Day 17 Advent Calendar 2018! – World of Tanks

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  1. Early boiis!

  2. Just what we need. More Patriots. Rather want the T34 tbh.

    • +Andrew Gledhill I really don’t give a shit tbh. T34 is the tank for me and it works. Patriot, Defenders and IS-As can piss off for all i care and not going to support WG’s power creep with it. So buying the T34. If WG buffed the T34 like they should. maybe things would be better ike giving it 2.7 aim time, 13,5 sec reload, 860 Engine HP, GR and At least the hull Traverse of the T29 (And T30 gets it too as it’s the same goddamn hull) with turret traverse of at least 23 AND with the dispersion buff of .21 like console just gave it. I’ll buy the Lowe (which is great) over the newer prems as it still works and isn’t cancer.

    • +s4n714g000 I have over 1K games in mine on console so know how it’s going to be but it’s something of a challenge (which isn’t a good reason to but still) over the new prems like WG is shoving out.

    • +Andrew Gledhill
      Read my comment again

    • +USSWISCONSIN94 don’t buy a tank out of protest. Wait until they buff it before you buy it becaus right now the T34 is garbage. I have it and the E5, T34 is NOT worth it

    • T34 is just great, you don’t care about the aim time when you are fighting up close, you take your time to aim if you are further away (also, you can aim less and roll the dice, since fully aimed you are quite accurate so you can choose aim->hit or don’t aim as much->russian accuracy), mobility is balanced, everything just feels how it should be. An honest, not better than its tech tree counterpart tier 8 prem. Sure it’s on the border of being better than poor old t32, i just think you get better dpm, better turret, smaller profile and all the other shit with t32 and with some pen buffs it will 100% be better than t34. Just how all this was designed. Such a great tank. Wish all prem tanks were like this. Ofc you cant print 500 euro bills out of tanks like this…

  3. If you wanna check my review of this tank:

    • The standard t26e5 is always in the premium shop on the asian server, not sure about the others but that might be why they’re only selling the patriot in the advent calendar.

  4. Except for Lowe. Best premium I ever bought

  5. Happy 101k

  6. No AMX 13 57 ??

  7. Have not touched mine since 3/5/7mm

  8. Well I got super lucky with my loot boxes so I have more than enough gold for this 🙂

  9. This tank is what Premium Tier 8s should be. Not OP compared to ingame sister tank. Better in some, weaker in other areas. Overall well balanced for tier 8. Unfortunately compared to the IS3A, I feel it will lose out. Add in the fact of it seeing +2 MM a lot. It feels inferior currently.

    • Hmm, it is tho, borderline OP. Course, not IS3A levels but still.

    • Lol really? I mean sure the Baby E5 isn’t SUPER OP but it sure as fuck blows the battered, assraped T32 out of the water and then beats it with a shovel to make sure it stays down. Then again the T32 has been a running joke in WoT for the last 5 years and God fucking forbid WGing give it some badly needed buffs.

    • Lol the patriot blows the t32 out of the water. What are you talking about?

    • i have the IS3A and the Defender and honestly the Defender in my noob opinion is way better and IS3A is only op when top tier munching on close quartered tier 7s and 6s, it cant hit side of a barn at any distance and is easy for anything and everything to pen, so with the patiot’s strong armor and speed and better gun i’d actually take the patriot over the IS3A, but i would take the Defender over them both

  10. Hallo, i have is-3a from boxes, and 22.000 gold, worth it to buy it or i wait for Skorpion G? is-3a it’s first and only T8 tank 🙂

  11. Hi mate. I really appreciate this calendar or yours, its nice to watch every day 🙂 Thaks.

  12. Don’t worry Circon, they will sell the E5 tomorrow

  13. Patriot CAMO has different RNG than T26E5 .. Patriot hit & pen more shots than T26E5.

  14. Please Please Please do maubrecher review

  15. Pretty much end of 2018 and still not ONE SINGLE FUCKING BUFF for the T32. God that tank is such a dumpster fire these days.

  16. What mod do you use?

  17. Murica!

  18. Low alpha is a small drawback to this tank, but otherwise, it’s a really good tank. I mostly play it like a heavium, but it can brawl in the right situation.

    This was a solid go-to tank in Frontline mode.

  19. The tacky camo on this tank shows exactly what the rest of the world thinks of american tastes. Ugh …

  20. It’s time to give the T32 some love,a bit more pen,about 210 or so.

  21. Fritten Neuntausend

    Is there a reason to buy this if you already own caern ax from marathon? Seems it only exchanges hull armor for dpm…

  22. i was hoping this would come out. going to use the gold i got for second is3a for it.

  23. I agree, this camo pattern really does suck.

  24. So, I’m holding out on spending my gold for the 1357 or tier 8 Progetto. What’s the chances one of them comes up?

  25. I think I prefer the inevitable foch review, ‘never give wg money’

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