Day 16 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Checking to see if todays offer is worth !


  1. Just opened YouTube and the video was uploaded 20 sec #FeelsGood

  2. That’s a nice camo it comes with but I already have this tank. If I buy it again for real money for the camo and other stuff do I get compensation in gold for the cost of the tank that I already have?

  3. Do you only get the camo and equipment when you buy it via the premium shop? I bought in ingame and didn’t get that stuff.

  4. Oberstabsfeldwebel Doge

    didn’t buy this tank for money but just got it for bonds less than an hour ago. 2 games so far but aced it on the second game on normandy. almost 1600 bxp and this thing rocks at shooting fast targets and going hulldown. 10/10 would recommend

  5. Circon very nice commentary. Though “bundle” is a bit more questionable to me. Thank you

  6. Well, I was kind of waiting for this tank. I didn’t even started American heavy line but always wanted to. I suppose there goes another 10k gold. Also, thanks Circon for doing these videos. Although I know almost everything about the tanks anyway I’m really enjoying this quick informative run through of each tank. I could just look on WG page about the offer but this is way more entertaining. I’m always at work and I’m literally checking every 20 minutes if you posted it already. Great stuff.

  7. It’s also one of the best credit makers period due to its crazy good damage per shell cost ratio with a high base pen round and its lower repair cost than most other prems. Only the lowe seems to really challenge it there, but this is far more fun than a lowe imo.

  8. nope, Have it.. I’m waiting for the 103.

  9. Why wouldn’t u get a super pershing.. yeah.. the turret isn’t better but the hull is way better and u get pref mm too, and its cheaper too..

  10. Hull down is the best position for it, but bear in mind it’s not invincible. Even straight-on your turret cheeks are fairly weak and large enough for Tier 8 tanks to accurately hit most of the time, and while the main turret front is really solid something like a Skorpion or Strv S1 can still go through even the mantlet with decent regularity.

    For a heavy tank this thing is ridiculously manoeuvrable, so use that to your advantage when you either can’t go hull down, or you’d be doing it in front of tanks which functionally couldn’t care less about your armour. You need to be more aware of your weak sides and lacklustre hull armour–you can’t even really sidescrape worth a damn–but this tank can be a surprisingly good linebreaker if you use its speed and fast-firing gun to good effect. (And, obviously, if you can convince your team to exploit the advantage you give them. Easier said than done, but sometimes it happens. xD)

    So yeah, while you’re more at home hull down, you’re absolutely still in a solid element playing it like a Heavium.

  11. Tankolette is the airplane in belarus with the WOT THEME Emrbaer 190

  12. I hate the fact that the only style they are offering on the NA server is the Dark Knight style we got for Halloween. . . . all the styles you guys get on EU are awesome!!!

  13. Ok given the trend they are actually probably going to sell the 252U again. I would imagine the Russian 100mm double barrel too.

  14. I have enough Bonds for the Patriot, i think i’ll get it, but i’m paranoid and feel like WG will add a tank i like more to the Bond Shop as soon as i do XD

  15. Really enjoy this tank. The only real problem with it is the low alpha.

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