Day 17 – Advent Calendar 2019! – World of Tanks

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Checking to see if todays offer is worth it!



  1. U can get on fire with this tank when on food.

  2. Haha, finally used last years gold from the boxes to buy this for the fun factor.

  3. You brought me to buying this one at the beginning of last year and I’ve been having a blast with it. Awesome crew-trainer (much better than the EVEN) because you can shoot more than 6 times in a minute.

    Next: E-25

  4. IDK if its the best tier 7 tank, but its probably the most fun.

  5. Ahh the toothpick of doom

  6. Thank you, Mr. Circon!

  7. That light tank is blast. The changes to light tank M&M turned it into a little beast. Thank you Circon.

  8. Finally a way to spend my gold.

  9. The one actual weakness of this tank is the low ammo count, its lost me many a game sadly… Just way too few shells.

  10. The average dmg in my 13 57 is 3200 damage.
    Average assist is 1700…
    Winrate is 72
    Games played: 446

    Its completely overpowered.

    5000 gold? Thats a must buy!

    Before all the lights got nerfed it was already one of the best, and this one didnt get a nerf so it became straight up overpowered.

    But the most problematic thing about this tank is the amount of shells it carries, make sure every shell counts because 3 minutes of continuous fire and youre empty…

    Edit: i have the e sports variant, idk of that makes a difference tbh. I think they are the same though. I think the ones we won are the exact same but have less camo because you cant apply camo… but i think thats the only difference

  11. This tank is hella fun.

  12. Good thing I have 4,989 gold in game…

  13. I believe that this tank can be used to take one to the limit…..

  14. I’m pretty tempted….but i’ll pass, i’ve already got an EBR for crew training

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