Day 17 Advent Calendar 2017!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. and i bought the april pack, yay…

  2. Kinda glad I got this before it was widely available. Still think it’s a dick move to the pre-orderers who bought this under WG’s lies. But still. Decent tank.

    • It’s arguable if WoT is even the same game when these were initially doled out and it’s been years! Not that I want one but you and everyone else have got their money’s worth by faaar!

  3. Ehi circon a good free to to do 2k damage without getting spotted?

  4. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    WG lying to the pre-orderers just prove once again they dont give a shit for the players

  5. To hell with mutant, WHY DO THEY WANT TO REMOVE STEPPES

  6. I have both optics and binos on my skorpion, plus rammer. Got that setup from Zeven and to me it was worth it, being able to spot stuff late game earned me a carry or two. Not running food since I want to earn credits.

    • Cause what else would you put on?
      Rammer… And nothing else is like “that’s the stuff that will benefit this tank”

    • not true at all, viewrange on the move adds a lot. A lot of people recommend binos/camo including big youtubers but there’s no benefit to running camo net like, ever. All that really matters is camo while moving and after shot.

  7. World of Tanks going down the drain confirmed. This Chirstmas feels like the last fast money grab before everything goes tits up. Not only did the offer E25 for sale they also made Type 59 available(although thru gambling mind you) and now one of the truly rarest of tanks left in the game. If not the rarest actually. RIP WoT.

    • funny tits up. Yet they are still much more popular than many “sucsessful” titles. Also they had the e25 on sale last year too. The sky is not falling.

  8. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Oi Circon gettin Ads 😀 nice

  9. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Selling Alpha? Or Beta? Tanks huh WG. GG.

  10. BTW Can someone buy me 11 of those christmas packs? I’ll be glad. (Gewel, EU region)

  11. What’s crazy is that I haven’t played this game in over 2 years and yet I watch all of Circons video’s. It really looks like the game is falling down a tube of no return, use to love it but I don’t see it making it for another 2-3 years. Regardless I had a ton of fun with the game from 2013-2016! My only question is why do these corporations keep raping players for money to play these games. (I.e. BattleFront 2, season pass games and World of Tanks) let me know your thoughts!

  12. literally bought the cheapest loot box bundle, the one that comes with three, got a lor 40T on the second box

  13. As someone who has owned this tank since it was first released, its very bleh. Gun is bad and armor is full of holes like the middle of gun matlet, turret cheeks and curved ridge on the top if turret. And in exchange for the holey front armor you get bad mobility and maus level camo. That with no side armor means rip on open maps. Stoped playing it long ago so don’t really care that they started selling it again.

  14. Didn’t buy due to bundle lol…

  15. #Circonflexes WG sux hard ! I haven’t seen a good deal from WG in the last 3 years, what annoys me most is that they think we are all stupid and don’t know how to do a price comparison with all the extras the apply to the bundles. Fucken retards ! When I buy anything I research the shit out of what I want to buy to get the best deal ! So why wouldn’t I / we do it with WG ?

  16. i got type 59 in the 75 chinese pack 29k gold and 45 days of premium. The hype is real boys and girls.

  17. I gambled on an xmas box and got the type 59 plus the ac sentinel and a shit ton of gold and credits GG me

  18. You should use ‘live’ instead of ‘collision’ settings in tanks gg.

  19. games and drandom stuff

    I would like to do the non skinned Skorpion for sale

  20. I got the 75 box bundle, surprised that I got a total of 30k gold, prem time, ac1 sentinel, t28 f30, t26e5, 3x lorr 40t, and a type 59 that somehow snuck in there.

  21. bye the T26E5 not this mutant tank

  22. In reality this “gambling” aspect thing is hocus pocus. As far as I know anyone that ever bought the 75 boxes got more than plenty. I bought it because I did the math knowing each had at least 250 gold, I needed gold (but knowing I would get other stuff too though). I do not think I ended up “lucky” as many will do better imo, I did not get “any” high tier premiums but I’m very pleased with the value. What I got was $176.00 worth of gold (so 100% worth it for just that alone), 3 x tier 4 prem. (crap as far as Im concerned), 76 days premium, 3,700,000 credits, 4 garage slots, and all the level 5 decorations *** for one setting type, plus many more decorations***. The thing about getting all those decorations *** is I was easily able to craft up some others (I did not get / have) which gave me the ability to raise the level of all my nations to 48%, 36%, 36%, 36% = basically constant personal reserves running for XP, Credits, Crew XP at those percentages. It will not be too long for me to bring the other levels up to 48% (max levels) I think and this is huge because its on until Jan 15. In conclusion, it’s more than fair value, not a gamble whatsoever so long as you do not expect to get “any” prem. tanks and clearly “any” prem’s would be only an added bonus if you do get them.

    • Kevin Hunter
      It’s actually the other way around, you are going to a casino where you know you will get your money back from the slots (gold) but you don’t know if you will get comped anything (free Tanks)

    • if they weren’t selling the type 59 through them, everyone would be OK with it…

    • They aren’t selling anything else with it other than the gold, and decorations which gets you personal rewards bonus until Jan 15. Everything or anything else is “bonus.” If they do not “give” a Type 59 or possibility there of, I can see all the entitled people complaining that they should, so there you go. If they don’t sell packages like these in order to make money, are people OK if they make even more tier 8 premiums instead? Have you not clued in to the fact the game has lost player base (not increased) and sustainability will only be accomplished through “even more” sales of something.

    • With 75 crates and 1 day of playing, I was able to get all nations up to 48% bonus. I just crafted specific tier (because random usually rips you off giving you tier I/II/III which are much cheaper directly) and random nation/type until I was close to being done, then I did full specific, first doing nation/types where repeats were impossible, then working my way up from I towards V getting filling the collection until I had the 55 required decoration types.

    • Really ? No premiums ? That’s too bad. When you saw QB get what 4 ?

  23. The goose for sale. Rip

  24. basicaly this is an american M4 49 which gets a premium mm but a shittier gun

  25. Circon, care to comment on the rumors that the Type 59 will be for sale during this year’s advent calendar?

    • psnmadracer27 people are already getting it on the Loot boxes. They won’t sell it. I got one in my boxes. They’d rather have people continuously spending boxes than to do one purchase for a tank.

    • LaboonTheWhale they already sold the Skorpion, Lorraine, and Patriot in this calendar. I wouldn’t put it past them

    • Those tanks also don’t have the notoriety the Type 59 does.

    • it is being sold already – loot boxes. They are winning far more money from the loot boxes than they would win if they sold it in the advent calendar.

  26. Apparently someone doesn’t know what gambling is.

    • Mobi Wori I see you don’t seem to know what gambling is either. Gambling is the action of waging money or material with the chance of nothing in return. Considering you are getting exactly what you pay for, i.e. gold, this is not gambling. Then again, some people just like to whine and be a victim so they will find anyway possible to accomplish that.

    • henry stop being a moron and an attention whore

    • Mobi Wori Buying tickets to a football game must be gambling in your book then. I mean you’re paying money expecting your team to win and if they don’t you’re not getting what you expect. What a sad life you must have being pissed off you don’t always get what you expect.

  27. This tank is so tall, you are fucked if you roll it to the side.

  28. Them lootboxes are a disturbing way of game developers to get people gambling – some countries are already investigating and working towards legislation.

  29. Hey Circon,

    SEA hasn’t got the new update yet 🙁 So no loot boxes being sold yet so looks like we can’t gamble to win a Skorpion G.

    Asian server is always like a week behind on the big updates :/

  30. I like Armored Warfares calender better. It’s like a real advent calender. Every day, free stuff. You want to buy a tank at a discount you can get that too. But best of all, free stuff!

  31. Again!!!! Fuck this company!

  32. Gambling is fucked WG

  33. I’d maybe spend 20 euro on the Mutant, it’s not really good, but it’s weird enough I kinda want it. Fuck off with these overpriced bundles though.

  34. Atlantic Media Production

    i bought 11 traditional boxes and got a lorr. 40t, a tank i would never buy, but whatever 😛

  35. The stupid missions in the bundles….every time I see that I just close the page and move on. No thank you war gaming I don’t want 5 X exp on my premium tanks ! It’s. Not like they are getting better with more exp lol. Yeah I might be stupid but I’m not dumb

    • wood1155 One of the main advantages that premium tanks offer you is that you can acquire crew/free XP much faster, which the missions will amplify even further.
      So in their function as premium vehicles, they actually do get better that way.

  36. “Don’t fish for tier 8’s you might get the wrong ones”
    *Knows full well almost everyone who buys those boxes is going for the Type 59 because “LOL, let’s sell the Type 59 without technically selling it”…*

  37. TBH I’m kindda confused the haven’t at least gave the t32 a better gun u can make it work but come onn, then when u move up to t9 literally ur game play has to change wit m103 now u have strong gun but armor ehh it’s alright ? but then that would mess up the way most American tanks playstyle is strong armor at front but mediocre guns caugh… caugh… Superpershing??
    And ino everyone hates Arty blah blah but think about it, literally there hasn’t been not one new Arty I’m pretty sure the Chinese and Japanese have Arty there’s like only 4 or 5 we have imgame. theres been alot tanks been tanken out and put back in wit changes but Arty hasn’t really been touch other than they do less damage and less Penn but more accurate and faster rate of fire. Just want more choices like wit all the tank classes??.

  38. Well, last time they didnt give us shit. So Im sort of happy with my new special cammo.

  39. Thanks for making these advent calendar offer analyses, Circon. They’ve been really helpful in helping me decide whether or not to buy 🙂

  40. M6 @ 62.00 USD at the moment… no fucking way

  41. Fuck every twat who plays something as OP and broken as the Skorp G. Should’ve been removed together with the Defender. Completly break tier 8 & 9 matches

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