Day 16 – Advent Calendar 2020! – World of Tanks

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  1. new circon video CLICK IT

  2. Oh, i remember when you 3 marked this and it was all pew pew pew, if you could 3 mark it again i know you would and the best meme would be , so any way i started blasting

  3. good old 13 57

  4. Oh dude I love this little thing. Absolutely ridiculous little tank, ton of fun

  5. i run vents coated optics and turbocharger … should i remove turbo for vert stabs. the pwr/wht is meh

  6. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    Yep, this tank brings so much fun

  7. Only tank worth it this year. Play with platoon mates and let the memes ensue

  8. Sweet, sweet little tank. One of my all-time favorites

  9. Wanted this tank for years and now i can get it alongside the LT432 and if only the Cromwell Berlin comes out

    • Same, I snatched up the LT-432 and this little devil right away. Only watched Circon’s reviews for the memes after buying them.

  10. one of my favs

  11. I was wanting this, then I compared its stats to my T71 DA, and I decided to keep the gold.

  12. Comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  13. A thing of beauty. The tank that got the super Fadin’s medal. (last kill with no ammo left)

  14. Good for missions

  15. The best thing about this tank is if you start to clip a tank it will focus you down. No matter if there is 3 more tanks shooting it. Enemy just hates this thing

  16. I have the GF version and run credit gas on it instead of food. It helps a ton with the somewhat lackluster mobility.

  17. Blackhorse Engineer

    WG would probably sell more tanks and this earn more money if they would leave all these tanks readily available for purchase, outside if the t10 stuff

  18. I also got 2 of them,they are my go to tank when i’m bored,it’s so much fun 🙂

  19. The gun on this sounds amazing with Gnomefathers gun sounds mod, it sounds so awesome when someone is emptying a clip somewhere with this thing, the echo is just great.

  20. Aced this tank on my 5th game in it! The best to meme around

  21. i watched all your videos on this little monster a while ago and when it came on offer today i grabbed it and immediately proceeded to eat 4 tier 6 lights in a single game and laughed my ass off the entire time! great stuff

  22. Someone told me that comments help the algorithm.

  23. everywheres gonna be filled up with these things now

  24. Just thanks for the Advent tank reviews 🙂

  25. Also it gets set on fire every 4 shots

  26. One thing you have to keep in mind, it does tend to run out of ammo often, have lost games just because doing 4k dmg in t7 is not enough during xmas.

  27. Would be nice if I was paying Wargaming.
    The T92 light tank also has a cripplingly expensive gold round for no reason.

  28. I clearly remember your glorious video with awesome inspirational music “PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT”

  29. “Buying any tank that is not Tier 8 for grinding credits is foolish”


    The VK4503 Tier 7 German heavy premium has a credit modifier as a special that makes it earn Tier 8 premium credits on a Tier 7 premium. It’s also quite a nice tank to boot.

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