

  9. Don’t buy the ballbreaker

  10. Just imagine if the throw in a super secret OP TIER 8 JAPANESE SUPER HEAVY HE SPAM MONSTER into the advent calendar some day…

    …fyi I would kill myself

  11. but it brechs mauers

  12. This tanks feels balanced. Which is weird for WG

  13. Tnx for the effort mate to create those videos I knew it’s craptank but tnx again in my knowledge only Stalin tanks worth in this game even I don’t play them in regular basis

  14. “Because you are only going 20kph you are gonna be aimed all the times”
    Except soft stats are soo bad that even at those 20kph your circle is rather large.
    “TOG effect”
    TOG has the exact same problem

  15. But it has a bike on side so buy it

  16. Just found this on

    Mauerbrecher replacement?

  17. Translation – Worthlessbrecher

  18. In my opinion its pretty good. It has good armor but has big weakspots… if you dont know where to shoot it, then its op.
    + It sidescrapes pretty well.
    I bought it around six months ago and even though all youtubers said its not worth, I was like why not lets test it. It has been worth it. P.s bought it for 40€
    I understand if someone doesnt like it, its big, slow and not going to do well against bigger opponents.
    Good video and I understand your opinion.

  19. Fuck off wargaming nobody wants this shit, GIMMIE MY T26E5 PLS!!

  20. The Cupola on the VK 100.01 P is even bigger but it has 220 armor so there’s that

  21. Shoulda named this the “Wallet Breaker” instead :/

  22. Ah the shit-brick. So fucking shitty

  23. Video should end at 00:10.
    00:00-00:10 says it all.

  24. Knowing WG, the IS3-A will be at the end of the calendar.

    • I thinking maybe something rare not the IS3-A (becuase loot boxs) would they dare put the Type-59 on sale for gold on the advent calander to drain the gold from loot boxes and encouage more loot box sales.. for the minuim of the purchase for gold with the chance of winning a IS3-A, Defender etc…
      I noticed the advent calander was very poor until the loot boxes were on sale with the Scorpian G on sale the day before loot boxes went on sale and is now in loot boxes! IT’s not going to appear again in the advent calander niether is the IS3-A going to appear at all.
       WG have planned this out and they are not that stupid at least the marketing department as it’s very obvouis what they are doing lol..

    • +Zava Well they will sell IS3A sooner or later, they want people to think they wont so players go for the lootboxes.

    • +john sun Yes! 😉

    • It’s probably gonna be the new French wheeled vehicle

  25. i have this tank the lower plate is the yummy part for tier 10 9 8 7 and some tier 6 also if you play in a close range the copola is the main target and if u side scrape sometimes it doesnt work and the cheaks are shity as hell only good thing i see in this tank is when u have to rush with your buddys its a good hp sponge while ur team mates does damage u can drive in front … and just suck up the dmg … and that can help to get a victory also a great spotter if u are in a good postion and also arty magnet …

  26. The shit brick is on sale again? Another wasted day.

  27. Yeah Circon man, time flies, I sure do know… Anyways the Mauerbrecher won’t, hahaha…

  28. I have one. Works well with my old man play style. Angled the right way it does very good against T8, mediocre against T9. Horrible against T10. I made a ton of credits with it in frontline battles. Yeah, slow speed is a pain at times, but it keeps me from making to many stupid mistakes

  29. I laughed at your first sentence. Didn’t need to watch the rest, but I did just for the laughs. I agree this tank is a pretty much worthless POS.

  30. it’s not that bad… HAd some fun great rounds in it… Platooning in a couple of those is great if you get the right map’s for it. =P

  31. *sigh* 3 games this morning, all steamroll losses. One of them i was actually permitted to do some damage and get the only 3 kills on our “team”. 4 games this evening, one mediocre win and lost my patience in the middle of the 3rd steamroll loss and just deserted. So glad this game is getting better.

  32. This tank is how a premium tank should be same power as the tech tree tanks which make more coins and to train your crews. NOT OP PAY to WIN Tanks. Defenders scorpions e25s patriots. This is one of the problems with this game if its non of the above mentioned its not worth buying?Please can you tell me why circon. Do you want OP premiums or Tanks like this because to be honest i am confused..I would rather use this tank in battle than the tiger 2 is3 and most of the heavy tech tree tanks because to me this is a better tank and allso a good tank for the game…

  33. What nobody tells you about shooting these POS tanks is if you splash HE right above where the green areas are you are guaranteed to do splash damage and critical dmg to crew and modules. Shoot the coupal with HE you will never pen it but the splash will take out the cmd every shot. Same with shooting right above the driver/gunner areas. Easy to take out of combat for 90 seconds until the consumables recharge just to take it out again.

  34. honestly im gonna buy this tank. this how premium tanks should be. shit. yall can cry about this and shit in your diapers while wargaming just jizzes all over your cum soaked eyes. and buy those super op premium tanks. so you can send in your clips and small clits to circon and quickytits. but i like this tank. slow fucking pile of garbage. way all premium tanks should be. shit, garbage, and only useful for credits and crew training.

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